2018 Concrete and Masonry Awards

Concrete and masonry products form the literal foundation of nearly every structure. Thanks to silica dust, their reputation of being tough tools is mixed with recent heavier OSHA regulations. While containing dust remains a primary concern, performance always matters. This year’s winners for the PTIA 2018 Concrete and Masonry awards make that clear!

Winner – Core Drills

Hilti DD 30-W Diamond Coring Tool

Hilti DD 30-W diamond coring toolWhat they said: 

The Hilti DD 30-W coring drill provides compact, light handheld coring of heavy-duty anchor and rebar holes in diameters up to 35 mm.

It features fast drilling through rebar thanks to the unique TopSpin technology. A soft-start feature allows for precise hole positioning while impact-free drilling reduces the risk of damage to brittle materials and allows drilling close to edges. The quick-lock keyless chuck system makes changing core bits quicker and easier than ever. Finally, this tool has low SPL output, making it an ideal solution for setting anchors during renovation work in hospitals, commercial and residential buildings.

What we say: 

The Hilti DD 30-W does several things that our Pro team really likes. It starts with the soft start and integrated hose connection. The combination of TopSpin technology and the use of a core bit to quickly work through concrete and rebar really sets it apart. This tool quickly surpasses working with a simple rotary hammer.

Price: $1,999

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Winner – Demo Hammers

Hilti TE 2000-AVR Demolition Hammer

Hilti TE 2000-AVR demolition hammerWhat they said: 

The Hilti TE 2000-AVR Demolition Hammer takes on floor work with exceptionally low weight and low vibration. It features OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliance when used with the TE DRS-B dust removal system and a Hilti vacuum cleaner. The very low weight makes the tool easy to handle and maneuver in medium-duty concrete demolition jobs. The T-handle design provides efficient performance and maximum working comfort for floor demolition jobs while the minimal 4.8 m/s² vibration and easy transportability round out the features.

This tool is perfect for medium-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations or breaking work on concrete or other materials in basements and on patios in residential applications.

What we say: 

Hilti’s TE 2000-AVR is the “Just Right” balance between their powerful but heavy TE 3000 and the smaller, less powerful TE 1000. At just 32 pounds, weigt is manageable weight and the 26 ft-lbs of impact energy allows for quick and easy concrete demo.

Price: $1,899.00 (tool + chisels/cord; $1,999.00 for tool on trollley + chisels/cord)

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Winner – Electric Power Cutter Saws

Skilsaw Medusaw Walk Behind Saw for Concrete, SPT79A-10

SKILSAW SPT79A-10What they said: 

The Medusaw walk behind is equipped with an adjustable arm that extends to the user’s height and folds and locks into place for transporting and storage. A larger handle and two-finger trigger provide greater control when making long cuts. An ambidextrous side assist handle gives added support.

Skilsaw also designed the Medusaw walk behind worm drive saw with an improved pointer for stronger support and a larger wheel for greater visibility. The three-point line of sight allows for accurate cuts, while a large foot and oversized wheels increase the saw’s stability. The guard and foot are made of die-cast aluminum housing with zinc-plated brackets and fasteners to protect against corrosion.

What we say: 

The Skilsaw Medusaw takes all the attachments you normally have to buy separately and puts them onto a dedicated concrete scoring machine. The big deal about that is that, even though it has a very specific use, it reduces costs associated with making the conversion yourself. It also reduces the workload down to a 1-person job. With the Medusaw Walk Behind, you get all the benefits of the original Medusaw with a lot less strain on your back. The whole system folds up nicely and comes with a storage bag to haul it around.

Price: $699

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Winner – Gas Power Cutter Saws

Husqvarna Construction Products K 770 Power Cutter

Husqvarna Construction Products K 770 Power CutterWhat they said: 

The design of the Husqvarna K 770 saw increases the exactness and the force of the cut, while the low weight and the vibration-damped handles ensure comfortable handling during long, productive work shifts. The spring-loaded, semi-automatic SmartTension system ensures that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension for optimal power transmission and maximized belt life.

