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Long before electric motors, combustion engines, and lithium-ion batteries, the human race was figuring out to pick up a common object and use it to make work easier. These days, we have science to back us up, making our tools stronger and longer-lasting. Toss in world class mechanical engineers with Pro users and you’re bound to see some exciting things in the oldest tool division.

Winner – Bolt Cutters

Milwaukee Tool Adaptable Bolt Cutters with Powermove

Milwaukee bolt cutters 48-22-4114What they said: 

To achieve more power and leverage during a cut, users often step up to a larger sized bolt cutter or use a cheater bar. In addition, many users have also resorted to using their hips, shoulders, chest, or the ground to stabilize the tool so a second hand can help close the tool or hold the cut material. This need for large additional tools, as well as awkward maneuvering, can be incredibly uncomfortable and a productivity killer. To alleviate this frustration, the bolt cutters have been designed with PowerMove Extendable Arms. This feature allows the user to extend the arms of the bolt cutter for up to 40% more cutting power.

When it comes to bolt cutters, the durability of the jaws and bolts is everything to the user. Today’s solutions have blades that commonly wear or pit from repeated use, impairing cut performance, and their pivot bolts have a tendency to loosen and fall out resulting in premature tool failure. To address these needs, we designed our new bolt cutters with forged steel blades that have been custom heat treated for maximum durability and feature a Bolt Lock that keeps the fasteners tight so the user can stay productive.

What we say: 

We love the simple, but innovative versatility of these bolt cutters. With adaptable handles, you don’t need quite as many options to cut through different sizes of bolts or chain. From the extendable handles to the high leverage center mechanism, these may be the last set of bolt cutters you’ll need to buy.

Price: $49.99 (48-22-4114) and $99.99 (48-22-4124)

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Winner – Chalk Lines

Milwaukee 100′ Bold Line Kit w/ Blue Chalk 48-22-3982

Milwaukee 100 Bold Line Kit w Blue ChalkWhat they said: 

Current chalk reels available lack the durability that’s expected on the jobsite. Throughout our research, we saw countless broken chalk reels on jobsites-namely broken gears and ripped lines. Users repeatedly buy new chalk reels, leading to an immense amount of downtime and cost. Chalk reels are so widely used on the jobsite that they shouldn’t be looked at as a disposable tool. Through a never-before-seen gear system and proprietary clutch, we’ve set out to completely change the way users can expect to use their chalk reels, giving them the long-lasting durability they need to tackle all of their projects.

What we say: 

Aside from a reinforced housing, the big deal surrounding the Milwaukee Chalk Reels is the planetary gear system. Going with this design creates a slightly more complex system that distributes the force of across multiple gear surfaces. Less stress on the gears also means longer life for the tool. Finally, Milwaukee developed and integrated a StripGuard Clutch to protect the gears from stripping out in the event of a snag. It also helps if you reel it in too fast and don’t quite stop when the hook catches. The end result is a long-lasting chalk line that no longer needs to be considered a quick consumable tool.

Price: $11.99

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Winner – Pocket Knives

Milwaukee HARDLINE Pocket Knives

Milwaukee HARDLINE Pocket KnivesWhat they said: 

While most professionals carry utility knives to help accomplish specific jobsite tasks, many also carry a pocket knife for use throughout the day. Users are tough on their pocket knives and expect them to hold up to demanding applications. With this in mind, we set out to deliver a pocket knife solution with a blade that can withstand hard use, but also includes features that make it the perfect knife to carry all day long.

What we say: 

What we love about the Hardline Pocket Knife is that Milwaukee brought a quality D2 steel folder to market at an excellent price point. Most knives in this range are going to be made with 440HC or 8Cr13MoV as a mid-grade option, but Milwaukee was able to put premium D2 steel in their blade. Other features knife enthusiasts and general users alike will appreciate include a solid frame lock, easy to use flipper with bearing for deployment, and a stylish stonewash black oxide finish. For users looking for a quality folder designed to work as hard as you do, the Milwaukee Hardline is your knife. It’s even available in three sizes (2-1/2, 3, and 3-1/2 inches) and with serrated and non-serrated options.

