2018 Painting and Tiling Awards

Painting and tiling might come later in the building process, but innovation in these areas is key. Recent innovation and technological advancements are yielding some truly impressive tools and accessories. This year’s PTIA 2019 Painting and Tiling Awards highlight products that reduce time on the job and increase work efficiency. While few products appear in this category compared to some of the others, they contribute immensely to the overall innovation in these trades.

Winner – General Adhesives

DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit

What they said: 

With new DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit, hard-to-bond plastic surfaces are no match, offering a fast and flawless repair where other quick-fix adhesives fall short. Ideal for quick fix-ups by professionals and DIYers alike, DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer ensures a strong, clear bond on all plastic surfaces, enabling users to keep their cherished items, instead of tossing out. The two-step kit involves an easy-to-use primer, which is applied to the plastic surfaces first. Once the repair surface is coated with primer, simply wait 1 minute, apply DAP RapidFuse All Purpose Adhesive and press together.

In just 30 seconds, the primer and RapidFuse set to create a bond that’s 40 percent stronger than expanding polyurethane glues and two times more durable than typical super glues. The end result is a strong, water-resistant bond, making it a durable solution for both interior and exterior use.

The DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit contains a 5 mL Primer marker, as well as a 3 g tube of DAP RapidFuse Fast Curing All Purpose Adhesive, which can be used to repair a multitude of surfaces beyond plastic. Ideal for plastic, rubber, metal, glass, wood, tile and more, RapidFuse bonds virtually everything to anything and offers the best end result on home repairs and DIY projects alike.

What we say: 

Plastics make our lives easier but they’re a pain to repair whether it’s around your home or in your shop. DAP has a solution to our frustration with their RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit. It’s a 2-step process that starts with the RapidFuse Primer and moves to RapidFuse adhesive to make the connection. It’s stronger than polyurethane and more durable than super glues. Just in case you’re wondering, you can use it on metal, wood, glass, and other materials, too!

Price: $5.49

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Winner – Caulk/Sealants

DAP Ultra Clear Flexible Sealant

What they said: 

Ultra Clear is a premium, all-purpose, sealant offering superior flexibility that won’t crack and leaves a clearer-than-silicone finish. Permanently flexible, even in cold weather, Ultra Clear provides a 100 percent waterproof and weatherproof seal to keep out water, air, and moisture for years without cracking or breaking down.

Unlike silicone, Ultra Clear applies crystal clear and stays crystal clear with no hazing or yellowing over time. Once cured, it’s also mold and mildew resistant. Ultra Clear is formulated for strong adhesion to a wide variety of building materials such as wood, glass, metal, tile, brick, and stone, without tearing or pulling away – plus, it can even be applied in low temperatures and on wet surfaces to stop leaks instantly and save time.

Ultra Clear is available in a 10.1 fl. oz. cartridge and 5 fl. oz. squeeze tube. The easy-to-use 5.0 fl. oz squeeze tube eliminates the need for a caulk gun and is ideal for smaller jobs, getting into tight spaces or when working on a ladder. Ultra Clear is easy to apply, paintable and water-ready immediately for quicker resistance to water damage and wash-out.

What we say: 

Silicone is great for a flexible fix, but what if you don’t want to deal with finding just the right color? DAP Ultra Clear Flexible Sealant covers you! It’s a super-clear sealant that stays flexible even in cold weather and adheres to most materials, so it’s a great choice for a ton of home repair and maintenance projects. You can even apply it on wet surfaces without waiting for it to dry or trying to accelerate the process. But don’t wait for winter—grab a couple of tubes now and start sealing those moisture and energy leaks right away!

Price: $6.98 – 8.98

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Winner – Paint & Primer

Daich Coatings SpreadRock Patch and Repair Surfacing Material

What they said: 

SpreadRock from Daich Coatings serves as a great “patch and repair” type of product. Ideal for resurfacing interior and exterior concrete, masonry and other surfaces, SpreadRock is a stone coating with exceptional decorative and protective benefits.

The bonding technology and real stone composition ensure solid adhesion, superior flexibility, and dependable durability. SpreadRock withstands rain, snow, ultraviolet light, summer heat, and bitter winter cold conditions. This product resists water, salt, chemicals, impact and abrasion, hot-tire pickup, freeze/thaw conditions along with mold and mildew.