The newly designed magnesium-cast crankcase has a three-bolt joint to attach the cutting head, enabling higher torsional rigidity than the previous two-bolt solution. This helps maximize longevity and durability in all conditions. The clutch cooling fan lowers the operating temperature inside the belt cover, extending the service life for the transmission components, including the drive belt. Finally, the digital ignition module is updated to provide a powerful spark with optimized timing, enabling an easy start and efficient combustion.

What we say: 

Husqvarna brings some weight reduction without compromising on power with their new K770 power cutter. Just over 22 pounds dry, it sports a 73.5 cm³ engine with 3.7 kW of output power. They keep vibration in check as well, making for a great all-around gas power cutter that won’t have you leaving the job site feeling like you just completed a 10-hour bodybuilding session.

Price: $899

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Winner – Screeds

Milwaukee REDSTICK Concrete Levels

What they said: 

The new REDSTICK Concrete Levels are the most durable and easy-to-read concrete layout solutions for professional tradesmen. Redstick delivers precision accuracy within 0.029 degrees. A magnesium base provides a dedicated concrete working edge, with a rounded edge for forming and smoothing, and a squared edge for screeding & striking. An ergonomic keyhole frame delivers maximum durability and continuous grip across the entire level.

What we say: 

There’s a reason you don’t see masons use their levels for screeding duties. They only work once unless you clean them right away. And even if you do, you still get dried concrete here and there that eventually kills the accuracy of your level. Not to mention they’re not the best tool design for it in the first place. That all changes with Milwaukee’s REDSTICK Concrete Levels. These are specifically designed to effectively screed concrete and clean off completely and easily—even if they sit until the next day. Best of all, Milwaukee’s SharpSite vials make checking for level work simple.

Price: $89.99-$229.00

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Winner – Specialty Concrete Tools

Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management system

Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management systemWhat they said: 

The Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management system supplies cooling water as well as the collection and filtration of wastewater from diamond drilling systems. Since all of the slurry gets collected within the Hilti DD-WMS 100, job sites will stay cleaner. The DD-WMS 100 provides up to one full day of water autonomy for wet diamond coring applications. A single filter bag recycles wastewater up to 7 times—that equates to 100 liters of water!

The DD-WMS 100 is suitable for all wet diamond coring applications and works with all Hilti diamond coring tools. It operates in 3 modes: recycling, vacuum cleaning, and water supply.

What we say: 

Hilti’s DD-WMS 100 Water Management System was what we left World of Concrete 2018 most excited about. It’s all about saving time and effort when you have core drilling to do and there isn’t a convenient water source. By recycling its water reserves as many as 7 times, you can get in a full day’s work without stopping to refill. Combined with Hilti shrouds, water stays contained to a very small space, making cleanup a breeze.

Price: $1,599

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Winner – Trowels & Floats

Tony Tools The Tony model T-3

What they said: 

The Tony’s patented design has 3 distinct features that save finishers time and effort from having to wear-in a float. First, Tony is curved across the width (the X-axis) of the float and is also tapered perpendicular to the X-axis, along the Y-axis-specifically, at the nose and tail areas. These two curvatures intersect along the X- and Y-axes which together create a 3D shape. The result is that the nose and tail sections taper up, off, and away from the concrete surface being finished. This 3D tapered shape makes finishing concrete easier in all directions—left, right, forwards, backward. The result is that the Tony does less digging into the concrete and leaves fewer lines behind.

Second, the Tony has a needle-nose shape which reduces drag when finishing from left to right, thus reducing a user’s fatigue. Finally, the narrow design of the Tony (only 3 inches wide) again gives the user the feel that the float once again is “worn-in on Day-1.”

What we say: 

Perfectly worn-in floats are like your favorite jeans – everything about it just seems to ride easier. Tony Tools gives you that feeling right out of the box with their T-3. They do it by beveling the float out from the center in all directions, giving you a smooth action and lowering the risk of dragging an edge.

