Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners

The Pro Tool Innovation Award winners represent the very best, most innovative tools, tool accessories, or fasteners in the construction industry. Here are the current and past year’s award winning products.

2021 PTIA awards logo

2021 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

After countless hours of considering several hundred of the most innovative power tools, hand tools, fasteners, products, and accessories on the market, the PTIA judges eventually chose winners based on a combination of key factors. Products won based on their ability to demonstrate either innovative features, advanced power delivery, groundbreaking ergonomics, technological advancements, advancements in jobsite safety, or above-average value. The 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Award winners represent the companies and products driving progress and advancement in the construction, landscaping, and manufacturing industries. They deserve recognition for having best-in-class products that truly drive the industry forward.

2020 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

The 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Awards brought a realization that even in a tough year, advances continue to extend the capabilities of power tools. Manufacturers are making smarter tool accessories. That includes bits and blades that last longer, drill more quickly, and tackle more materials than ever before. This year, the PTIA Awards revealed some new power tools, hand tools, corded tools, and pneumatic tools we hadn’t expected. Tradesmen seemed to also benefit from tools specific to electrical, plumbing, and air-mechanical trades. Our judging team did not have an easy time of it this year. We hope that everyone including contractors, tradesmen, and business owners notice these new tools and technological advancements. This year highlighted products designed to do more than ever before thought possible, do more for less, and achieve efficiencies we’d only dreamed of before.

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2019 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

When we readied the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Awards program, our 7th annual awards, we had no idea the amount of new innovative tools that would be entered. This year, over 70 different manufacturers and brands submitted over 360 products in several dozen categories for a shot to win a 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award. After looking through and judging hundreds of power tools, hand tools, fasteners, and accessories, Finalists consistently demonstrated achievement in any combination of the following: innovative features, advanced power delivery, groundbreaking ergonomics, technological advancements, and value. The 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Awards recognize best-in-class products that are truly ahead of their time.

2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Our biggest year ever, the 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards saw entries in a myriad of categories with some truly stand-out innovation. Some of the more stand-out products included some entries from the OPE segment, like record-setting backpack blowers and battery powered zero-turn mowers. Power tools, as always, remained very competitive, with recognition given to new battery technology as well as tools like 18V bolt cutters that brought innovation to a tool normally requiring lots of physical force. The trades benefited a ton this year with new and innovative tools in the VDV, plumbing, and electrical categories. Finally, concrete and masonry saw new ways to core drill, increase power cutter efficiency, and ergonomically and safely cut joints. Even pneumatic-category tools got in the game this year with new battery-powered solutions for framing and stapling, and innovative cap staple and roofing solutions.

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2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

This year, over 60 manufacturers submitted 264 tool entries in an effort to claim the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award for their category. Winners were broken down into key categories including Cordless Tools, Corded Tools, and Hand Tools. Categories also included trade-specific entries from Concrete & Masonry, Painting & Tiling, and Plumbing & Electrical. We saw several new developments in Batteries and Cordless Tools as well as Outdoor Power Equipment, Plumbing & Electrical, and even Workwear & Safety. Several advanced products captured awards in Outdoor Power Equipment, giving landscapers a huge leg up—particularly in the area of battery powered OPE tools. This year proved that manufacturers making tools for the construction industry aren’t sitting on their laurels.

2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

57 different manufacturers submitted 224 tool entries across more than 128 categories for a shot to win a 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Award. We broke down the winners into some of the obvious categories of Cordless Tools, Corded Tools, and Hand Tools. We also had many trade-specific entries that fell into Concrete & Masonry, Painting & Tiling, and Plumbing & Electrical. There was definitely new interest and innovations in Tool Storage, Test & Measurement, and Workwear & Safety. Outdoor Power Equipment also had some very impressive new products for landscapers. Lastly, the area of Concrete & Masonry isn’t letting up, and we saw a lot of new tools in that segment as well. One thing is for certain, the construction industry is really starting to demand more and more ergonomic, powerful, and even quieter tools. Addressing these and other needs, manufacturers are truly differentiating themselves.

2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards
PTIA 2015 winners logo

2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Check out the winners of the 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards. Tools represented include everything from the new Milwaukee M18 9.0Ah batteries, brand new brushless cordless tools from Makita & Metabo, accessories from Diablo and Bora Tools, and some impressive outdoor power equipment from EGO Power Plus, Toro, Greenworks, and Ryobi. In fact, there were over 150 winners in 2015!

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

40 different manufacturers submitted tools across more then 100 categories to determine if they had the most innovative products of 2014. We looked at everything from cordless and corded, to pneumatic and hand tools. We also looked at storage, clothing, and accessories. Anything that would potentially be used in the construction industry was fair game, and the results revealed a lot about the state of the industry and what tools were class-leaders.

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2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Manufacturers from all over the world entered and won in each category this year. The results really helped Professionals make educated and informed decisions when buying power tools, hand tools, accessories, and fasteners. One thing is for certain: competition in the market is fierce, and tool manufacturers are extremely competitive in these categories. Next year was going to be even tougher!