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The 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards saw many impressive accessories and fasteners hit the market with clear advantages to the end user. More than anything else, we’ve seen a focus on accessories aimed at getting more work per charge out of your cordless tools. Beyond that, we’re seeing improvements in seemingly simple accessories like abrasive cut-off wheels. 2016 has certainly been a good year for accessories and fasteners. Here are the Accessories & Fasteners Awards for some of the most innovative products we’ve seen. 

Winner – Circular Saw Blades

DeWalt DWAFV3724 FLEXVOLT High Efficiency Accessories Circular Saw Blades2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards - Winner, Circular Saw Blades

What they said: New saw blades offer more cuts per charge and feature a thin kerf design with optimized grind angles to maximize efficiency. The carbide tips are ground on the sides, top, and face while the face shear, hook angle, and kerf minimize the chip load. The submicron-grade carbide tips provide long life. 

What we say: DeWalt’s new FlexVolt system is more than just the tools you’ve been hearing about, it also includes accessories designed specifically for each one. The DeWalt FlexVolt Circular Saw Blade clearly shows the current trend in accessories development with its focus on maximizing the number of cuts you can make per charge on a cordless saw. The tooth design plays a big part in this as does the blade’s kerf. DeWalt’s new circular saw is also one of the thinnest we’ve seen. The less material the blade has to remove, the more efficient it will be.

Price: $12.99

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Winner – Metal/Chop Saw Blades

Milwaukee Steelhead Diamond Cut OffMilwaukee Steelhead Diamond Cut-Off

What they said: Milwaukee STEELHEAD diamond cut-off blades are designed to the highest standards, only using quality diamonds. Available in sizes 4 In. to 14 In., Milwaukee STEELHEAD diamond cut-off blades are uniquely engineered to cut metal and stainless materials delivering up to 75X the life vs. Milwaukee standard bonded abrasives.

What we say: Milwaukee Steelhead blades are an easy way to get a lot more cutting life out of your high-speed abrasive chop saw with some added benefits. Using diamond to cut through metal is faster, reducing the strain on your motor and extending its life. Working with a blade instead of an abrasive wheel also means you’re not going to lose cut capacity. The blade doesn’t wear down over the course of your cuts. Perhaps most importantly, the Steelhead replaces up to 75 abrasive wheels overs its life. At the end of the day, you get safer and faster cutting, longer tool life, and cost savings over the life of the blade. What’s not to like?

Price: $34.99 – $149.99

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Winner – Miter Saw Blades

DeWalt DWA31216PCD Laminate Saw BladesDeWalt DWA31216PCD Laminate Saw Blades

What they said: Finally, new Laminate Saw Blades with Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond tipped teeth are available from DEWALT. The Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond tipped teeth provide 100x longer life on average when compared to competitive carbide tooth blades in laminate flooring. The new Laminate Saw Blades also feature thick kerf for smooth cuts and ultra-sharp teeth to help reduce tear-out. A related product is the DWA31012PCD.

What we say: As blade technology improves, one of the last areas to see innovation develop has always been in the flooring industries. This is a place where laminate has been destroying standard blades at a very high rate. In other materials, where a traditional carbide-tipped tooth won’t do the job cleanly, a diamond abrasive will. That’s not going to offer the performance or results we require for flooring, though. That’s where DeWalt’s Laminate Saw Blades with Polycrystalline Diamond-tipped teeth come into play. The combination of diamond with a low count tooth design is new. It not only leaves professional results, but also increases the life of the blade up to 100 times compared to a carbide tooth design. 

Price: $58.00

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Winner – Multi-Tool Blades

Bosch Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool BladesBosch Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades

What they said: The Starlock interface is revolutionizing the category for professional users, by creating a performance based standard, with quick and easy blade changes. The three dimensional fit provided by the system not only provides the superior power transmission, but allows users to match even larger accessories with more powerful tools. Starlock promises to give users that additional level of performance they’ve always wanted from these tools. Bosch accessory innovations like Carbide and Curved Tec make us the ideal choice for anyone looking for the best results.