Price: $59.99-79.99

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Winner – Utility Knives

Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife with Blade Storage 48-22-1903

Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife with Blade StorageWhat they said: 

The original Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife has been iconic since it was first introduced to the industry, and the innovation behind it has set the bar for all other utility knives that have followed. We’ve now fully redesigned these tools to make them even better than the originals by offering a version with increased blade storage. And we’ve done it all without sacrificing its ergonomic shape or ease of opening, which are defining features for Fastback fans.

What we say: 

Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knives have been incredibly popular since they were first introduced, and they continue to be tweaked. Sometimes, minor changes change the function or feel of a tool for the worse. Milwaukee managed to increase the blade storage while keeping the same physical profile and function in our hands. As a folding utility knife with easy opening, gut hook, wire stripper, and 45-degree angle for pull cuts, we’re left wondering what they could possibly do next.

Price: $14.99

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Winner – Multi-tools

Gerber Center-Drive

Gerber Center-DriveWhat they said:

The Center-Drive. Gerber’s new multi-tool offers uncompromising performance through revolutionary design. Innovative Center Axis Tech™ aligns the full-size driver in the center of the tool to yield maximum torque and rotation, just like the real thing. No productivity is sacrificed with the addition of a 30% larger outboard blade and one-thumb opening sliding jaws. Full size, real tools-the multi-tool just got a reality check.

Screw Conventional Thinking.

It seems so obvious-but until now no multi-tool has ever offered a full-size driver on the center axis with a standard bit. The result is all the ergonomics and torque you’d expect from the real thing, ready at the flick of a thumb.

Cut the B.S.

Get right down to business. A single flick of the thumb gets you access to a full-size outboard knife that is 30% larger than the competition. Don’t worry; reverse thumb support gets the job done in confidence. No compromises-in no time.

Bend it to Your Will.

Adjust to your environment, or force it to adjust to you. It’s your choice. One-thumb opening sliding jaws deliver instant command of the spring-loaded pliers, so you can take control of whatever’s at hand.

What we say: 

The Gerber Center-Drive looks like a typical multi-tool until you get to the screwdriver – and that’s where the game changes. By using an offset design, the screwdriver moves to the center of the tool, making driving applications much less awkward. Gerber makes another nice move by using standard 1/4″ hex bits and packing several with the tool. Even if what you need isn’t already there, the 1/4″ drive means you can easily customize your own set for electrical, HVAC, or whatever your specific needs may be.

Price: $119

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Winner – Cutting Tools

Dewalt 3 PK Ergo Aviation Snips

Dewalt 3 PK Ergo Aviation SnipsWhat they said: 

DEWALT Ergo Aviation Snips reduce muscle exertion and enhance comfort, featuring reduced handle span to help optimize cutting with 15% less muscle exertion as compared to current DEWALT Snips (DWHT70278) on average. Used by carpentry professionals and sheet metal workers for a variety of cutting applications, including 18-22 gauge sheet metal, aluminum, copper, vinyl siding, leather, and cardboard, the DEWALT Ergo Aviation Snips also have a serrated edge that helps prevent materials from slipping during use without increased effort. Flush hardware design allows for smooth, unobstructed cuts and easier access from a tool pouch. A new, extended finger flange design on the DEWALT Ergo Aviation Snips enhance leverage, while the external latch design provides easy, one-handed operation. The bi-material, cushion grip handles provide comfort and control. DEWALT Ergo Aviation Snips are made of forged chrome vanadium steel blade material for durability.

What we say:

Ergonomics is the big talking point on DeWalt’s new Ergo Aviation Snips. In order to pull an official United States Ergonomics Ergonomic Product Performance Certification, these snips went through testing that measure muscle activity during common applications. While that may be more information than you really want to know, you’ll notice the difference when you pick up a pair of these and hold them for the first time. If that doesn’t convince you, try using these side by side with your old pair – we bet you won’t go back!

Price: $13.98

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Winner – Hammers

Estwing Al-Pro Hammer

Estwing Al-Pro Hammer BlackWhat they said: 

The revolutionary Estwing AL-Pro is made from forged aircraft aluminum alloy, which is lighter than Titanium. Vibration dampening shot is built into the head giving every blow the maximum force. The Permacap steel head and interlocking steel claw give this hammer durable strength where it is most needed, and the reduced claw length provides increased leverage. There is a magnetic nail starter in the head. The AL-Pro delivers power in a lighter weight package, for the best performance in a hammer with our patented Shock Reduction Grip in black or Estwing blue.

