2018 Test and Measurement Awards

When we get to the test and measurement category, we’re talking about the tools that cross many trades. We continue to see new innovations in the form of connectivity, multiple functions, and increased capabilities. Whether used for diagnostics, troubleshooting, or layout, these tools help Pros get the job done. Following are the PTIA 2021 Test and Measurement Awards.


ANSED Hi-red Digital Video Scope Kit w/ 4.5mm Dual Camera Probe

What they said:

One of the most practical applications for flexible video scopes is to monitor, capture and inspect hard-to-reach spaces and cavities. The proper video scope will assist in effectively inspecting and recording visual remote inspection of parts that are typically difficult to reach.

The DVSK-45DC is the most versatile small diameter high-definition digital video scope kit. Comes with the 4.5mm diameter Dual Camera imaging probe, allowing the user to view forward and side views with just a flick of a button, without the need for a mirror or multiple probes to do the same job.

It is the world’s first and smallest model of a Digital Video Scope with full high-definition resolution.

Comes with an 8G SD mini card that will record photos and videos.

What we say:

When you’re choosing an inspection camera, you often have to make a decision between compact size and higher resolution. Ansed’s DVSK combines the best of both worlds in their DVSK-45DC with a unit that fits easily in your hand and offers high-definition resolution on its screen. No matter what position you have to attack your access from, Ansed has the size to get you there with the resolution to see what you need to make the proper diagnosis.

Price: $499

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Fieldpiece Instruments Inc. Refrigerant Leak Detector DR82

What they said:

For a decade, our refrigerant leak detectors have set the industry standard for durability, sensitivity, and reliability. Now, one of our newest leak detectors is raising the bar. The DR82 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector brings a higher level of performance and offers new, bright blue backlit LCD screens that are easy to read and understand more details about the leak with the numerical leak size indicator, bar graph and features a lighted tip, so you can see the location of the leak.

Portable and powerful-the new design, is more compact, small enough to fit in a back pocket. The Fieldpiece DR82 infrared leak detector is built to work all day and all night with a USB rechargeable battery that can get 10 hours of use per charge. If needed, use them while charging. They’re designed for the field with rugged, impact- and water-resistant, IP54-certified overmolded bodies. The DR82 Refrigerant Leak Detector uses an infrared sensor that lasts 10 years and is packaged in a blow-molded carrying case with 5 all-in-one replacement filter tips.

What we say:

Detecting refrigeration leaks comes with different challenges than water and moisture leaks. A couple of things really stood out to our voters on the Fieldpiece DR82 to help deal with those challenges. First, it doesn’t trigger a false positive thanks to soap or oil. Plus, it’s more than 20 times more sensitive than soap bubbles with a sensitivity level of <0.03 oz/yr. Wrap it all up in a compact handheld unit with an easy-to-read screen and your refrigerant leak detection is faster and easier than ever before.

Price: $424.15

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DEWALT DEWALT 12/20V Max 3×360 Laser DCLE34030G

What they said:

DEWALT 12/20V Max 3×360 green line laser is the first construction laser designed to function with multiple voltage batteries supporting customers utilizing either DEWALT 12V Max or the DEWALT 20V Max battery platforms.

Also bringing a full span fine adjustment enables users to be more effective in their daily use of a construction laser. Kits include ceiling bracket, and laser target, and two options available with or without battery/charger. Bringing 1/8″ at 30′ precision, this tool is an essential component for drywallers, framers, and more.

What we say:

DeWalt’s DCLE34030G does something none of the other big names do—it can use either 12V Max or 20V Max batteries for power. No matter which of those DeWalt battery platforms is your primary, you can use the batteries you have instead of shifting to yet another battery/charger group to manage or going through mountains of AA batteries. This laser also has hi-visibility green beams and a fine adjustment that makes the setup much quicker.

Price: $549 / $599

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Fluke Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Test Adapter FEV100

What they said:

The Fluke FEV100 Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Test Adapter is Fluke’s first tool designed specifically for the eMobility industry. Test the safety and performance of a type 1, level 1 or level 2 electric vehicle AC charging station (EVSE) with the Fluke FEV100. This test adapter simulates the presence of an electrical vehicle, allowing the user to conduct tests in combination with appropriate test instruments such as a digital multimeter or oscilloscope. Use the FEV100 to verify an EVSE is working properly after install and during periodic maintenance or troubleshoot an EVSE if it is not delivering the appropriate charge.

Safety: EVSE charging cables may become damaged over the course of use, increasing electric shock risks to users. Stay protected from and check the risk of electric shock with the GFCI trip test. This function verifies the breaker of the EVSE is connected by detecting ground faults. The FEV100 is the only EVSE tester with a GFCI trip test built-in. Additionally, the PE grounding protection pre-test verifies that there is no presence of dangerous voltage at the ground terminal.