What we say: It’s no secret that Bosch and Fein went in together to create the Starlock system. The partnership resulted in impressive innovation from two companies known for their excellent oscillating multi-tools. The system offers the ability to attach and release accessories completely hands-free. This is great when you consider how hot those accessories get when cutting. Beyond the attachment design, the accessories themselves are innovative with designs across three distinct levels. Starlock accessories are for general use and will fit most multi-tools out there. Starlock Plus is the heavy-duty line for Starlock tools. Starlock Max is considered the extreme duty level by Bosch. They’ve also color coded each accessory by material cutting design to make selection at the store and in your tool box easy. 

Price: ~$10 – $40 for individual accessories

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Winner – Reciprocating Saw Blades

Milwaukee The Ax with Carbide TeethMilwaukee The Ax with Carbide Teeth

What they said: When it comes to extreme cutting applications and versatility in a wide range of materials, carbide is a technology that can deliver longer life for the accessory. But not all carbide solutions are equal. Our BiMetal AX set the bar for wood cutting and we’ve been the market leader ever since. Now we are introducing Carbide Teeth to our AX Blades with features that make them the longest-lasting, fastest-cutting, and best wood cutting blades on the market.

What we say: One of Milwaukee’s innovations in their original Ax Sawzall Blade was the Fang Tip design that made plunge cuts considerably easier and quicker. They’ve taken that design and made the shift from a bimetal tooth design—which cut very well even in nail embedded wood—to carbide teeth. In addition to faster and tougher cutting, the life of the blade is also greatly extended. Milwaukee is now claiming 30 times the life of a standard bimetal blade and twice the cutting speed of other carbide-tipped models. Following the theme of 2016 accessories, Milwaukee also went after cutting efficiency with cordless tools in mind. They promise 25% more cuts per charge with these updated carbide teeth Ax Sawzall blades.

Price: $10.97

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Winner – Cutting Guides/Plates

Bora Miterix Angle Measuring And Duplicator ToolBora 530401/Bora MiteriX

What they said: One of the harder parts of carpentry and DIY projects is getting precise angles. With the Bora MiteriX Duplicator Tool, it becomes the easiest part of the job. This tool does exactly what you think it does – it precisely measures angles, then locks the angle (and even splits in half) to transfer that exact angle to your miter saw. This means your miter cuts will match precisely, without that unsightly gap that is all too common when measuring freehand. The great part about this is you can measure an existing angle on a piece of furniture, a corner in another room, etc, and then transfer that exact angle to your miter saw.

What we say: It takes a skilled craftsman to create perfect angles. Few of us ever get to work in environments where that kind of precision exists naturally. So, we have to adjust. We put trim on imperfect walls that went up on imperfect framing—so that all our clients see is a perfect results. It’s the finish work that makes or breaks the client’s expectations. Being able to measure exact angles to transfer to our miter saw cuts helps us hide or fix what’s less than perfect. The Bora MiteriX simply makes the process easy and precise, so we’re not wasting money on extra material or time on call backs.

Price: $40.00

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Winner – Drill Bit Guides

Big Gator SDGMINI / MINI V-DrillGuideBig Gator SDGMINI / MINI V-DrillGuide

What they said: The patented MINI V-DrillGuide® is the fourth drill guide designed by Big Gator Tools. The MINI V-DrillGuide® is the smallest drill guide available, yet has the most features out of all the other guides. Big Gator Tools pushed the limits when designing this drill guide by finding the smallest hole possible to make. It took two years perfecting that small hole; the 3/64”. What seemed impossible became a reality in May 2016 when the MINI V-DrillGuide® was released. 

What we say: Big Gator won couple of Pro Tool Innovation Awards last year for their drill guide designs. They are continuing to expand on a solid foundation. This year, the big deal is that they managed to go small—down to a 3/64” hole while also getting a total of 21 sizes on the guide. The features we love are still on the tool, including the V-groove. This lets you drill on corners and round material. The alignment markings and clear hole designations make this a great, compact accessory. 

