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Painters and tilers can use every advantage they can get. Their jobs are guaranteed to be messy and they often spend more time in prep and cleanup than actually applying their materials to ensure professional results. For 2017, these guys get some help from the cordless sector and find innovation is more traditional tools of the trade. Here are the winner of the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Painting and Tiling Awards that you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

Winner – Paint Sprayers

Graco FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractor

Graco FinishPro HVLP 9.5 ProContractorWhat they said: 

Graco’s FinishPro HVLP sprayers incorporate the newest technology allowing contractors to achieve the highest quality finish available in the industry. The new EDGE II guns allow spraying at any angle while the adjustable Turbo Control reduces heat and allows you to match fan speed to what you require for the optimal finish. FinishPro HVLP sprayers are now available in Standard, ProContractor and ProComp models matching the features and performance to what each contractor needs. With the new TurboForce technology, Graco FinishPro HVLP sprayers are one of the coolest running, longest life HVLP sprayers on the market.

What we say: 

High volume low pressure (HLVP) paint sprayers offer high-quality finishes when paired with the right gun. Graco brings in their new Edge II gun that allows you to spray at any angle to get the coverage you need. On the sprayer itself, you have more fan speed control with Turbo Control. This also helps reduce the heat buildup that tends to occur. All that adds up to a Pro-level sprayer that has a longer life than most available HLVP sprayers.

Price: $1,499

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Winner – Cordless Paint Sprayers

Graco Ultra Max Handheld Cordless Paint Sprayer

GRACO 17M367What they said:

Save time and money by using one tip across all airless machines with the all new patented technology RAC X FF LP SwitchTips-available in a wide range of sizes to meet the performance needed on each and every job. The patented FlexLiner Bag System allows quick start-up, spray, and cleanup to help you get on and off the job quickly with the ability to spray in ANY direction, even upside down! Pros agree it’s the fastest way to a Perfect Airless Finish. The Ultra Max Cordless model can spray flammable materials and ones that require a hot solvent for cleaning like acetone.

What we say:

Graco has gone through several generations of cordless sprayer. Everything they’ve learned along the way culminates in the Ultra Max Handheld Cordless Sprayer. This time around, they hit a home run. It starts with a design that allows you to spray at any angle – letting the cordless power truly set you free to paint. They also made the switch to DeWalt 20V Max battery packs instead of a proprietary model. Replacement and spare packs are now just a trip to the store away, so you stay productive.

Price: $749

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Winner – Tile Trowels & Floats

Ridgid XLT Premium Tile Trowel

What they said:

RIDGID XLT Tile hand tools is an industry premium series of tile tools made for professionals. This family line of tile tools gives the professional a faster clean up by 50%. With extreme durability, the user is getting 25% longer life on each tool. With RIDGID XLT tile tool series, you will be able to now completely start and finish your job offering stainless steel trowels, flat and bucket scoops, tile prep tools, grout tools, tile shaping tools and RIDGID gear, such as knee pads. Allowing you to demand more from your tile tools!

What we say: 

Coming out alongside their concrete hand tools, the Ridgid XLT Premium Tile Family is also set to help you deliver professional results at an excellent price. Taking a closer look at the SQ-notch trowel, you’ll find an ergonomic handle design with an overmold that offers better comfort and grip. The handle shaft goes all the way through, so there’s less risk of it breaking off. You’ll get longer life with features like this, and Ridgid even promises a faster cleanup.

Price: TBA

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Winner – Tile Saws

Ridgid 7″ Portable Jobsite Tile Saw R4021

What they said: Ridgid 7-Inch Table Top Wet Tile Saw

RIDGID 7 in. Table Top Wet Tile Saw is upgraded to match consumer’s needs. With the size being 7 in. you can transport easily from jobsite to jobsite. Upgraded features include an anti-splash system that keeps your work area completely dry. The rip cut capacity has also been upgraded to 24 inches for detachable support.

What we say: 

Ridgid makes some of the most popular tile saws around thanks to their combination of performance and price. If the R4021 looks familiar, you’re not crazy. This upgrade of the 7″ saw gets better splash control and a larger rip capacity while maintaining a size and weight that’s still easily portable.

Price: $189

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