What we say: 

When you start talking about dropping $100 or more for a framing hammer, it darn well better be a good one. The Estwing AL-Pro jumps away from standard hammers with a solid gap in performance and vibration control to join the other premium hammers on the market.

Price is a determining factor here, and you’re going to save money over titanium hammers with non-wood handles. Durability is another consideration. The solid aluminum construction takes a lot more abuse than a poly-fiber or wood handle. So when it comes to balancing performance, build quality, and price, the Estwing AL-Pro has a compelling argument wrapped in a pretty innovative package.

Price: $120

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Winner – Levels

Klein Torpedo Billet Level, Rare Earth Magnet

Klein Torpedo Billet Level Rare Earth MagnetWhat they said: 

Klein’s next generation of levels is highlighted by precision-machined, highly accurate billet aluminum bodies, ultra-strong and secure rare earth magnets and hi-vis orange color that won’t get lost in a sea of silver conduit.

• Innovative patent-pending locking track keeps magnets permanently attached to the level — significant improvement over the traditionally glued or press-fit methods that loosen over time
• Ultra-strong rare earth magnets helps ensure the level will stay in place
• Large, easy-to-read high-visibility vials
• V-Groove channel fits contours of conduit and pipe for greater stability
• Tapered noses and bodies slide easier into pockets and fit into more tight spaces

What we say: 

Several things stand out on Klein’s Torpedo Billet Level, starting with the color. Sure, that might not seem like a big deal, but it helps you quickly see where it is in your tool bag. It also helps you not walk away when it’s stuck to conduit. Unless you’re one of those people that never leave anything behind, it’s pretty useful.

The magnets are also worth talking about. Not because they’re stronger rare-earth magnets (and they are), but because they lock into a track rather than just being stuck on with glue. They’ll stay put long after other magnets leave the housing. You also get excellent visibility on the vials, a V-groove channel for pipe, and a tapered nose that slides more easily into a pocket. All in all, Klein’s latest redesign is a big win for small levels.

Price: $39.96

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Winner – Laser Distance Measures

Dewalt 100 Ft Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measurer

Dewalt 100 Ft Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance MeasurerWhat they said: 

The DEWALT DW099s 100′ Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure works with the DEWALT Tool Connect app to store additional measurements, mark up photos, and save those projects. This Laser Distance Measure can measure distances up to 100 feet quickly and easily. The 1.5 inch (measured diagonally) black, backlit high contrast LCD screen provides visibility in various lighting conditions and displays continuous measurement tracking that quickly and easily finds distance from a target as well as distance, area and volume in three measurement units (feet, inches and meters) and historical measurement for reference to the last three measurements. An over-molded grip supports a firm hold and drop protection, while a wrist strap provides carrying convenience. Other functions include calculating area and volume, as well as perform simple addition and subtraction functions.

What we say:

Tool Connect is expanding quickly in 2017 beyond just Bluetooth battery connections to tool integration. When it comes to laser distance measures, this means you’ll have some interaction with storing measurements, and more importantly, photo markups. This additional feature brings a visual aspect to go along with the measurements we used to just write down on a piece of paper along with a quick sketch of the job. At the $100 price point, this is about as fully-featured as you can hope to get.

Price: $99.99

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Winner – Tape Measures

Dewalt 25 Ft XP Tape Measure

Dewalt 25 Ft Xp Tape MeasureWhat they said: 

The DEWALT Extended Performance (XP) Tape Measure is DEWALT’s toughest tape measure yet featuring a tougher case, tougher blade coating, and tougher hook connection. Built around Dual-Core Technology – a patented spring system that utilizes two retracting springs in an impact-resistant, heavy-duty case – the DEWALT XP Tape Measure is re-engineered from the inside out. The result is a compact, professional-duty ergonomic tape with a case designed for a better fit in the user’s hand. Using the DEWALT XP Tape Measure, builders and contractors alike will benefit from DEWALT’s toughest blade yet, which features 13’ of straighter, truer blade standout, and a tougher hook connection reinforced to reduce breakage near the hook. The new 25’ XP Tape Measure is made in the USA with global materials.

