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Believe it or not, there are still Pros who don’t trust cordless tools to replace their corded models. But they’ve got a legitimate reason – batteries limit runtime and for more powerful tools, battery power either just isn’t there or it’s too expensive. So when you’ve got power or access to a generator, Pros still turn to the power afforded by corded options.

Winner – Polishers

Makita 5″ Dual Action Random Orbit Polisher

Makita Dual Action Random Orbit PolisherWhat they said: 

Makita polishers are preferred by automotive detailers and marine enthusiasts, and the 5” Dual Action Random Orbit Polisher (PO5000C) is packed with enhanced features for consistent performance, job after job. The dual action control offers “random orbit with forced rotation” or “random orbit with free rotation”, and the variable speed control dial has five speed settings so users are able to set the speed and action to the application. Additional performance features include an electronic controller that automatically applies additional power to maintain constant speed, even under load, and also provides soft start for smoother start-ups and longer gear life. For added convenience, the Polisher has an ergonomic knob handle and rubberized back handle with lock-on switch, and a rubberized tool rest for upside-down placement of the tool. It is ideal for commercial-duty polishing applications.

What we say: 

Polishers are a bright spot for Makita’s automotive tools and this model is the sum of its parts. From the ergonomic handle with easy access controls to built in soft start and constant speed control, the PO5000C is designed to offer a comfortable user experience that also minimizes risk to the vehicle’s paint job.

Price: $359

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Winner – Table Saws

Skilsaw 10″ Worm Drive Table Saw

What they said: Skilsaw SPT99-11 Worm Drive Table Saw Pro Tool Innovation Awards Corded Tools Table Saw

SKILSAW, creator of the worm drive saw, takes its professional table saw offering to the next level with its new 10-inch Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw. This heavy-duty table saw is equipped with SKILSAW’s legendary worm drive power train for maximum torque, and a patented Dual-Field Motor that runs cool, enabling it to work harder, longer, increasing jobsite productivity.

The table saw features a 3-½-inch depth of cut that rips through sheet goods and cross cuts 4x with ease and accuracy as well as a 30-1/2-inch rip capacity. SKILSAW designed this saw with a precision rack and pinion fence system, allowing quick, smooth fence adjustments for exact cuts.

Included with the table saw is a rugged, rolling stand with 16-inch wheels that delivers unsurpassed mobility, even when moving the saw over stairs, uneven surfaces and rough jobsite terrain. The stand also features a left-side support for larger materials, while the table saw’s flip support extends the fence beyond the table surface. Round-edged handles on the stand enable snag-free loading and unloading while transporting, and solid rubber feet provide extra stability whether the stand is in use or folded.

What we say: 

Skilsaw gives their original Worm Drive Table Saw an upgrade to more heavy-duty jobsite function over the lightweight portability we saw in the first model. The most obvious difference is the stand. Now you get a more typical rolling model with 16-inch wheels that should make rolling across the jobsite easier than with smaller wheels. The basic form of the original table saw is still there, but now there’s greater capacity with the ability to cut sheet goods up to 30-1/2 inches wide.

Price: $579

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Winner – Miter Saws

Makita 10″ Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser

Makita Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with LaserWhat they said: 

Makita has a legacy of quality and innovation in the miter saw category, and with the LS1019L we’ve taken what we’ve learned and built a new solution. The LS1019L has improved dust extraction with dual dust collection ports, a new compact rail system with 20 percent larger rails offering higher precision when bevel cutting, a taller fence for lasting, dead-on accuracy, and capacity that will match many 12 inch miter saws. In fact, job site research indicates that the cutting capacity of the LS1019L will handle most of jobs that users bring to their 12-inch saws. For many contractors, this is a one-stop solution for all of their cutting applications

What we say: 

Makita uses direct drive motors in their miter saws – a difference you can feel when you make cuts side by side with a belt driven unit. But that’s not all the LS1019L offers. This takes things two significant steps further with a pair of meaningful innovations. First up, the slide system moves the saw head along the rails, allowing the frame to stay put and sit right up against a wall for serious space savings. The other big news comes in the form of DXT – Deep and Exact Cutting Technology. This design gives the 10-inch saw capacity near – and in some cases matching – what 12-inch saws offer.

