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Workwear is moving forward with materials that are more durable and flexible while providing even greater comfort and protection. Comfort is king in this year’s Pro Tool Innovation Workwear & Safety Awards. Each of our winners is giving a nod to a more enjoyable—and even a more entertaining—workplace.

Winner – Work Boots

KEEN Tacoma 8" XT CSAKEEN Tacoma 8″ XT CSA

What they said: The Tacoma XT CSA is part of the new Tacoma Series, a highly-anticipated collection of boots from KEEN Utility that feature rugged details and unique performance enhancements. Built for the toughest of working environments, the non-metallic collection blends durable construction and innovative materials with the superior comfort, quality and fit KEEN Utility is known for. The heavy-duty Tacoma XT CSA features asymmetrical composite toes for a contoured fit, metal-free eyelets and an undetectable lightweight puncture-resistant midsole plate for streamlined protection underfoot. Durability is maintained with a heavy-duty thread made from 100% Para-aramid fiber, which is stronger than steel and retains strength at high temperatures. Ready for the messiest or most caustic of environments, the Tacoma is crafted from barnyard-proof leather that resists the damaging effects of oleic acid, urea, sodium chloride and ammonium hydroxide, extending the life of the boot and boosting performance.

What we say: Keen Utility launched their brand not long ago on the reputation of Keen’s outstanding hiking and outdoor footwear. They’ve immediately pushed their way to the top tier of work boot quality. The Tacoma XT CSA is a great reason why. The Keen Utility Tacoma boot blends high quality, durable materials with the comfort of Keen’s signature toe box. What’s hidden underneath is the incredibly lightweight puncture-resistant midsole plate, waterproof yet breathable membrane, natural odor control, and much more. Keen Utility even went with welted construction to ensure that these boots can work as hard as you do and last a long time. 

Price: $240.00

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Winner – Work Gloves

Milwaukee Performance, Performance Fingerless, and Free-Flex GlovesMilwaukee Performance Gloves

What they said: Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its line of Jobsite Work Gear with the introduction of 3 new glove solutions: Performance, Performance Fingerless, and Free-Flex Gloves. The perfect combination of ultimate durability and all-day comfort, both the Performance and Free-Flex gloves feature touch screen compatible material on the fingertips, palms and knuckles, while the Performance Fingerless Gloves provide ultimate dexterity when handling small objects.  

What we say: When we hear performance, we immediately think that the product in question should enhance what you’re already doing. In the case of the Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves, that means getting the job done just as easily—but safer. The first thing Pro Tool Reviews noticed when they put on these gloves was how much freedom of movement they had. That’s a major plus. Additions like touch-screen sensitive material allow you to tackle the calls and texts that roll in while you’re working. The gusseted fingers give the ability to handle everything from phones to small screws, while the terry cloth lets you to keep the constant stream of sweat in the late summer sun from stinging your eyes. All in all, “performance” is definitely the right word to describe these work gloves.

Price: $19.99

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Winner – Hearing Protection

Honeywell Sync WirelessHoneywell Sync Wireless

What they said: Whether on the job site, mowing the lawn, working in the woodshop or handling heavy machinery, your hearing needs to be protected. For those seeking optimal hearing protection with Bluetooth capability that provides professional grade sound, now there is the Sync Wireless from Honeywell.

A general purpose earmuff with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25, the Sync Wireless is capable of pairing with any Bluetooth 4.1 enabled device to stream music or answer phone calls. Listen to music and answer your phone without having to stop to turn off your equipment. Users can play, pause and skip songs, as well as accept, end, mute or reject calls, directly via the headset. The earmuff also connects via the auxiliary cord to non-Bluetooth devices to play music, and the boom microphone can be positioned out of the way when not in use.

What we say: Honeywell’s Sync Wireless headset is the kind of ear protection today’s job sites have been waiting for. Beyond just bringing down the decibel level 25 points, you can listen to and control your music along with handling all your major calling functions in one headset. Even if your device isn’t Bluetooth enabled, and auxiliary port will keep you connected. This is one piece of PPE you’ll want actually want to wear. 

Price: $120.00

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Winner – Jackets

Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear (2016 Season)Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear (2016 Season)

What they said: Milwaukee has completely revamped its M12 Heated Gear products to increase durability and versatility on the jobsite. Using new ToughShell Stretch Polyester for 5X longer life than other soft shell jackets, and improved wind/water resistance, the M12 Heated Jackets are built to survive the elements. A new, improved cut and fit that features FreeFlex Mobility enhancements, adjustable cuffs and waist, a drop tail extended back, and an integrated battery pocket-now accessible from the outside of the jacket-greatly improves user comfort from previous models. These M12 Heated Jackets can provide up to 8 hours of heat distributed across the chest, back, and pockets for a full day of work on a single battery charge. The 2016 lineup includes black, a new all gray, red with gray side panels, and Realtree Xtra Camo.

What we say: It’s no secret Milwaukee’s heated gear has seen improvements since its introduction. With functional heat and durability reaching a peak last year with Ripstop polyester, Milwaukee turned their attention towards fit and flexibility. A more comfortable, stylish fit along with increased flexibility for movement is taking the line to a new level. It’s also leaving the competition trying to keep up.

Price: $199.00

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Winner – Shirts

Milwaukee WorkSkin Base LayerMilwaukee WorkSkin Base Layer

What they said: As athletic base layer materials have become more popular, they have failed to address the durability needs of work environments. With the launch of the new WorkSkin Base Layer we’ve focused on bringing this level of performance materials and extended life to meet the needs of the professional tradesman. By understanding how our users work in cold weather better than anyone else, we’ve developed a performance base layer for the professional tradesman-a first in our industry.

What we say: There’s no denying that companies like Nike have produced performance clothing for athletes that have filtered into virtually every profession. It’s not only functional, it’s flat out comfortable. Milwaukee’s WorkSkin Base Layer is comfortable, provides outstanding freedom of movement, and wicks away moisture just like the athletic brands. What sets the WorkSkin apart is its durability. Finally, there’s an athletic base layer designed for the job site!

Price: $49.00

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