What we say: 

Dual springs at the core of DeWalt’s XP Tape Measure make the magic happen in this launch for the popular brand. And the bottom line is that it does what DeWalt says – it’s more compact, has excellent standout, and is a seriously tough design. What’s even better is that DeWalt announced that 16′ and 35′ models are on their way at the 2017 DeWalt Experience media event.

Price: $29.99

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Winner – Pliers

Knipex Universal Grip Pliers

Knipex Universal Grip PliersWhat they said:

The 10″ Universal Gripping Pliers feature a unique, pivoting bottom jaw that automatically adjusts to any workpiece in the field, including square, round, hex and flat materials. The pivoting jaw makes this gripping pliers applicable in multiple tasks and is capable of handling different objects, no matter the size or shape. The pliers feature toggle lever action for a high clamping pressure grip, making the pliers ideal for secure, one-handed operation. The gripping pliers has a heavy duty design with a body made of high-strength rolled steel and the jaws made of chrome vanadium electric steel. In addition, the pliers has an adjustment screw and release lever for ease of use.

What we say: 

These certainly aren’t your Daddy’s locking pliers! Where the old jaw styles are good for pipe and bolts, Knipex takes things to another level with their pivoting jaw. You still get outstanding grip on pipe with a shape that will hold even better on nuts and bolts. But now clamping down on flat material is greatly enhanced thanks to more surface area available for gripping.

Price: $45.99

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Winner – Hand Saws

Milwaukee 12″ High Tension Hacksaw

Milwaukee 12 High Tension HacksawWhat they said: 

Two key features are most important for hacksaw users: Durability and high tension. To address these needs, Milwaukee designed its hacksaw with a reinforced metal frame, making it the most durable hacksaw in the industry today. A high-leverage tension knob at the top of the hacksaw’s frame allows the user to easily tighten the blade to the highest tension needed.

For added utility, the hacksaw features 6-blade storage capacity as well as a 45° blade position for a better angle on flush cuts.

What we say: 

Milwaukee wasn’t the first to come out with a high-tension hacksaw, but subtle improvements have made a difference in both tension and durability. The all-metal frame is stout, but not overweight, with rigidity that’s going to be tough to overcome and which avoids failure. The tensioning mechanism starts at the top with the adjustment knob, runs to a mid-handle pivot point, and down to an arm that pulls to increase tension. This combination creates much greater tension on the blade to keep it from wobbling while you cut. Having 6-blade storage also doesn’t hurt—a feature we’ve not seen on many hacksaw models.

Price: $24.99

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Winner – Pipe Wrenches

Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench

Milwaukee Cheater Pipe WrenchWhat they said: 

There’s no category of tool that’s more core to the plumber’s arsenal than the pipe wrench, so it might come as a surprise that this product space has largely been untouched when it comes to thoughtful innovation. This lack of innovation in the market has resulted in pipe wrenches that fail to satisfy an array of user needs –from lack of versatility and grip, to insufficient leverage and uncomfortable handles. Through many discussions with our users and listening to their needs, we knew we had to provide a solution that was dramatically disruptive to this space. We’ve now fully redesigned the traditional pipe wrench to make it more efficient than it’s ever been before.

What we say: 

Milwaukee calls it The Cheater, an official name to a common nickname given to giving pipe wrenches more leverage. We really don’t see how being smarter is cheating. What’s the solution when your pipe wrench is too long? Grab one with a shorter handle. But then the jaws are too narrow…and the whole job goes downhill from there. The Milwaukee Cheater takes the capacity of an 18” pipe wrench and gives a shorter handle option for tight spaces and a longer handle option for extra leverage. The result is one pipe wrench to handle what used to take three tools to cover.

