Pro Tool Innovation Awards

PTIA Award Entry Fees

A schedule of the PTIA award entry fees for the Pro Tool Innovation Awards can be viewed in this PTIA submission fees PDF file. Fees are paid online via credit card at the same time tool, accessories, and/or fasteners are entered. If multiple entries are submitted by a manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative, fees are automatically calculated during the entry process.

If you are submitting more than 9 products/entries, please contact us for a bulk entry discount on the PTIA award entry fees. While we charge an administrative entry fee per tool to cover our marketing, we can offer discounts for those manufacturers and reps entering more than 9 tools. We also encourage you to contact us because it may be easier to use our bulk submission form to enter multiple entries rather than our online submission page.*

*regardless of whether you enter online or via spreadsheet, payment must be made in advance for your entries to be valid.