Price: $24

Winner – Cordless Rotary Hammers

Hilti TE 6-A22 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

What they said: 

The Hilti TE 6-A22 is a versatile and powerful 22V cordless rotary hammer drill designed for serial anchor hole drilling. The tool features full compatibility with all Hilti 22V Li-ion batteries. It also includes an Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system designed to protect the user from hand-arm vibration. When used with the DRS-6-A dust removal system, you get virtually dustless drilling. Lastly, the exchangeable TE-C click chuck system provides versatility and ease of use.

Applications include drilling and hammer drilling in concrete and masonry as well as occasional drilling in wood and steel. You can even do screwdriving using the special bit holder with a TE-C (SDS Plus) connection end.

What we say: 

The big deal surrounding Hilti’s TE 6-A22 is that they were able to pack identical performance from the TE 6-A36 into it. Putting 36V power into a 22V package is no small feat, especially when you consider the footprint is identical. The only difference you’ll notice is less runtime. The advantage is that you’re on Hilti’s broader 22V platform with a wider range of tools to work with.

Price: $749 (Tool + two 5.2 Ah battery, charger, case)

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Winner – Tuckpointing/Wall-Chasers

Metabo MFE 40 5″ Wall Chaser

What they said: 

The Metabo MFE 40 5″ Wall Chaser is ideal for wiring cables and empty pipes under plaster with cutting depths up to 1-9/16″. The tool uses a strong, constant-speed motor and two-stage high-power drive. It features a robust cast aluminum cover with rubber rollers and a comfortable grip. Channel width and cutting depth can be set, and the tool cuts grooves up to 30 mm width without a center bridge in one work step (with specialized accessories).

The Metabo Marathon motor has patented dust protection for long service life and an electronic soft start with restart protection (won’t start up when plugged in).

What we say: 

Metabo enjoys a fantastic reputation in the grinder sector, making it a natural in tuckpointing and wall chasing as well. Their MFE 40 combines plenty of power in a handheld size to let you cut channels in existing masonry. Excellent build quality is there along with an integrated shroud to keep you in check with OSHA’s updated silica dust regulations.

Price: $729

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Winner – Rotary Hammer Bits

Milwaukee Self-Sharpening Chisels 48-62-6050

Milwaukee Self-Sharpening Chisels

What they said: 

The new Milwaukee Self-Sharpening Chisels feature an optimized tip that provides up to 2X longer life than standard chisels and up to 30% longer life than other self-sharpening chisels on the market. The self-sharpening tip geometry maintains the head shape over the life of the bit, helping them to sharpen evenly and eliminating the downtime associated with re-sharpening. This increased sharpness throughout the life of the chisel breaks up concrete more efficiently for extreme productivity.

What we say: 

If only all our accessories were self-sharpening! The benefit here is pretty obvious. You don’t want to throw away a perfectly good chisel that just needs to be sharpened, but you don’t want to stop and sharpen it, either. Thanks to Milwaukee, you just keep on working and let the chisel take care of itself. This isn’t the only self-sharpening model available, but Milwaukee has engineered it to last up to 30% longer than the other guys.

Price: $14.97

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Winner – Dust Collection Accessories

Milwaukee Tool 48-03-3035 DUST TRAP Drilling Shroud

Milwaukee 48-03-3035What they said: 

As employers continue to equip themselves with the accessories needed to be OSHA compliant, additional solutions are still needed. It can be difficult to quickly and efficiently ensure full compliance amid the high costs of many solutions and the limited availability of cordless options that offer a universal fit. The Milwaukee SDS Plus DUST TRAP Drilling Shroud is the answer to these frustrations. A cost-effective and completely universal accessory, the DUST TRAP offers an efficient and flexible way for users to adjust to the daily demands of the job site while satisfying OSHA regulations.

What we say: 

Not every SDS-Plus rotary hammer has an integrated dust collector, and most of the ones that do exist are pretty pricey. In a simple, but brilliant move, Milwaukee’s Dust Trap is an OSHA-compliant solution to trap concrete dust while your drilling that fits anyone’s SDS-Plus hammer. Plus, it’s less than $20 and replacement shrouds are very inexpensive.

Price: $19.97

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