Price: $99.99

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Winner – Wrenches

Proferred Plumbing 6″ Adjustable Wrench

6 In Phosphate Proferred Plumbing Adjustable Wrench Phos FinishWhat they said: 

– Super thin head allows for use in limited and narrow spaces
– Greater jaw capacity allows 55% wider opening than traditional wrenches
– Jaw depth is 30% higher than general wrenches
– Coverage: Ideal for Plumbing, Automotive, Installation and Gas fitting industries
– Industrial black finish

What we say: 

Proferred’s 6″ Plumbing Wrench is useful beyond just plumbing applications. As an adjustable wrench with a jaw that opens wider and deeper than most, it’s more versatile so you can work with a lighter tool on larger fittings before turning to a pipe wrench. It’s also ready for work at height with an integrated lanyard hole at the base of the handle.

Price: $15.95

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Winner – Pry Bars

IRWIN Gripper Ripper 5-in-1 Adjustable Multi-Functional Utility Bar

What they said: 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards - Hand Tools - Pry Bars - Irwin Gripper Ripper

The Gripper Ripper’s extended length jaws are designed to adequately brace 2x4s at the top and bottom allowing for dual direction ratcheting when twisting making it quicker and more effective at loosening and removing nailed studs from their frames. Each jaw is lined with forged teeth that bite into the wood’s surface from front to back to ensure gripping power and prevent slippage when twisting. The Gripper Ripper’s 5.4 lb. weight, large 1 ¼” diameter strike face, and dry wall blade make easy work of breaking through drywall and OSB board, while the top and bottom nail puller offer versatility and leverage for removing the most stubborn of nails. The beveled pry blade is sharpened to squeeze into and pry apart the snuggest of materials while the top jaw is extended to a point to offer added chopping and prying power. The durable over-molded rubber grip is contoured for comfort and control. Where the Gripper Ripper is most advantaged is in its jaw adjustability. The simple push button functionality allows users to quickly adjust the jaws to as wide as 4.7” to grip up to three studs at a single time. With similar adjustable tools in the market, buttons can very quickly become clogged with debris and dust, making them difficult to operate. The Gripper Ripper’s enclosed push button design is rugged enough to withstand all of what it will be exposed to for sustained reliability and performance.

What we say: 

As the title suggests, you get 5 tools in 1 with Irwin’s entry in the demo tools category. The combination of mini sledge hammer, stud twister, drywall cutter, nail puller, and pry bar is compelling enough on its own. The fact that you can adjust the jaws to grab up to 3 studs at once is a huge bonus. At the end of the day, you save space in your tool bag and time since you’re not going back and forth to switch tools.

Price: TBA

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Winner – Ratchets

Proto 3/8″ Drive Flex Head Precision 90 Pear Head Ratchet 7″- Full Polish

Proto 3-8 Drive Flex Head Precision 90 Pear Head Ratchet 7 Full PolishWhat they said: 

The new Proto Industrial Tool Precision 90 Ratchets are modernizing the standard 72-tooth and 80-tooth ratchets on the market today. To better suit our end users in the automotive market, we seized the opportunity to engineer an improved hand ratchet design that grants tighter access and fatigue reduction. With 90 teeth, these hand tools now offer a mere 4-degree arc. An arc swing this low offers the user a more precise engagement to the next gear tooth, thus better access in tight areas. Precision lowers repetitive torque, thus helps reduce fatigue, keeping users safe and working efficiently.

Precision & Safety: Proto designed these ratchets with a small, pear head design to get into those hard-to-reach areas. The patent pending sealed head design helps prevent debris from entering the ratcheting mechanism and helps to keep lubrication contained. To improve productivity, the low profile reversing lever design allows users to quickly operate with one hand. The Precision 90 Ratchets were ergonomically engineered to reduce fatigue and feature knurled bands for increased grip and slip resistance.

What we say: 

Pear shaping on ratchet heads is all about better access to tighter areas, but that doesn’t do a ton of good if you still have a large arc swing. By bringing more teeth into the picture, Proto lowers the arc swing required. Proto isn’t the first to do this, of course. But with these premium ratchets you also get improved handle ergonomics with knurling to help keep a solid grip. That goes hand in hand with a pivoting head that makes this one of the most versatile ratchets you’ll own.

Price: $94-$218

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Winner – Torque Wrenches

Husky 5-80 ft. lbs. 3/8 in. Drive Digital Display Click Torque Wrench

Husky 5-80 ft. lbs. Drive Digital Display Click Torque WrenchWhat they said: 

The Husky 3/8 in. drive Digital Display Click Style Torque Wrench is perfect for use on small engine repairs. Standard measurements from 5 to 80 ft. lbs. but can be easily converted into inch/pounds or into Newton Meters (Nm). The LED Screen is backlit allowing the user to easily read the screen even in poor lighting conditions.