It has been upgraded to make it easier to spread with a trowel on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The enhancement to the product in late 2018 means SpreadRock can cover a wider area and will cover “pitting” in a surface. The SpreadRock actually helps level it off for a uniform finish.

SpreadRock comes in five standard colors: Sante Fe, Brownstone, Flint Grey, Sand, and Plumstone. The product can be used on porches, steps, pool decks, and patios. It can also be easily applied to walkways and entrances, utility floors, basement floors, balconies, foundation walls, and garages.

What we say: 

Sometimes you want to spruce up the look of your home for your own benefit or for sale. Daich Coatings’ SpreadRock is an easy way to add the look of granite to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Just start with Daich Textured Primer, give it 30 minutes and apply your choice of SpreadRock, and wrap it up the following day with a coat of Ultra. It’s easy enough as an intermediate DIY project that yields professional results.

Price: $39

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Winner – Brushes and Accessories

Brenner Technologies EcoRing Brush Cleaning System

Brenner Technologies EcoRing Brush Cleaning SystemWhat they said: 

The EcoRing is a recent innovation in paintbrush cleaning. The patent-pending design allows for the containment of an entire paintbrush and solvent in a closed volume. The internal, integrated locating disk holds the paintbrush to a settable height. The simple yet effective system allows for reduced VOC exposure, reduced solvent use, consistent brush cleaning results, and more. The system can be used for latex and oil-based paints, varnish, shellac, and others.

The EcoRing can be used to keep a brush from drying out for a lunch break or can maintain a brush-in-cleaning for several weeks. The system allows consumers to use their expensive brushes without fear of ruining them from ineffective cleaning, safeguarding their tool investment. The closed concept reduces solvent use drastically by stalling the evaporation of the solvent. Simple and reliable; consumers continue to innovate and come up with different methods for its use. You have hide glue applications, multi-stain applications, multi-day finish applications, and more. Several systems exist on the market, but the EcoRing is the only design which allows for the containment of the solvent within the system and long-term use.

What we say: 

Brush cleaning is the only negative of buying nice paintbrushes, but the EcoRing can make your life (or your apprentice’s) easier. You’ll need two wide-mouth mason jars to get started. The black disk holds your paintbrush at whatever level you want in the cleaning fluid. The outer ring secures the two jars together and closes off the system, reducing the amount of evaporation or simply keeping your brush from drying out. It’s a neat solution to one of the biggest painting pain points.

Price: $11.99 (mason jars not included)

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Winner – Sprayers

Wagner SprayTech Control Pro 130 Power Tank Sprayer

Wagner SprayTech Control Pro 130 Power Tank SprayerWhat they said: 

New in 2019, the Control Pro 130 Power Tank Sprayer features Wagner’s new High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) gun and tip technology, enabling serious DIYers, handymen and property owners to complete interior and exterior paint jobs much faster and more efficiently than using rollers and brushes.

The High Efficiency Airless (HEA) gun and tip technology delivers a softer spray fan pattern, a more consistent finish, and produces up to 55 percent less overspray than conventional airless systems. Minimal overspray means less time and materials are required for taping and masking before spraying, most projects are completed using less paint, and clean-up is easy – simply rinse and flush the system.

Due to the design of the sprayer and the professional-grade gun and tip, the Control Pro 130 Power Tank can spray an eight-foot by 10-foot wall in as little as two minutes. It is a powerful sprayer that makes quick work of painting while delivering a smooth, uniform finish on surfaces like walls, siding, decks, and fences. The tank has a capacity of 1.5 gallons, so users can spray unthinned latex or oil-based paint, primer or stain continuously without stopping. It’s also a gravity-fed tank, so priming and clean-up are quick and easy.

What we say: 

When you’re looking for professional painting results with a sprayer that’s not as intimidating or costly as professional models, consider the Wagner Control Pro 130. Its softer spray pattern helps reduce the amount of overspray and its gravity-fed tank make it easy to use and clean. When you’re done, just rinse and flush the system before you put it away. For well under $250, it’s a fantastic solution for DIYers who want quality results without the hassle.

Price: $229.99

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