Networking and Technology Awards Winners

This year we saw some very amazing advances in both networking and technology. That took the form of NFC (near-field communication) tool tracking to robotic and assistive technologies. Never before has the construction site seemed so poised for a technological revolution. The only questions seem to be—How far will it go? and How quickly will we get there? Regardless of the timeframe, technology continues to shape both the safety and security of the jobsite. It also appears to reach further and further into how efficiently we can accomplish tasks and progress projects to the next phase. Check out our winners for the 2021 Networking and Technology Awards!


DEWALT DCE081 Tool Connect Construction Asset Gateway

What they said:

The Tool Connect Construction Asset Gateway is a Bluetooth reader that reports Tool Connect products to Tool Connect Site Manager over a cellular communication and with GPS location. The Construction Asset Gateway removes the need for a phone for connectivity and is an optimal solution for job boxes, Conex boxes, and vehicles for asset tracking.

What we say:

DeWalt is taking a big step forward in its inventory management game with the DCE081 Tool Connect Construction Asset Gateway. With cellular communication and GPS tracking, it integrates with the Tool Connect Site Manager system to track your Tool Connect enabled tools, run an inventory check, and provide reports. In addition to that, the GPS location also shows you where the job box or vehicle is at any given time.

Price: $399.00

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Bullitt Group Ltd. Cat S62 Pro

What they said:

Cat phones set the industry standard with over a decade of experience in creating rugged devices. The pinnacle of innovation, functional design, and rugged durability, the Cat S62 Pro is the most advanced thermal imaging smartphone available, powered by the highest resolution FLIR Lepton sensor and the new MyFLIR Pro app. The Cat S62 Pro has top-of-the-line rugged features that are synonymous with the Cat phones portfolio. It also boasts a 5.7” FHD+ (18×9) display, 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM memory, a fingerprint sensor, and a large, optimized battery.

Cat phones are also leading the way in device hygiene. The Cat S62 Pro can be easily and repeatedly cleaned without damage. It is fully waterproof and can be submerged and scrubbed with soaps and disinfectants. It is bleach and chemical resistant (sanitizer friendly) and has absolutely no need for a case which often serves as a trap for debris and accumulated germs.

Tested to Cat phones’ demanding, market-leading rugged standards, the Cat S62 Pro surpasses the requirements to achieve Ingress Protection ratings of IP68 and IP69, and US military standard, Mil-Spec 810H. It has undergone rigorous testing including repeated drop tests from 1.8m onto steel, with multiple drops onto every side and corner. It also endures extensive waterproof, dirt, and dustproof testing, as well as temperature extremes to ensure survivability and vibration and tumble tests.

The third generation of the thermal Cat phone, the S62 Pro is highly sensitive to minute temperature differences, offering a 4x increase in the number of thermal pixels over its predecessor and providing unmatched features within the application. For the first time, professionals and consumers can access FLIR Systems VividIR image processing, enhanced MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), and visible-to-thermal alpha blending technologies integrated into their smartphones.

The Cat S62 Pro allows users to vary the intensity of MSX, which overlays visual outline detail from the scene onto the thermal image. In addition, the new alpha blending feature combines thermal detail with the visual image from the Sony dual-pixel camera. Together these upgrades deliver dramatically enhanced image quality, sharper images, and higher thermal resolution to provide greater context and understanding of the image.

The new software enables analytic and reporting features typically found in higher-end, dedicated thermal imaging products. Combined with the smartphone’s connectivity, it can be used to troubleshoot or share images in real-time back to base for instant analysis and advice, saving crucial time on the job.

Isotherm alarming enables users to monitor a custom temperature range anywhere between -4°F to +752°F and add alerts when something falls within a specified range. This is particularly impactful when watching for machinery to reach a specified temperature or even at home to monitor when the grill is up to temperature.