  • Torque range: 5 to 80 ft. lbs. or 60 to 960 in. lbs. or 6.78 to 108.48 N-m and 69.1 to 1106.0 kg-cm
  • LED screen can be switched with the push of a button to display in ft.-lbs., in.-lbs., or Newton meters or kilogram centimeters
  • Factory calibrated to +/- 4% clockwise accuracy in the upper 80% of torque range
  • Wrench is designed to give an audible click when torque setting is reached
  • Hard plastic case for storage and protection
  • End cap twist to easily set desired torque level which is displayed on the LED screen
  • Sealed head design keeps out dirt and oil
  • When the wrench is set the low end of the torque range the click will be less than when at the high end of range
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • Oil resistant rubberized grip

What we say: 

For small engine mechanics, you don’t need the full torque range of a diesel mechanic’s torque wrench. You don’t need the price tag, either. For those times, Husky’s 3/8″ model packs in a lot of features at an attractive price point. The biggest benefit is the digital readout with four different units to match the job at hand attached to a 3/8″ drive to fit the sockets you already have. An audible click lets you know when you’ve reached the torque you’re aiming for, and it comes with a hard plastic case to store it in.

Price: $99

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Winner – Socket Sets

PROTO Foamed Modular Sets

What they said:PROTO Foamed Modular Sets

Having an organized, customized, core group of tools at the ready is the benefit of PROTO Foamed Modular Sets. Built to fit most metal storage drawers including the PROTO 500 Series in various combinations, the inserts feature high-quality cross linked polyethylene, which helps resist chemicals and other industrial solvents. Thick foam layers allow tools to fit tightly in place within drawer while also offering flexibility for easy tool access.

What we say: 

If you haven’t experienced the joy of custom foam inserts for your hand tools, you’re missing out. Aside from Proto’s outstanding quality, their Foamed Modular Sets are the perfect setup for mechanics and other Pros that use socket sets frequently around the shop. The foam gives each piece of the kit a place to live with an exact fit, so those sockets you just carefully organized don’t go rolling around the moment you close the drawer. Could you live without them? Maybe, but Proto Foamed Modular Sets are a great way to spoil yourself as a Pro.

Price: ~$150-$700

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Winner – Screwdrivers

Husky Diamond Tip Screwdrivers

What they said:Husky Diamond-Tip-Screwdriver

  • Diamond tips provides enhanced grip and torque to engage damaged or rusted out screws
  • 4 times greater gripping power vs. standard Husky screwdriver
  • Magnetic tips
  • Acetate and dual rubber material handle
  • Lifetime warranty

What we say: 

We see all kinds of diamond cutting accessories, but diamond tipped screwdrivers? That sounds like something only the ultra-rich would have around the shop. That’s hardly the case, though. Just like synthetic diamonds help cut through metal, they also offer a better grip on fasteners. Coat your screwdriver tips with it, and you can tighten or loosen new, old, and even damaged fasteners much more easily. The tips are magnetic, and the rubber handles offer better grip and comfort.

Price: TBD

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Winner – Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

Husky 15-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver

What they said: Husky 15-in-1 Screwdriver Nut Driver

  • 15 different screw and nut drivers in one handy tool
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes the following sizes:
    Nuts-3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 9/16″, 3/4″
    Flat head-3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″
    Phillips-#1, #2, #3, #4

What we say: 

There are plenty of multi-bit screwdrivers and even multi-nut drivers on the market, but most don’t combine the two. Those that do are pretty limited on one end or the other. Husky takes a total of 15 tools and packs them into one with an even mix of nut drivers and screwdriver bits. Husky also backs the 15-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut driver with a lifetime warranty.

