Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions with respect to the Pro Tool Innovation Awards, so here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will help you learn everything you need to know about the Awards to help you get your entries in and see if your tools are the most innovative in the industry.

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards are an annual program to recognize innovation in the tools, accessories, and fasteners used in the residential and commercial construction and outdoor power equipment industries. The goal of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards is to recognize and award manufacturers for releasing products that are going to change the way we work in these industries. These products must stand out in the crowded market of power tools, hand tools, equipment, accessories, and even fasteners. A Pro Tool Innovation Award-winning product typically either offers innovative features, or is more ergonomic, stronger, lighter, faster, longer-lasting, or a better value than the competition.

Check out the full Pro Tool Innovation Awards schedule for the entry deadlines dates, including the Early Bird deadline, final entry date, and winner announcements.

Using the online form, you select the category and answer the following questions:
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Award entry Category (choose from the dropdown list)
  • Shipping date for the product
  • MSRP or MAP
  • Let us know how this tool, product or accessory is innovative. How does it stand out in the industry, provide new features, increase productivity, or improve upon an existing product or market segment? (500 words or less)
  • Is this product an upgrade over a previous model? If so, which model does it update or replace?
  • If there is anything else that would help us evaluate this new product, please attach that here. That could include a user manual, reviewers guide, or any white papers or product sheets.

We also provide places to upload and attach any relevant photos, user manuals, and relevant PDF files or documentation to aid in judging your entry.

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards started back in 2013 when the folks over at Pro Tool Reviews realized there needed to be a way to recognize the “movers and shakers” in the industry. Since then it’s grown in scope and breadth, including dozens of categories and hundreds of entries from manufacturers from every tool, fastener, and accessory category.

Any power tool, hand tool, accessory, or fastener can be entered into the Pro Tool Innovation Awards if it is slated to ship prior to the end of Q2 of the following year. Our intent is to allow for the inclusion of new tools, however, we want to ensure that any entered products are fully developed and scheduled for manufacturing before they are entered for an award.

If you are submitting more than 9 products/entries, please contact us for a bulk entry discount on the PTIA award entry fees. While we charge an administrative entry fee per tool to cover our marketing, we can offer discounts for those manufacturers and reps entering more than 9 tools. We also encourage you to contact us because it may be easier to use our bulk submission form to enter multiple entries rather than our online submission page.

Payment for these entries can be made online here.

Unfortunately, at present, we only allow entries from companies with distribution in the USA. Additionally, we can only ship out the physical awards within the continental United States. If your company is based outside of the USA, that’s not a problem, provided you have established distribution for your products in the United States.

We feel there are 5 solid reasons to enter your tools and products into the Pro Tool Innovation Awards each year:

  1. Showing off your innovation to distributors, buyers, and partners
    For manufacturers, awards really highlight all of the excellent work you engage in throughout the year to bring new and innovative products to market. Winning can result in more opportunities to expand or reach new markets, bolster existing relationships, and generally make a big splash in the circles that matter. When it comes to B2B relationships and purchasing, nothing beats word of mouth and third party acclaim.
  2. Improving motivation of your employees and product managers
    Each year, the Pro Tool Innovation Awards are a great opportunity for businesses to recognize all the hard work employees and/or product managers put into developing new products each year. Even if you don’t win or receive a Finalist mention, entering lets your teams know you place significant value in the work they’re doing. This can truly boost confidence and encourage further innovation.

    Plus, knowing that you participate in an awards program like this really serves as a great way to entice new talent. What up-and-coming product manager or sales manager doesn’t want to be a part of an award-winning company that supports the hard work of their employees?

  3. Attracting new business opportunities
    We hope the Pro Tool Innovation Awards present an opportunity to grow and expand in ways you’ve never before thought possible. Winning a Pro Tool Innovation Award gives your product and company true third-party endorsement and acclaim.
  4. Expanding your marketing to a wider audience
    Winning a Pro Tool Innovation Award certainly highlights where your business truly outperforms the competition. This can serve to draw attention to new products and segments that deserve attention as you seek to expand into new channels and areas of business.
  5. Bragging rights
    Who doesn’t like to strut their stuff? You may make innovative tools, but winning a PTIA Award shouts your success from the rooftops and drives home the point that you truly surpassed the competition.

We truly feel that the Pro Tool Innovation Awards present the right platform to accomplish all of these goals as well as give you a unique opportunity benchmark and highlight your best work throughout the year. You also get to participate in a program that celebrates innovation in the residential and commercial construction industries in a way that lifts up greatness and helps make us all better.

2019 PTIA acrylic awardThe winner of a Pro Tool Innovation Award in each category receives a physical PTIA acrylic trophy as well as the rights to use the Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner logo and marketing materials. The logo may be used in press releases, media kits, and even retail tool packaging and signage. Winning products are promoted on the Pro Tool Innovation Awards website with photos and descriptions, and are also promoted by our media partners.

Winners are also given a Winners Kit which contains a sample press release, logos, graphics, and more.

In some highly competitive categories, we will also choose Finalists. Pro Tool Innovation Award Finalists will be entitled to use the Pro Tool Innovation Award Finalist logo and have access to Finalist marketing materials and a sample press release.

There are over 200 categories of awards, and you can view them here.

We recommend you find the most specific category for your tool. Since we get 100’s of entries each year, you’ll want to seek the most closely-related category available for us to judge it. As an example, if you have a new and innovative 12V cordless drill, you’ll want to submit it under the “Drills/Drivers—Cordless, 12V”. If, it’s a collated model, hammer drill, or similar, please be sure to check for more specific categories that might better apply to the tool being submitted.

No. We ask that you assign a specific category for any given tool.

Sometimes tools come out that buck traditional categories. Other times, we may simply have not encountered an entry to match a particular category before. On a case-by-case basis, we will evaluate adding a new category based on the tool being entered. Simply contact us and let us know what you’re entering, and we can get back with you quickly to determine if a new category is needed.

Each year, the winning tools, accessories, and fasteners are judged by a panel of industry professionals and the editorial staff of Pro Tool Reviews. Read more about who judges the Pro Tool Innovation Awards.

The entries are judged by industry professionals according to the following criteria: Innovation, Features, Performance, and Value. We’re looking for tools, accessories, and fasteners that break the mold and bring something new to the world of residential and/or commercial construction, landscaping, turf care, or automotive maintenance.

The awards have a schedule that corresponds to the dates of several trade shows such as STAFDA, but check the PTIA schedule for the exact dates, including the judging period and winner announcements and publication date.

Any official manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative (including PR or marketing companies) can submit a product for consideration in the Pro Tool Innovation Awards.

All categories for the Pro Tool Innovation Awards have entry fees to cover the administrative costs for running the program and marketing the awards each year online via the website and social media promotion. For a list of the entry fees, click here.

Typically, the awards get shipped to the address listed under the Manufacturer’s Representative in the product entry. Without additional fees, we can only ship out the physical Pro Tool Innovation Awards within the continental United States. If you won a PTIA Award and require international shipping, please let us know, and we can inform you of the additional costs.

PTIA winners can order additional trophies for use in a variety of locations. We charge a flat fee of $150 per additional award to cover our costs. This includes shipping the award(s) to a single domestic address. If you require multiple awards with shipments to more than one address, additional fees may be required.

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