2018 Painting and Tiling Awards

This year’s Pro Tool Innovation Awards saw a lot of entries, but the PTIA 2018 Painting and Tiling Awards all dealt with making life easier for both the Pro and serious DIYer. While there weren’t as many products awarded in this category this year, our three winners are certain to make a difference on your next project.

Winner – Paint Sprayers

Titan ControlMax 1700

What they said: 

The Titan ControlMax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) paint sprayer is easy to use and delivers maximum control when spraying at production speed. When compared to conventional airless sprayers, it has up to 55% less overspray while delivering the same productivity. Less overspray reduces masking and clean-up time, wastes less paint, and increases the number of painting applications that can be completed with a sprayer.

It also has a softer, more forgiving spray pattern and produces a consistent finish from start to finish when spraying unthinned coatings. The sprayer coats efficiently at lower pressure and is built Titan tough with best-in-class durability. It also lasts up to three times longer than comparable airless sprayers in its class, and tips last two times longer than standard high-pressure airless systems. Featuring high impact polymers and thick gauge metal tubing, this sprayer will stand up to the toughest ongoing use and is covered by an unmatched two-year limited warranty.

What we say: 

There’s little doubt a consumer or homeowner will be happy with the performance of the Titan ControlMax 1700 Sprayer. It’s a fine tool for moderate use. It can handle an entire home, but it would really excel at painting a set of doors, spraying wood furniture, or even sealing a fence. I even think a Professional remodeler could be happy with it—at around 300 gallons per year, it might be a good fit.

The fact that it’s not designed for commercial applications is just fine. Titan didn’t build it for that or claim it was anything more than it is. As a prosumer model, this is one of the better sprayers you can get your hands on before jumping up to Pro level prices. Hobbyists and adventurous consumers might very well find the $379 price tag to be a good deal.

Price: $329.99

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Winner – Caulks/Sealants

DAP Dynaflex Ultra Advanced Exterior Sealant

What they said: 

The newest advanced exterior sealant by DAP features innovative Weather Max Technology for best-in-class performance and long-lasting, all-weather protection. Not only does Dynaflex Ultra offer powerful UV protection that resists fading, yellowing, cracking and dirt build up, it’s also rain and paint ready in just one hour and is backed by a lifetime mold, mildew, and algae resistance guarantee. So the sealant stays looking clean and new for years.

In addition, Dynaflex Ultra stays flexible to endure expansion and contraction caused by sun, heat, cold, wind and rain without cracking. It provides strong adhesion to a wide variety of building substrates, including fiber cement, vinyl, aluminum, wood, stucco, brick, masonry and more. The tough, hydrophobic surface also prevents water absorption for an ultra waterproof and weatherproof seal that won’t swell, soften, blister or break down over time.

Once cured, Dynaflex Ultra resists the growth of mold, mildew, and algae for the life of the sealant. This is perfect for areas that don’t get much sunlight or rainy, damp climates.

Offering simple application, it is easy to gun out for less fatigue and tools smoothly for a better finish. It’s also low in odor, VOC compliant and cleans up with water.

What we say: 

When you’re talking about window and door sealants, you want to choose wisely. Picking the wrong product will cost you in the long run. You’ll invariably have to go back and re-seal that door trim, window border, or J-channel seal. DAP runs about $6.28/tube or $75.36/case.

Because it stays permanently flexible, this product makes a lot of sense for filling in gaps up to 3/8″. Some of our Pros wish they had used it on prior projects as it would have saved them some hassle. The price and ease-of-use make it an easy recommendation, and we feel DAP has provided a product that delivers premium performance. For better UV protection and weatherproofing, DAP DynaFlex Ultra delivers.

Price: $6.48

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Winner – Patch & Repair

DAP Platinum Patch Advanced Exterior Filler

What they said: 

DAP Platinum Patch Advanced Exterior Filler provides all-weather protection, unsurpassed performance and superior multi-material adhesion for the most demanding exterior jobs. Formulated with DAP’s proprietary Weather Max Technology, it provides exceptional weatherproof capabilities to prevent discoloration, cracking or crumbling over time. Its tough hydrophobic surface is waterproof. It also offers a lifetime mold, mildew, and algae resistance guarantee providing a repair that won’t swell, soften, blister or break down. This makes it perfect for areas with continuous exposure to the elements. This all-weather protection offers superior performance for years to come.

In addition, Platinum Patch is formulated to deliver professional strength and durability on both traditional and advanced building materials. It provides strong adhesion to both porous and non-porous materials. This helps complete unique jobs such as the installation or finishing of Fiber Cement Siding, PVC Trim Board or Composite Decking. It also adheres to the most common building materials, making it perfect for any exterior repair like dents in metal doors, holes in vinyl siding—even cracks or breaks in concrete, brick, wood trim, and more. It creates a strong, durable bond to the widest variety of substrates and won’t crack or lose adhesion over time.

Platinum Patch is also ready to use, so there’s no mixing involved prior to application. It also sands easily for a smooth finish, providing the ideal surface for painting. The end result is a seamless repair that matches the rest of the substrate. DAP Platinum Patch allows Pros and DIYers to apply, repair, and quickly cross patch items off their to-do list.

What we say: 

Similar to DAP DynaFlex Ultra, DAP Platinum Patch Advanced is an excellent choice for exterior patching applications. That goes double for tough environments. Its value lies in its strength. It gives you the ability to repair holes, dents, and other issues where caulk doesn’t fit the bill. It’s also rain- and paint-ready in 24 hours. Give the weather a quick check, apply it, and come back the next day to sand paint it. Repair complete…Client happy.

Price: $6.98

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