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The 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards proved to include some of the toughest calls we’ve ever had to make. After all, innovation doesn’t squarely fall to the highest performing tools. It’s about making them better in small steps and occasionally giant leaps. But thanks to a team of judges spanning the trades and the country, we finally got it all sorted out.

OSHA plays a big part this year. With September 23rd just a couple of weeks away, the silica dust regulations are set for enforcement. Manufacturers are ready with plenty of solutions in the Concrete and Masonry division. Cordless tools do more than simply push the envelope with voltage-changing batteries. They also continue to push into categories like belt sanders that have never seen cordless models before.

The 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards cover more than just power tools, however. Even traditional classes within hand tools, corded tools, and pneumatic tools continue to see innovation as tools get lighter, stronger, and more ergonomic. So whether you’re a general contractor, plumber, electrician, mason, or cover some other trade, you’re sure to find several tools to add to your arsenal.

The Real 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Winners

In the end, the real winners are the Pros that benefit from all this innovation. You guys and gals as professional end users are the group manufacturers are trying to impress with innovation that makes the job faster, easier, and more cost effective. And if they save you time, money, or effort, it’s an innovation worth celebrating.

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