2018 Concrete and Masonry Awards

Where would we be without concrete helping us build on a firm foundation and create strong structures? Our world would look a whole lot different, that’s for sure! Mixing and forming concrete is one thing, but once it’s cured, we have cutting, drilling, fastening, and much more to do. Check out the winners for the PTIA 2019 Concrete and Masonry awards that are sure to make your concrete world easier to work in.

Winner – Concrete Anchors

DeWalt Stick-E Direct Fastening Assemblies

DeWalt Stick-E Direct Fastening AssembliesWhat they said: 

Stick-E assemblies are specially designed components for various fastening attachments into concrete, concrete masonry block, and steel. They are used in conjunction with pins driven by the Cordless Concrete Nailer (CCN) or Trak-It C5 tools for various light-duty applications. Stick-E represents a wide assortment of accessories for making attachments to concrete and block for lathing mesh, rebar cage and a variety of M.E.P. applications such as BX cable and rod hanging. A Winged Nose Piece Interface provides tight fitment to multiple tool platforms including DEWALT Cordless Concrete Nailers DCN890P2, DCN891P2, and Powers Trak-It C5.

What we say: 

DeWalt’s Stick-E assemblies make light-duty concrete hardware installation a breeze thanks to their integration with DeWalt and Powers concrete nailers. From conduit hangars to rod hangars, there’s a wide variety of hardware to choose from.

It gets even better when you pair Stick-E assemblies with The DeWalt 20V Max Concrete Nailer – the DCN891. It’s 1″ capacity gives you plenty of holding power and it’s a great solution for installing drywall track in addition to Stick-E direct fastening assemblies without the need for hoses, gas cartridges, or powder.

Price: Varies

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Winner – Electric Power Cutter Saws

Hilti DCH 300-X Diamond Cutter

Hilti DCH 300-X Wet Dry Electric CutterWhat they said: 

Cut wet or dry out of the box with the DCH 300-X electric diamond cutter and get unmatched productivity and versatility that builds on the performance of Hilti’s diamond cutting portfolio. Whether you’re cutting indoors or outdoors, this tool provides greater dust management and wet/dry cutting solutions for the most demanding jobs. A built-in depth gauge and wheelset, along with unique push style ergonomics, deliver accuracy and control not offered by traditional electric cutters which makes this the perfect addition to a cutting portfolio. The DCH 300-X is backed by Hilti’s 20-2-1 year warranty – 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts, two years no cost repair including wear and tear, and a guaranteed one-day turn-around on repairs.

What we say: 

Indoor concrete and masonry cutting is no place for your gas power cutter. That’s where electric power cutters like Hilti’s DCH 300-X Diamond Cutter steps in. We love the wet/dry cutting capability Hilti builds in. Attach a dust extractor for dry cutting or speed things up by as much as 30% by turning to wet cutting when the environment allows for it. With a depth of cut up to 4-3/4″ and the power to cut through steel pipes and rebar, this is a cutting tool every mason needs in their arsenal.

Price: from $1,248

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Winner – Concrete/Masonry-Specialty

CircSaw Technologies LLC SkatePlate H2O Portable Water Saw System Kit

What they said: 

The SkatePlate H20 Kit was specifically designed to fit the SkatePlate with its patented cap and L-Bracket that secures it to the SkatePlate. Many times at job sites you will see a professional cutting granite or cement and then there is a second person standing next to him holding a garden hose or a water bottle and spraying it onto the point of the cut to cut down on the caustic dust. This new product completely solves that issue by turning a 2-person job into a 1-person job.

The SkatePlate H2O consists of a medium-pressure supply hose with a fan-jet spray tip. The tip has a 0.2 gallon per minute flow rate and a 15-degree fan spray. It is connected to the supply hose by an articulating ball joint spray hose. The water source connects to a common garden hose.

Despite the demand in the market for such a product, no-one has created one of the quality, durability, and portability of the SkatePlate H2O.

What we say: 

Give a Pro a circular saw and you’ll be surprised how many different materials he or she will cut with it. But a standard sidewinder or worm drive doesn’t have all the necessary components to handle all of them even if has enough power. SkatePlate steps in with a hose attachment for the SkatePlate roller guide system. By adding the SkatePlate H2O to the assembly and using an appropriate blade, you can get a straight cut on materials like concrete and granite without worrying about all of that dust entering your lungs. It’s another great addition from the SkatePlate team!

Price: $89.95

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Winner – Concrete/Masonry-Specialty, Cordless

Milwaukee M18 SWITCH TANK 4-Gallon Backpack Concrete Sprayer

What they said: 

Designed to meet the needs of concrete contractors, the 4-Gallon Backpack Concrete Sprayer delivers instant, constant and adjustable pressure up to 120 PSI and a 25 ft spray distance. The 5-mode pressure adjustment knob adjusts the pressure between 20 – 120 PSI with a high flow rate optimized to cover a large surface as quickly as possible. When equipped with an M18 REDLITHIUM XC3.0 battery it provides up to 12 tanks of spraying per charge. The tank is built for compatibility with concrete chemicals and features a dual-diaphragm pump and Viton seals for longer pump life and increased durability. In addition, a wide mouth opening allows for easier pouring and a strainer filters debris from getting into the tank.

What we say: 

The Milwaukee Switch Tank is a backpack spray system that’s super-easy to use. Just pop in any M18 Redlightium battery, adjust the flow rate dial, and spray. Thanks to Viton seals, it’s capable of handling a variety of concrete surface treatments.

When it comes to concrete cutting, unlatch the concrete sprayer tank and swap it for the water supply tank to provide up to 4 gallons of water for wet cutting. It pairs great with Milwaukee’s new M18 Fuel 9″ Cut-Off Saw to make a completely cord-free, gas-free concrete cutting system.