What we say:

The Cat S62 Pro smartphone is an incredibly durable smartphone with its IP68, IP69, Mil-Spec 810H, and 1.8-meter drop test ratings. It’s tougher to kill than Bruce Willis on Christmas Day. This is also the third generation of Cat’s FLIR-enabled thermal smartphone and it gets a major boost from MSC technology that overlays a visual image with the thermal plus four times the thermal pixels. From searching for moisture intrusion to checking equipment temps, the Cat S62 Pro is the best choice for Pros that want to pair a tough phone with pocket-sized thermal imaging.

Price: $649.00

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DEWALT HangerWorks Pro

What they said:

HangerWorks PRO is an AutoDesk Revit plug-in software Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing contractors use to automate the placement of MEP Hangers and Seismic bracing.

Users can toggle which materials are being used as HangerWorks PRO encompasses many different manufacturers providing options for users: pipe, duct, conduit, and cable trays.

BIM workflow efficiencies, cost savings, and safer buildings. Upgrades include speed enhancements, customizable designs, engineering stamping, clash detection, automated point load, and seismic bracing, BOM outputs, and linkage of field layout points.

Hanger assemblies based on weights of the MEP system including contents (water, wire, air)
Hanger locations based on building code requirements and user-defined project standards

What we say:

Time is what’s at stake and DeWalt’s HangerWorks Pro promises to save up to 70% of yours when it comes to initial hanger placement compared to Hanger Works 2.0. As an add-on to AutoDesk’s Revit software, it helps automate hanger placement for MEP systems with a robust set of upgrades. Some of the highlights include clash detection, an advanced heat map, and Quick-Stamp. Be sure to check out this site for a more detailed comparison.

Price: $1,000

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What they said:

LENOX 360 is a digital product that connects to any model band saw. It collects the data from all connected saws within a facility or facilities and shows the data in a real-time format on dashboards that can be seen on many different devices. LENOX 360 will revolutionize the industry by allowing users to better understand their utilization and productivity.

What we say:

Efficiency is key to maximizing your productivity and profits. Lenox 360 is all about collecting the data you need about your production band saw operations, so you have the information you need to reach that maximum efficiency. A sensor captures the data while a machine tower sends it into a cloud you can access from anywhere in the world. Since it’s cloud-based, multiple team members have access to the information displayed on a customizable dashboard for reporting.

Price: About $8,000 initially and $300 per month for service

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Hilti ON!Track 3.0

What they said:

ON!Track Generation 3.0 is a software solution that provides instant clarity and efficiency to the business while helping reduce operational and overhead costs. Users will experience an integrated cloud-based solution that provides a new level of control and access to information, which puts more data-driven insights in their hands so they can make better, safer decisions.

With “smart” sensor tags and proactive tracking gateways, construction professionals have access to continuous and reliable tracking of all tagged assets in warehouses and containers. The enhanced sensor tags will deliver transparency on how, when, and, where assets are used, while the new proactive tracking gateways enable remote inventory checks and automated reporting. The system was also improved to better track and manage tool accessories, which considerably simplifies the management of stocks and supplies.

Hilti has also upgraded ON!Track 3.0 to help strengthen the control of costs and expenses. Customers can manage jobsite asset costs with cost reporting they customize by a specific asset, job, and time. By setting up a daily cost per asset, construction companies can run a costing report for any date range and find out what the cost of their assets is at any location. Additionally, the connected system was advanced to support one of the most critical functions of construction businesses. Workers can easily access service, maintenance, and certification records and set alerts on their mobile devices to help them stay compliant.

What we say:

It’s hard to believe Hilti has already progressed to the third generation of On!Track, but here it is and it’s better than ever! One of the more impressive pieces of the system is the combination of sensor tags and larger tracking gateways to keep track of them. Keeping track of inventory on-demand or on a schedule is now easier. Add in cost reporting based on the tool, job, or time and the ability to crew members to access service, maintenance, and certification records easily and On!Track is on track to remain the most robust inventory management system available.

Price: Contact Hilti for more information.

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