Price: $27.95

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Winner – Metal Drill Bits

Milwaukee Step BitsMilwaukee Step Bits

What they said: Until now, users have been forced to choose between step bits that provide control at the cost of speed, or step bits that deliver fast cuts, but sacrifice control and hole quality. The competition’s bits were specifically designed for corded drills with low RPM and high torque, and therefore perform poorly in cordless tools with high RPM and lower torque. Seeing this on the jobsite, it was imperative that we deliver a solution for cordless drills in high speed -the preferred method and reality for most professionals in the field today.

What we say: It’s a theme you’re going to keep hearing—the Milwaukee Step Bits have been designed with cordless tool users in mind. The Rapid Strike Tip is the key to making this happen, addressing a major point of failure on traditional models. Thanks to the tip design and dual-fluted step geometry, Milwaukee is able to claim up to twice the drilling speed, four times the lifespan, and twice the number of holes on a single battery charge.

Price: $49.97

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Winner – Wood Drill Bits

Star-M WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger BitsStar-M WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger Bits

What they said: A favorite of linemen, woodworkers and timber framers, WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger bits feature a patented Tri-Cut design which consists of three precision-ground spurred cutting edges and three burr-free flutes engineered to produce the smoothest and cleanest holes out there. These bits are made from high-quality, Japanese-made high-carbon steel, and are perfectly concentric and balanced like most WoodOwl bits, however, Ultra Smooth Augers are approximately 25-35% lighter than standard ship augers to reduce fatigue from extended use. Other features include a PTFE coating for clean ejection of the stickiest chips and full induction-hardening for strength and durability. WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger bits come in 7-1/2″ and 18″ lengths with diameters from 3/8″ up to 1-1/2″.

What we say: WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger Bits come in as a “triple threat” using three cutting edges. Combined with the flute design, this creates an incredibly smooth hole in wood. Even though they are pulled through with a threaded bit tip, tear out at the end of the cut is reduced significantly over standard auger bits. As if clean results weren’t enough, these bits drop in weight by close to a third in some cases. The combination makes it an easy choice as a premium bit for those who use auger bits frequently.

Price: ~$15 – $70

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Winner – Impact-Rated Driver Bits

Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Driver BitsMilwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Driver Bits

What they said: Following the launch of SHOCKWAVE in 2009, several competitors have followed in our footsteps with their own imitation of the Shockzone, but these designs do not absorb peak torque without snapping at the tip. As impact tools continue to gain momentum in the industry, and the available offerings have more power and more speed control than ever before, we are proud to be on the forefront of accessory solutions that deliver extreme durability for the most demanding tools and applications.

What we say: Impact bits are designed to flex with the torque produced by impact drivers, but often fail at the tip. When we saw Milwaukee’s second generation Shockwave bits for the first time, it was clear they had made some serious changes. The combination of redesigned Shockzone and solid fit created a situation where bits (including the tips) are lasting longer and absorbing more torque. How much more? Internal testing shows Milwaukee Shockwave bits lasting up to 30 times longer and absorbing three time more torque than other impact rated bits. 

Price: $7.97

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Winner – Grinder Wheels

Walter Surface Technologies Zip WheelWalter Surface Technologies Zip Wheel

What they said: The recently redesigned Zip Wheel by Walter Surface Technologies is faster, more rigid and more powerful than ever, boasting the lowest cost-per-cut in its category. The disc has been re-engineered from the ground up to provide more cuts per wheel, extra durability and added safety. It is made with Walter’s proprietary abrasive grain blend, exclusively available in North America, which allows it to cut quickly, smoothly and aggressively through steel and stainless steel. The Zip Wheel’s patented rib design on each side of the disc allows for cooler cuts, while its rigidity assures straighter, more precise cutting, making it the top performing thin cut off wheel in its class!

What we say: Just because more diamond abrasives are making their way onto the scene doesn’t mean the abrasive wheel is on its way out. They’re still much less expensive per unit, and we’ve seen some real innovation come into the design making them last longer. What we really like about Walter Surface Technologies’ Zip Wheel (aside from the nod the most popular cycling race wheels on the planet) is that the thin wheel is more than just fast-cutting. It also cuts cooler and with more precision, addressing two big concerns of abrasive cutting. 

