The 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Awards represents our 8th annual awards program. Every year the awards grow, with new manufacturers showing off their innovative products. This year continued to reveal new advancements in what cordless power tools and equipment could accomplish. Battery platforms and technologies keep evolving, and both power and run-time surpassed our wildest expectations. Cordless tools can now tackle almost any task previously undertaken only by corded tools.

The 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Awards brought a realization that even in a tough year, advances continue to extend the capabilities of power tools. Manufacturers are making smarter tool accessories. That includes bits and blades that last longer, drill more quickly, and tackle more materials than ever before.

This year the 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Awards revealed some new power tools, hand tools, corded tools, and pneumatic tools we hadn’t expected. Tradesmen seemed to also benefit from tools specific to electrical, plumbing, and air-mechanical trades. Our judging team did not have an easy time of it this year. We hope that everyone including contractors, tradesmen, and business owners notice these new tools and technological advancements. This year highlighted products designed to do more than ever before thought possible, do more for less, and achieve efficiencies we’d only dreamed of before.

2020 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Winners

Serious DIYers, tradesmen, retailers, and business owners will clearly benefit from the tool innovation we witnessed this year. Manufacturers updated existing tools and innovated tools with new features that surprised our judges. This year, we truly hope the Pro Tool Innovation Awards help you make some great choices for yourself, your company, and your workers.

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