2018 Corded Power Tools Awards

This year’s corded tool selections are all about increasing your productivity on the job site. We’ve got a legit job site WiFi access point, a massive circular saw, and improvements to make more user-friendly tools. Check out the winners of the PTIA 2018 Corded Tools Awards!

Winner – Networking & Connectivity Products

DeWalt DCT100 Jobsite WiFi Access Point

DeWalt DCT100What they said: 

Extend WiFi access from the trailer to the rest of the job site with the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi Access Point. IP67 rated to protect against dust and water, the Access Point is built tough and able to withstand rugged job sites. The Access Point is simple to set up in the field using the DEWALT WiFi mobile app, without the need for additional IT support. The system also adapts to the changing job site, with the ability to reconfigure automatically as building progresses.

The adaptable mesh network will also repair itself if one unit goes down, to maintain optimal performance. Contractors that installed the WiFi system report increased productivity, collaboration, and efficiency because the field crew can access data, collaborative software, and project management programs in real-time without having to leave the site to find reliable Internet access. The DEWALT Access Point is proudly Made in the USA with global materials.

What we say: 

Staying connected on the job site is absolutely necessary, and large commercial projects have a variety of devices and equipment that need WiFi access. DeWalt takes a big step forward with their IP67-rated WDCT100. Instead of relying on a series of routers and access points designed to be in air-conditioned office spaces, DeWalt gives you a solution that’s designed specifically to thrive in real-world job site environments.

Price: $1,500

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Winner – Heat Guns

Wagner SprayTech FURNO 750

Wagner SprayTech FURNO 750What they said: 

Suitable for frequent use, Wagner’s FURNO 750 redefines the user experience in the heat gun category with better ergonomics, comfort, usability, and safety. It has 117 temperature settings and five fan speeds for exact temperature control between 125°F to 1,300°F. A push-button control allows the user to precisely set the temperature—easily read on the digital LCD display. A memory function saves the last temperature and fan settings, and a cool-down mode safely reduces the temperature and prolongs the ceramic element’s life.

The gun has side supports to prevent the hot nozzle from touching surfaces when set down and includes an integrated stand for safe, upright, hands-free operation. The FURNO 750 includes a curved deflector nozzle, concentrator nozzle, 5-in-1 painter’s tool, and a case.

What we say: 

Heat guns aren’t terribly complicated, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. What our team really likes about Wagner’s Furno 750 is the combination of 117  temperature settings and LCD display. That screen takes the guesswork out of the equation when you need to maintain a specific temperature range to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.

Price: $70

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Winner – Polishers

Metabo PE 15-20 RT Automotive Polisher

Metabo PE 15-20 RTWhat they said: 

This new polisher was developed specifically for the automotive market with a perfectly adapted custom speed range of 300-1,900 rpm. This allows for different polishing steps to have perfect control.

Powered by Metabo’s renown LongLife 13.5-amp motor and a redesigned ergonomic gearbox, the operator has better available controls than ever before. The rubber coated gearbox allows for perfect handling while maintaining control of the tool.

What we say: 

What happens when you take your legendary grinder reputation and task it to developing a polisher specifically for the automotive industry? You get Metabo’s PE 12-20 RT Automotive Polisher. It uses a powerful 13.5-amp motor and lets you dial in speed control between 300 and 1900 RPM. We really like the rat tail design which makes it much easier to use for extended periods of time.

Price: $249

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Winner – Circular Saws

SKILSAW 16-5/16 In. Magnesium Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw

SKILSAW Magnesium Super SawsquatchWhat they said: 

SKILSAW brings its biggest saw yet, the 16-5/16-Inch Magnesium Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw, to life. Featuring the company’s legendary worm drive gearing, 15 Amp Dual-Field motor, and specially engineered 16-5/16-inch 32-tooth SKILSAW blade, the Super Sawsquatch delivers unmatched power and performance thanks to this incomparable engineering trifecta.

With its all-magnesium construction, blade-left visibility, and die-cast magnesium footplate, Super Sawsquatch is more durable, lighter weight, and offers greater accuracy than any beam saw currently on the market.

Featuring a 6-1/4-inch cutting depth, Super Sawsquatch can power through most engineered lumber, 6X, and beams in one pass. An electric brake increases job site productivity, and an auxiliary handle is included for added support. The saw also comes with a stand for portability and storage.

What we say: 

Skilsaw owns the corded worm drive market. We weren’t surprised when they stepped outside the circular saw box. This time they take their Sawsquatch to another level with an even bigger blade: 16-5/16″. Magnesium helps manage the weight, and the saw clips neatly into its carrying case, making transportation a little easier. For those of you cutting timber in the 6x range, the Super Sawsquatch gives you an option to cut it in one pass.

Price: $699

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Winner – Saws-Reciprocating Saws

SKILSAW SPT44-10, 15-Amp Heavy Duty Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Technology

SKILSAW SPT44-10What they said: 

The new Skilsaw 15-amp Heavy Duty Reciprocating Saw delivers rugged, dependable performance unlike any recip saw you’ve used before. Patented Buzzkill Technology stops vibration dead in its tracks. Instead of moving it around and shifting it to the user, as other saws do, the full-frame, linear counterbalance stops vibration at the source. The 15-amp motor powers through the most demanding work, while Constant Response Electronics sense the load and immediately increase the power when you need it. That means comfortable, controlled cuts that don’t wear on you or your tool. The 15-amp Heavy Duty Reciprocating Saw also has an orbital mode switch for faster cutting in wood and a variable speed dial for cutting specialized materials.

What we say: 

Use Skilsaw’s Buzzkill 15-amp model side by side with other 15-amp reciprocating saws, and you’ll immediately feel the tremendous difference in vibration. A full-frame counterbalance produces the magic while still giving you high-end performance. When your demolition calls for a long day of recip saw use, you’ll be thankful to have Buzzkill in your hands.

Price: $179

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