Simplicity & Convenience: Perform a variety of tests including ground fault checks, insulation of wires, measuring voltage and duty cycle to see max current available for charging all in one adapter. The adapter safely integrates with the Fluke portfolio of test and measurement tools. No need to bring an electric vehicle onsite for EVSE testing: the adapter acts as an electric vehicle when connected to an EVSE for easy performance and maintenance testing.

What we say:

While electric vehicles may still feel like a new and novel concept, they’ve been around for years now and the charging stations that refuel them need regular checkups and maintenance. The FEV100 is Fluke’s first Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Test Adapter specifically designed to test Type 1, Level 1, and Level 2 EV charging stations. In addition to its own battery of tests, it works by simulating the presence of an electric vehicle using the station so you can use other instruments to run tests that the FEV100 doesn’t already have onboard. Now you don’t have to show up in an EV just to check that the station is functioning properly.

Price: $1,199.99

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Fluke Irradiance Meter IRR1-SOL

What they said:

The IRR1-SOL Irradiance Meter is the first tool launched by Fluke specifically for the solar industry. It was designed from the ground up to simplify the installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of photovoltaic arrays, measuring irradiance, temperature, inclination and direction of the solar array in a single handheld tool.

With a rugged, compact design, a protective carrying case, and an easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD screen to read measurements in direct sunlight, the IRR1-SOL can go where you go. The simple user interface, instantaneous solar irradiation measurements, and built-in temperature sensor make it easy to meet the IEC 62446-1 requirements for testing, documenting, and maintaining photovoltaic systems. Additionally, the integrated compass and inclination sensor allows you to quickly measure and document roof and site orientation, pitch, and panel tilt while surveying, installing, or adjusting an installation.

What we say:

With solar becoming more widespread through regulation and popularity, crews on large solar farms and contractors installing smaller systems need a reliable solution to survey, install, and maintain solar panel systems. Fluke enters the space with their FLK-IRR1-SOL Solar Irradiance Meter. It handles four critical measurements: solar irradiation (watts per square meter), temperature (via direct measurement or probe), cardinal direction, and inclination. Fluke ensured that you can read the LCD screen in direct sunlight and it comes from a trusted name in test and measurement.

Price: $349.99

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General Tools & Instruments Hawkeye Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer NCIT100

What they said:

The Hawkeye Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is designed for quick and concise body temperature measurements. Unlike other infrared thermometers, this unit is intended for non-contact measurement of human body temperature.

That makes it ideal for mass temperature screening and monitoring without contact or fear of contamination for workplaces, public events, and social gatherings. The thermometer has a large, easy-to-read color-changing LCD screen display with a Fahrenheit or Celsius readout.

What we say:

We live in a Covid world and among the many consequences of it, we have thermometers for checking equipment and thermometers for checking crewmember body temperatures. For the latter, check out General Tools’ Hawkeye Non-Contact IR Thermometer. Priced a little over $25, it’s a non-contact way to quickly check body temps in Fahrenheit or Celsius with an easy-to-read LCD screen. While daily temperature checks may be our reality, General Tools makes it easier to deal with.

Price: $25.88

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Innova Electronics Corp. Multi-Purpose Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 3360

What they said:

Detecting invisible problems can be a bear. Whether you’re working on an HVAC, plumbing, or automotive project, the new 3360 Multi-Purpose Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera uses thermal sensors to target and record temperatures. Turn thermal images into a photo that can be stored and viewed later. Download images to a computer to edit, share or print for a second opinion or customer file. Scan complete components for instant diagnostic insights to see the full extent of a problem to save on labor time and reduce unnecessary disassembly.

Homebuilding and repair applications include:

  • HVAC: measure system lines and condensers to confirm temperature uniformity or blockages
  • Electronics: check wiring and fuses for shorts or overloaded circuits
  • Plumbing: find clogs, leaks, or blockages

Its thermal images are also ideal to pinpoint missing insulation and bad seals around doors and windows. Automotive applications include checking the radiator and hoses for hot and cold spots to identify potential blockages or failed components, inspecting brake calipers for sticking, and measuring HVAC lines and condensers to confirm temperature uniformity or restrictions.

The Innova 3360 features a 2” color screen, IP54 rating for additional protection from dust and oil, and a measuring range of -4F-1112F. Included color palettes: Hot Iron, White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow. Removable batteries make it easy to hot-swap on the job to minimize downtime or need to charge. This complements the electrical tester line from Innova, a leading manufacturer of tools and solutions including patented digital multimeters and onboard diagnostic scanners to simplify automotive and home repairs.

What we say:

If you’re not using Infrared technology to help you find and diagnose issues that have thermal indicators, price is quickly being eliminated as an excuse. Innova’s 3360 IR Thermal Imaging Camera puts the power of infrared in your hands with a pistol grip design and a 2” color screen that’s capable of capturing photos for reference and reports later. The best part is that it’s just $399.99.

Price: $399.99

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