Price: ~$2 – $10 per unit

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Winner – Drywall Hole Saws

Techtronic Industries A10DK41 4" Drywall Repair KitRyobi A10DK41 4″ Drywall Repair Kit

What they said: The RYOBI 4” Drywall Repair Kit is a new, innovative way to repair drywall easily without calling a professional or investing in an abundance of supplies. Drywall repair is completed in 3 Easy Steps: cover, drill, and spackle! RYOBI’s repair is sturdier than a mesh repair, and also faster and easier than a traditional repair, which requires additional drywall, screws, cutting tools, and more. A replacement kit (A10DK42) is sold as a hole saw 3-pack for repairing 3 more holes, to be used with the mandrel and drive plate from the A10DK41 starter kit.

What we say: When you create an entirely new category, you pretty much get to own it. Someone at Ryobi took a look at traditional drywall repair methods and decided there had to be a better way. Pairing a new solution with a leave-behind hole saw is simply brilliant. It takes three simple steps to fix holes up to 4 inches in diameter. You cover the hole with the template. Next you drill the hole saw into the wall. Then, finish it with drywall mud and sanding. Finally, you’re ready to paint. You’re done in just a few minutes, so you can get back to the game.

Price: $11.97

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Winner – Metal Hole Saws

Diablo DHS2000C 2" Carbide-Tipped Hole Saw with SnapLock Plus Mandrel SystemDiablo DHS2000C 2″ Carbide-Tipped Hole Saw with SnapLock Plus Mandrel System

What they said: Diablo introduces the first carbide-tipped hole saws on the market to cut both wood and metal. Delivering 20 times longer cutting life than bi-metal, these new carbide-tipped hole saws offer faster cutting performance and increased productivity.

Diablo’s carbide-tipped hole saws include a SnapLock Plus mandrel system for quick and easy hole saw changes; practically eliminating down time. Unlike anything on the market, these radical, new carbide-tipped hole saws provide ultimate cutting depth of 2-3/8” (60 mm) to bore deeper holes in a single pass while also providing a tool-free plug ejection for fast material removal.

What we say: As Pros, we typically keep two sets of hole saws on hand. We want high tooth count bimetal for cutting through metal and low tooth count tungsten carbide-tipped for cutting through wood. Multi-purpose cutting doesn’t always mean efficient cutting, but Diablo has taken their Snap Lock mandrel system and paired it with a high tooth count, carbide-tipped design to create a hybrid capable of effectively cutting holes in a greater variety of material than we’ve seen before. 

Price: $16.97 – $29.97 (1″ – 3″ available)

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Winner – Wood Hole Saws

DeWalt DWAFV02916PB FLEXVOLT High Efficiency Accessories Self-Feed Hole SawsDeWalt DWAFV02916PB FLEXVOLT High Efficiency Accessories Self-Feed Hole Saws

What they said: The new range of carbide wood cutting hole saws, which are offered both individually in 1-3/8 to 6-1/4 inch sizes and as a set, efficiently cut holes in wood and provide more holes per charge. The thin kerf design limits chip load while the self-feed pilot bit provides fast drilling speed, helping to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

What we say: When you’re cutting through wood with hole saws, carbide-tipped, low tooth count saws are the way to go. They push through the material quickly. DeWalt is running with this idea while staying focused on the cordless user and incorporating a thin kerf design to their FlexVolt Hole Saws. Since the teeth need to remove less material with each pass, both efficiency and speed are increased.

Price: $15.99 – $62.39

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Winner – Sanding Disks

DeWalt DWAM4301 Mesh SandpaperDeWalt DWAM4301 Mesh Sandpaper

What they said: DEWALT’s Mesh Sandpaper is washable, providing longer life vs. traditional paper backed sandpaper, and minimizing clogs and wear for durability. The mesh design also offers universal dust extraction, without the  need to match varying dust extraction hole patterns on sanders.

