Awards Judged by Industry Pros

We created the Pro Tool Innovation Awards because we were in a great place to tell professionals and serious DIYers which of these new tools really tipped the scale in value, performance, and features. The awards are judged by professional tradesman—including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, MRO professionals, and wood workers—as well as the editorial staff of Pro Tool Reviews. This provides excellent industry insight and perspective from people who have a lot of practical experience in using great tools in the residential and commercial construction industry.

On average our Pro Tool Reviews team reviews over 200 tools each year—hands on—with another 150 or so receiving close scrutiny through detailed product previews. Additionally, we get to put our hands on 100’s more at media events and trade shows…you get the idea. Our reviewers are made up of industry Pros, so the judges of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards is comprised of a team who handles, operates, and/or tests over 500 power tools, hand tools, accessories, and fasteners each year—more than any other consumer reporting publication or organization.

Trust the Pros

When you enter your tools and products in the Pro Tool Innovation Awards you can trust that they’re being evaluated by the Pros who use these kinds of tools every day. Innovation is what they look for—and anything that’s lighter, stronger, better, faster, or which provides more features is something that gets recognized quickly.

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