Price: $439

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Winner – Powder-Actuated Tools

DeWalt DFD270SK Fully-Automatic .27 Caliber Powder-Actuated Tool

What they said: 

The DFD270 .27 Caliber Fully-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool is designed for structural use in commercial steel and concrete applications. The nailer drives both 8mm and .300” head fasteners and clips in lengths of 1/2” – 2-7/8”, as well as 1/4” threaded studs. It is powered by a standard .27 caliber (short) safety strip load. A power dial allows for adjustment within .27 caliber load colors. Tool-free disassembly allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The DFD270 tool features automatic piston return and load indexing between fastenings, making it ideal for high-capacity commercial applications. With the addition of the DFD2703 Accessory Magazine, the tool can also fasten collated pins. Kit includes tool, magazine nose piece, single-shot nose piece, cleaning kit, spall guard, and kit box.

What we say: 

There are several reasons we love DeWalt’s latest powder-actuated tool. First, it’s fully automatic, letting you run through your shots without stopping to fiddle with load advancement. It’s going to raise your productivity level on jobs where you have a lot of fastening to accomplish.

Powder-actuated tools get messy and need to be cleaned frequently. DeWalt gives you more time savings with tool-free disassembly. Though it may seem a minor feature compared to the rest, we also like that DeWalt didn’t skimp on their handle ergonomics. Its contoured handle makes the DFD270SK more comfortable to use and that makes a difference on long workdays.

Price: $749

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Winner – Rebar Tying Tool

Makita 18V LXT Lithium‑Ion Brushless Rebar Tying Tool (XRT01)

What they said: 

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool is a cordless tying solution for rebar and steel rod. Tie multiple bars in under one second. It has a tying capacity of up to 5,300 ties of #3 x #3 diameter rebar on a single charge. The tool can also tie up to two #5 diameter bars or four #4 diameter bars.

The 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool features 2 modes of operation, single or continuous, and a BL Brushless Motor that’s engineered to run cooler and more efficiently for a longer life than standard motors. Users can digitally adjust the tying strength to match various tension strength requirements. The XRT01ZK features an easy-load wire reel design with an automatic locking mechanism built into the protective cover. The tool delivers up to 120 ties of #3 x #3 rebar per wire reel for maximum productivity.

What we say: 

The Makita XRT01 isn’t the first cordless rebar tying tool to hit the market, but it is the first from a major power tool manufacturer with a deep line of other products on the same battery platform. The major win here is in productivity. With a tie taking less than 1 second, you’ll move through those ties much faster than you would manually. That can get raise the productivity of your new employees very quickly.

Makita also made some improvements, centering the wire spool to improve the balance and covering the feed gears so they don’t get gunked up on the job site. With up to 5300 ties per charge, you’ll never pick up a set of pliers to tie again!

Price: $2,399

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Winner – Cordless Rotary Hammers

DeWalt FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2-in. Cordless SDS Max Combination Hammer

What they said: 

The DEWALT DCH773Y2 is the industry’s most powerful cordless 2 in. SDS MAX combination rotary hammer. The FLEXVOLT 2 in. Cordless SDS MAX Combination Hammer, with its durable and hard-hitting German engineered mechanism, delivers category-leading 19.4 Joules of impact energy.

This combination hammer features the FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* 12.0 Ah battery pack for cordless freedom. Constant speed electronics allows the tool to maintain speed under load, even in the hardest concrete, while the patented E-CLUTCH system protects the user in bind-up situations by stopping the rotation of the bit in a bind-up situation.

This tool is ideally suited for horizontal and downward drilling for #6 – #14 rebar dowel applications, core drilling up to 6 in. and chipping in any lower wall and floor applications. Active Vibration Control technology also reduces vibration felt by the user for less fatigue and greater productivity. This tool comes Tag Ready, so users and companies can attach the DEWALT Tag and track its location virtually anywhere via the DEWALT Tool Connect app.

What we say: 

The big deal here is simple raw power. No one else is reaching up to the 2″ max range on a cordless rotary hammer or putting out the kind of impact energy we’re seeing from DeWalt. With great power comes great responsibility, however, and DeWalt helps ensure your safety with an electronic clutch, vibration control, and a range of dust collection options to keep OSHA off your back. When it’s time to go big or go home, DeWalt’s DCH773 lets you play in the big leagues without being hampered by a cord.

Price: $1099

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Hilti TE 60-A36 Cordless SDS Max Combihammer

Makita 18V X2 LXT (36V) Brushless Cordless 1‑1/8″ SDS‑Plus AVT Rotary Hammer

Winner – Vacuums Accessories

DeWalt SDS Rotary Hammer Dust Box Evacuator (DWH079D)

What they said: 

Empty onboard dust boxes without a mess. Our Dust Box Evacuator is the world’s first easy solution to safely dispose of concrete dust collected with any of our OSHA Table-1 compliant onboard dust collection systems. Remove the dust box from your tool, slide it onto the Dust Box Evacuator, and turn on the vacuum to clear the dust box in seconds. The Evacuator is AirLock ready, making it an easy attachment to add to any dust extractor fitted with a DEWALT AirLock connector.

What we say: 

Onboard dust extractors are a fantastic way to keep your concrete drilling OSHA-compliant and highly portable… right up until you go to empty it and kick some of that carefully collected silica dust into the air. DeWalt has a fantastically simple solution with the DWH079D SDS Rotary Hammer Dust Box Evacuator. Just slide your collection box on and vacuum the dust away. Since all of that goes to a much larger capacity dust extractor, you have to go through disposal procedures far less often, reducing your risk of exposure.

Price: $49.99

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