What we say: Imagine this: you’re humming along with your random orbit sander in the process of refinishing a desk when you come across the inevitable point where your sanding disk has outlived its usefulness. Rather than tossing it and grabbing another one out of the tool box, you simply wash it off and keep going. That’s what DeWalt’s Mesh Sandpaper gives you the ability to do. Its available in 80, 120, and 220 grit. At less than $10 for a 5-pack, it’s also pretty easy to give these a shot.

Price: $10.00 (5 pack)

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Winner – Anchors

Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 Adhesive Anchor SystemHilti HIT-RE 500 V3 Adhesive Anchor System

What they said: The Hilti Adhesive anchor system HIT-RE 500 V3 is the only ICC approved epoxy to cure in below freezing temperatures with a working temperature range of 23ºF to 104ºF, and it has the industry’s shortest cure time for an epoxy.

The versatile anchoring system also provides more than a 60% increase in performance, making it the highest published load capacity of any epoxy in the industry. And the Hilti HIT-RE 500 V3 has received an ICC approval for cracked and uncracked concrete, as well as all seismic zones.

Approved for use with Hilti’s SafeSet hollow drill bit and VC20/40 vacuum system, the HIT-RE 500 V3 allows contractors to perform chemical anchoring applications without having to manually clean the hole. The HIT-RE 500 V3 can also be used with the Hilti TE-YRT roughening tool in both cracked and uncracked concrete diamond-cored holes to greatly reducing the cleaning typically required for cored-hole installation.

What we say: Few things are worse that when you’ve got a crew on the job and weather conditions change to the point that you have to pay them to work less efficiently. Hilti’s HIT-RE 500 V3 anchoring system allows your guys to work with an epoxy down to freezing temperatures and benefit from fast curing times. Combined with the highest published load capacity—and the variety of situations in which it can be applied—this solution from Hilti is sure to keep the job moving forward.

Price: $53.25

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Winner – Router Jigs & Guides

Scribemaster Scribe-Master Cope-ProScribemaster Scribe-Master Cope-Pro

What they said: The Scribe-Master Cope-Pro, features a revolutionary design that is perfect for fast, efficient and accurate cutting of baseboard and chair rail profiles on every work piece, every time. In fact, it is up to 10 times faster than manual copes and is quick and easy to set up and use.

As we’ve found here in the UK, the Scribe-Master Cope-Pro has many features and benefits that carpenters, cabinet makers and contractors will, once they see what it can do, want it on their jobsite or in their shop.

What we say: The Scribe-Master Cope-Pro looks and sounds a little more intimidating than it really is. Essentially, this scribing tool allows you to create a perfect cope in virtually any design you might be using. The pin-based system traces the shape of the piece you need to match. Once you lock the design in, you flip it over and use the router guide to copy the design. The process is very intuitive, and you’ll be able to make your cuts very quickly.

Price: $399.00

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  • Bora Bora Router Plate 542005

Winner – Drywall Screw Gun Attachment

Hilti SD-M 2 Collated drywall Screw MagazineHilti SD-M 2 Collated drywall Screw Magazine

What they said: The Hilti Collated drywall screw magazine SD-M 2 dramatically speeds up the fastening process by eliminating the traditional single screw method. Through the convenient storing and rapid strip loading of the Hilti system, installers are able to work more quickly and with more comfort.

The Hilti magazine SD-M 2 easily attaches to corded and cordless screwdrivers (SD 2500, SD 4500 and SD 4500-A18), transforming these tools instantly into fast-as-you-can drive drywall tools. Also, transitioning from collated to single screws is a quick press of a button to snap the magazine off or back on to the tool.

The magazine features a setting depth dial with a fine tune adjustment for consistent setting depth. It can handle screws lengths from 1 to 2 inches without requiring any adjustments.

What we say: Once you use a collated screw driving system for drywall, you won’t ever want to go back. What’s great about Hilti’s SD-M 2 magazine is that it attaches to several of Hilti’s exisiting screwdrivers very easily. From there it’s a one-handed process to drive a full strip of screws. Reloading is fast as well. You just insert a new strip up through the bottom. It’s a system that saves time and gets novice crew members up to speed quickly.

Price: $159.00

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