Price: $549

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Winner – Circular Saws

Skilsaw SPT70WM-22 10-1/4″ Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Saw

Skilsaw SPT70WM-22 Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive SawWhat they said: 

Designed and built with the legendary SKILSAW heritage, the new SKILSAW 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive Saw offers the same powerful performance and hardworking character that has made SKILSAW worm drives the jobsite standard. This is the only 10-1/4 inch worm drive saw designed to cut 4x material smoothly and cleanly in one pass. The 10-1/4 inch worm drive saw dubbed “Sawsquatch” also features the recently unveiled brand identity and logo. It marks the brand’s second expansion of the professional line of tools focused on cutting.

The SKILSAW 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive Saw has the largest Dual-Field motor, which uses a unique copper winding pattern resulting in increased surface area that keeps the motor cooler. A cooler motor increases the durability of the saw. Its magnesium components decrease the weight while increasing durability, and the well-balanced design makes the saw easy to handle. The SKILSAW 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive includes a Diablo 40T carbide blade, which pairs the best worm drive saw with the best blade for the best user experience right out of the box.

What we say: 

Skilsaw isn’t the only game in town to offer a 10-1/4″ circular saw, but you’re going to have an awfully tough time finding a better one. The tangible advantage on saws this size is to cut 4x material in one pass, but power is going to be a question. By pairing a monstrous Dual-Field motor with worm drive gearing, you get confident cutting in any wood. Skilsaw takes things a step further by giving you a Diablo blade, so you can forget about adding the expense of replacing a subpar stock blade and just get to work.

Price: $399

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Winner – Reciprocating Saws

Skilsaw 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw, Model SPT44A-00

SKILSAW 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw, Model SPT44A-00What they said: 

This 13-amp reciprocating saw joins SKILSAW’s legendary lineup with a patented full-frame counterbalance, named Buzzkill, which suppresses vibration up to 35 percent over the competition. That means comfortable, controlled cuts that won’t wear out the user or the saw, as well as superior cut control and faster cutting.

While some tools on the market feature a rotational system, which transmits vibration in multiple directions, SKILSAW features a linear system, which simplifies the counterbalance to maintain superior vibration control with fewer wear points. The reduced vibration makes the tool more durable, increasing its lifespan and providing greater comfort for the user.

What we say: 

There’s always going to be skepticism when technology this significant comes to a tool class and is still a good value. But we’ve actually used the Skilsaw 13-Amp Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Technology, and the vibration reduction is legitimate. We know it works well in the 13-amp class, so all that remains to be seen is how well it does in the upcoming 15-amp model.

Price: $99

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Winner – Handheld Grinders

Metabo WEPB 19-180 RT DS (601096420) Angle Grinder

Metabo WEPB 19-180 RT DS (601096420) Angle GrinderWhat they said: 

Metabo introduces the world’s first compact 7″ angle grinder with 15 Amps of power! This new grinder features a slim and comfortable “rat-tail” design as well as all Metabo renowned safety features: mechanical safety clutch, mechanical safety brake, non-locking paddle switch, Drop Secure tether attachment point and full electronic package (speed stabilization, overload protection, soft start, restart protection, etc). This grinder is powered by a new generation of compact motors, generating 1,900W / 15.0 Amps allowing the tool to weigh only half of a normal large 7″ grinder.

What we say: 

Power, ergonomics, lower weight, and safety – what else can you ask for in a handheld grinder? It’s challenging enough to combine any two or three of those areas, let alone all four. Metabo’s WEPB 19-180 RT DS goes with a rat tail design and paddle switch that really helps the handle ergonomics and combines them with a full suite of safety features without losing the power you expect to actually get the work done. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Price: $345

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