Price: TBD

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Winner – Nut Drivers

Klein HVAC 8-in-1 Slide Driver Screwdriver/Nut Driver

Klein HVAC 8-in-1 Slide Driver ScrewdriverNut DriverWhat they said: 

Unique, patented head slides back and forth to switch from 1/4″ to 5/16″ magnetic hex-head screwdriver. Convenient thumb nut locks tip setting. This HVAC multi-bit driver includes a specialty bit for the installation/removal of common TR-4 Schrader valves as well as regular 1/4″ and 3/8″ nut drivers plus Phillips/slotted double-ended bits. Offers HVAC techs the convenience of having magnetic nut drivers on a multi-bit screwdriver.

  • Two magnetic nut drivers in a multi-bit screwdriver
  • Unique, patented magnetic tip slides back and forth from ¼” to 5/16” hex sizes
  • Thumb nut twists to lock in tip setting
  • Features a specialty bit for installation/ removal of common TR-4 Schrader® valves
  • Includes a #2 Phillips, 1/8” and ¼” slotted screwdriver tips plus ¼” and 3/8” hollow shaft nut drivers (non-magnetic)
  • Great for HVAC applications including thermostat installation and control work

What we say: 

Klein’s Hex Head Slide Driver in either its 8-in-1 HVAC form or just as nut driver is a really brilliant way to keep two of the most common nut driver sizes on one tool. The slide action and locking function work flawlessly, and the magnetic tips keep nuts secure so you can keep your second hand free. The HVAC 8-in-1 Slide Driver saves space by keeping many of the same tools electricians need on board with the addition of a Schrader valve tip not typically found on multi-drivers like this.

Price: $33.98

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Winner – Staplers

DEWALT Carbon Fiber Composite Squeeze Tacker

What they said: DeWalt Carbon Fiber Squeeze Tacker

The new DEWALT Carbon Fiber Composite Squeeze Tacker is built around a continued focus to reduce muscle exertion and lighten the tool belt load without sacrificing performance. This new tacker features a carbon fiber composite housing that weighs 50% less and has a trigger optimized to reduce fatigue by 25% percent as compared to traditional trigger mechanisms. The two-in-one manual tacker accepts 18GA brads or 1/4″, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2″, and 9/16″ Heavy Duty Staples with a quick and easy bottom load design and a low fastener indicator that ensures the supply is ready to take on repetitive jobs, like insulation and roofing or carpet underlayment. A reversible belt hook provides left- or right-handed access.

What we say: 

There’s not a ton of carbon fiber running around the tool industry, and DeWalt seems to be working with it more than anyone else. Carbon fiber offers strength and rigidity with light weight to make it the preferred material for race cars and racing bikes. Those characteristics also make it attractive as a tool material, and DeWalt is applying it to their Squeeze Tacker – AKA stapler. Lowering weight by as much as 50%, DeWalt also reduces the trigger pressure to make a tool that’s much easier on your hands.

Price: $34.97

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Winner – Specialty

SiteBuddyz Cladman

What they said: SiteBuddyz Cladman

The Cladman enables a single person to install Fibre Cement Weather Boards and Traditional Feather Edged siding boards with minimum effort, removing the need for two people to hold a board in position. As one person can install siding on an elevation on their own, less manpower is required or multiple elevations can be installed at the same time. Acting as a second pair of hands the Cladman supports the boards leaving the hands free for fixing, whilst maintaining consistent overlapping accuracy, right up to the soffit.

The sprung loaded rubber roller offers easy manipulation of the boards into position, preventing slipping thereby avoiding possible damage. The Cladman accommodates board widths of 125 – 225mm, and a thickness range of 8 – 38mm. The overlap required can be set anywhere between 5 – 85mm, ideal for aligning board edges with window and door reveals. Setting the board overlap requirement is quick and simple and once set will not vary during use. With lightweight construction, steel reinforced joints, each Cladman weighs just 0.9kg yet will support heavier siding with ease. The incorporated spirit level adds an easy visual check on board alignment during installation.

What we say: 

Pro Tool Reviews’ Editor-in-Chief said it perfectly – “If I had a set of these when I was installing my siding, life would have been a lot easier.” What the Cladman does so well is take any kind of siding installation and make it a one-man job while maintaining outstanding accuracy. Just holding the siding would be helpful enough, but no-mar rollers also ensure that pre-finished or painted material doesn’t get marked up when you slide it in place. There’s also a level on each Cladman to ensure your placement is as level as it is accurate.

Price: $218 per pair

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