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Innovation in the tool industry typically means tools that get the job done easier and more efficiently. But getting those tools back and forth to the jobsite along with storing and organizing them is a feat in itself. Whether you’re looking for ways to store more tools, organize them better, secure them, or carry them, these are the winners for storage in the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards!

Winner – Rolling Chests & Cabinets

Milwaukee  46″ High-Capacity Steel Storage Chest & Cabinet

What they said: Milwaukee  46" High-Capacity Steel Storage Chest & Cabinet

The new Milwaukee 46” High Capacity Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet is designed to be the most durable and best equipped steel storage combo in its class. Constructed with 19ga steel, an angle iron reinforced frame, 6” industrial grade casters, and metal edge protectors, the new steel storage combo is designed from the ground up to survive the harsh conditions of the jobsite. Featuring (18) 22” deep soft close drawers, two built-in power centers with USB ports, and much more, the new 46” High Capacity Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet is designed to serve the needs of the modern tradesman.

What we say: 

How do you take Milwaukee’s 46″ Rolling Steel Chest and Cabinet and make it even better? More storage space, of course! The foundation of everything we love about the original system is still in place along with two power strips that include USB charging. There are now additional drawers for even more storage to along with soft close drawers, an external shelf, and even a place to hang a roll of shop towels.

Price: $999

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Winner – Tool Boxes

Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System

Milwaukee Tool 48-22-8400What they said:

Since launching the Milwaukee storage category in 2014, our lineup has grown to include a breadth of solutions that deliver on the versatility and ‘Nothing But Heavy Duty’ promise demanded by our users. With the introduction of the PACKOUT Modular Storage System we’re taking this commitment to the next level. All current modular storage systems available today limit users to a single footprint or box size that offers very little versatility to fit their needs. PACKOUT is a game-changer for these users because it’s the first multi-footprint system that allows boxes, organizers, and totes of multiple sizes and configurations to easily stack and lock together.

What we say:

Packout is one of the most exciting storage systems to come out in several years. With outstanding durability, Packout offers some options that we don’t see in other storage systems. Namely, half width boxes that still lock in place and open top tool bags that lock into the system. This may be the single most game-changing tool debuted at Milwaukee’s 2017 New Product Symposium just because of the vast number of tradesman who can benefit.

Price: $29.99-$129.99

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Winner – Tool Bags

Proto Express Tool Mat

Proto Express Tool MatWhat they said: 

The Proto Express Toolmat is designed to keep tools in designated areas, which prevents foreign object damage and supports loss control. A detachable safety sign and reflecting tape on the edges keeps working spaces visible and protected, while a cushioned mat provides comfort when working on knees. A tape mechanism provides easy and fast opening and closing, the cushioned shoulder strap and comfort handles make it easy to carry, and internal VELCRO® straps allow for easy adjustability. The Proto Express Toolmat opens in three easy steps. Dimensions closed: 15-5/8″ x 15-5/8″ x 15-5/8″. Dimensions opened: 44-3/8″ x 43-3/4″

What we say:

When you’re working at floor level, tools have a tendency to spread out. And the more they spread out, the more of them jump ship never to be seen again. Proto offers an outstanding solution for mechanics who find themselves in this boat frequently. The Express Toolmat opens up to give you nearly four feet of dedicated space to keep your tools and materials where they won’t roll around the floor. Pockets also help you keep your tools organized and stored neatly until you pull the cord and secure the whole thing for storage until the next day.

Price: $180

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Winner – On Site Storage

DeWalt 60″ ToughBox Job Site Chest

DeWalt ToughBox Job Site ChestWhat they said: 

The DEWALT ToughBox job site storage chest stores all of your professional and personal items on the job site. These storage chests will keep your tools secure with features such as a full-length, staked and welded piano hinge and a 3-point locking mechanism to help prevent break-ins. Additional features have been added to make your job easy and efficient, including integrated rails to store DEWALT ToughSystem storage modules (not included). A grommet allows for electrical access, four-way skids provide access from any side and two gas springs are standard on all of our units for safe operation of the lid. All DEWALT ToughBox job site storage chests include a powder-coat finish for industrial strength resilience and protection from the outdoor elements.

What we say: 

You can get a metal box that locks to store your tools in when you leave the jobsite at the end of the day, or you can get a DeWalt Tough Box and enjoy the benefits of it being part of an integrated system. You still get lots of open lower storage, but the interior is designed to fit DeWalt ToughSystem boxes inside to help keep things more organized. Thanks to a staked and welded piano hinge and 3-point locking mechanism, thieves will have a hard time getting to your tools.

Price: $699

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Winner – Truck Racks

DEWALT ToughSystem Van Rack

What they said:DeWalt ToughSystem Van Storage

Adding to the DEWALT ToughSystem storage family, the new van racking units help bring organizational capabilities to the work van. The DEWALT ToughSystem Van Racking Units are a self-installable, crash test rated telescoping metal bar system that can be height adjusted to fit a variety of vans. Each set of reinforced brackets have a 44 lb weight capacity and the entire unit has a 150 lb load capacity.

What we say: 

You asked for it, and DeWalt is delivering. After the success of the ToughSystem Garage Rack, Pros that take advantage of work vans wanted to know when their system would be here. Well, today is that day. It’s essentially the same setup as you find in the shop, just designed for van installation. You’ll be able to rack up to 44 pounds on each set of brackets and 150 pounds on each vertical stack. Now you can pack up the DeWalt ToughSystem storage boxes you’re already using and go.

Price: $199.99 / $249.99

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Winner – Coolers

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cooling Cooler

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cooling CoolerWhat they said: 

The new RYOBI 18V Cooling Cooler. This cooler is unique in that it can act as a 50-quart cooler, or can double as an air cooling unit. The cordless convenience makes this an awesome option for keeping cool on the jobsite or at any outside event. The 18-Volt ONE+ Cooling Cooler is sold as a kit with the P102 battery and P119 charger. Best of all, like every 18-Volt ONE+ blue or green tool, this cooler works with any 18-Volt ONE+ battery.

What we say: 

From Internet life hack to a finished production model, Ryobi’s Cooling Cooler has made it to Home Depot shelves. Using a Ryobi 18V One+ battery, the fan pulls air through ice in the cooler, dropping it down near 50 degrees before sending it back out to cool small spaces. And as long as you’ve got ice in there, you might as well toss in some beverages to make your outdoor adventures more pleasant.

Price: $199

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