2022 mechanical electrical plumbing awards

The 2022 Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Awards revealed a myriad of new innovative products this year. From smaller hand tools to specialized and high-priced trade-focused tools, the MEP category has a lot to celebrate. We saw new and innovative hand tools, advanced cordless solutions, and even cross-category solutions that can appeal to nearly every tradesman.

The 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Awards really highlighted the kind of award-winning innovation we like to see in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades. If you can’t find something on this list that saves you time or money, you may want to look through it again!

WINNER – Accessories

Milwaukee Tool 1/2″-1” IPS-P Press Jaw Kit for M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool 49-16-2496

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to advance the standard in productivity with the addition of the 1″ IPS-P Press Jaw for the M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool. Optimized for gas and water installations, the new jaw optimizes the M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool for the residential and light commercial installer.
When paired with the M12 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool, the 1” IPS-P Press Jaw provides the industry’s smallest 1” carbon steel press solution, giving contractors unrivaled access in tight spaces. The jaw is compatible with all industry-leading manufacturers’ carbon steel fitting systems including Viega MegaPress, Apollo PowerPress, Mueller Streamline STL, and NIBCO BenchPress.

What we say:

In designing the 1-inch IPS-P Press Jaw, Milwaukee turned the M12 Force Logic press tool into the smallest 1-inch carbon steel press available. Smaller is almost always better and that’s the case here, offering a tool that fits better into the tight spaces you often have to work in during installs.

Price: $649.99

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WINNER – Cordless Augers

Milwaukee Tool M18 Drum Machine for 3/8″-1/2″ Cable 2817A-21

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to expand their sewer and drain maintenance solutions with the introduction of the M18 Drum Machine for 3/8”-½” Cables. With the ability to tackle tough clogs such as grease, scale, and buildup, the drum machine allows drain cleaning professionals to clear drains confidently with instant setup, all-day run-time, and easier transportation.
Providing more power than corded machines for maximum performance under load, the M18 Drum Machine delivers up to 40% more torque at max capacity in 1-½”-4” drain lines and can clear up to 100’ with 3/8” cable and up to 75’ with ½” cable. The drum machine can clear clogs in sinks, bathtubs, and floor drains, completing a full day of work on a single battery charge*. With cordless convenience, users have the ability to power their machine anywhere without the hassles and trip hazards of extension cords. The user-driven, lightweight design features an enclosed drum that provides protection against the mess during transportation on and off the job and an inner drum helps to prevent cable bind-ups.

The Inner Core Drum Cables are made of industrial steel springs, and the solid polymer inner core delivers the best mix of strength and flexibility. The M18 Drum Machine is compatible with Milwaukee’s CABLE DRIVE Assembly. Available as an add-on accessory, this attachment allows users to automatically feed and retract the cable up to 20-feet per minute.

What we say:

Milwaukee continues to bracket the needs of plumbers by having the right tool for the job. Dialed in for 1 1/2 to 4-inch lines, the M18 Drum Machine offers more power than corded units in the same size class. The good news is that it doesn’t come at the cost of poor runtime. In fact, a 4.0Ah battery is enough to get through a full day’s work in many cases. On top of that, Milwaukee made designed this model to be easy to transport, operate cleaner, and it’s compatible with Milwaukee’s CableDrive system if you’d like to add it.

Price: $249.99

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WINNER – Hand Cable Cutter

Greenlee Ratchet Cutters 45208G

What they said:

Greenlee Ratchet Cable and ACSR Cutters are a high-performance line of cutters that provide up to a 35 percent reduction in peak energy when cutting copper in comparison to a manual cutter. The line includes five cutters – three cable cutters and two ACSR cutters – and comes in both open jaw and flip-top designs ideal for confined work areas. Together the ratchet cutters provide a complete solution for cutting copper up to 600 MCM, aluminum up to 750 MCM and ACSR up to 336 MCM.

The ratchet cutters are designed with performance in mind, giving maximum leverage with minimum effort. Eliminating strokes per cut lets users work faster while putting less strain on the body.

The precision ratcheting mechanism holds cable tight to allow for rapid advance cuts; material-specific blade design gives clean cuts and robust durability; and the two-step ratchet mechanism enables fewer strokes per cut. Elongated handles give better leverage and a quick release lever allows mid-cut release.

What we say:

When you have to manually cut cable, nothing beats a quality ratcheting cutter like the ones Greenlee has on their resume`. Greenlee’s ratcheting action helps reduce the overall amount of force your hand has to deliver to make progress. At the same time, the two-stage design makes more progress with each stroke, reducing the total number you have to make before successfully completing the cut. Faster and with less fatigue, your hands will thank you for getting hold of Greenlee ratcheting cutters.

Price: $360

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WINNER – Cable Puller

Greenlee Pull Assist GPA

What they said:

The Greenlee Pull Assist is an industry-first puller accessory that increases the ease of completing pulls and helps by giving trade professionals the option to make their pulls hands-free and consistent.

Pulling is one of the most dangerous parts of cable installation and traditionally, a labor-intensive, time-consuming job that puts extensive strain on the body. The Pull Assist lets users stand farther back, keeping them out of the danger zone. Its hands-free pulling also minimizes strain and fatigue on the body so users can feel better and get more done.

Use the Pull Assist’s built-in pendant to maintain total control and feather the rope by fine-tuning the tailing force in real time. The Pull Assist provides up to 85 pounds of tailing force and enables users to set up in challenging locations while still standing 6 feet away from the capstan. It is quick and easy to install on Greenlee’s compatible cable pullers and only takes seconds to load the rope once installed. The Pull Assist is compatible with all types of pulling rope up to 1-inch in diameter and designed not to cause damage to the rope during the pull.

The Pull Assist is compatible with Greenlee’s G6 Turbo 6,000 lb. cable puller, G10 Tugger 10,000 lb. cable puller, and Ultra Tugger 10,000 lb. cable puller.

What we say:

Greenlee’s Pull Assist is an add-on to their pullers that makes the job of pulling more convenient than ever. Installing to the rear of the puller, it creates a hands-free system that your crewmember operates by wired remote control. Since the operator can step away, they’re out of the way of moving parts and not having to force themselves into awkward or dangerous positions in tighter spots. Installation is easy and it takes a load off of your operator.

Price: $3,062

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WINNER – Powered Conduit Bender

Greenlee Mobile Bending Table 881MBTS

What they said:

The Greenlee Mobile Bending Table for 881 Series Hydraulic Benders is a new product that brings secure and easy-to-transport conduit bending capabilities to jobsites by combining the latest in anti-theft protection with enhanced mobility, easy set-up and quick teardown.

Electricians are constantly trying to do work more efficiently. Anytime time can be shaved off a job, it’s a win – and this product delivers that with easier set-up and portability. At the same time, protecting equipment from theft is an issue for a lot of tradespeople and this Mobile Bending Table helps professionals safeguard their investments and increase productivity. The features built into this new cart allow users to not only bend anywhere while staying secure, but to also do so in a more ergonomic way so there is less strain on the body and projects can be completed in less time.

The Mobile Bending Table is designed to fit through standard 32-inch-wide doors and includes anti-theft locking features to protect shoes and accessories. For secure transportation, raised fork pockets provide better balance and dedicated strapping points make it easy to secure in a trailer. Built-in holders for the pendant and cotter pins provide convenient storage, while all accessories are stored in ergonomic lifting positions, reducing strain by up to 30 percent compared to an existing cart, based on Greenlee internal testing. A hands-free media stand gives easier access to tablets, notebooks and more. It is also compatible with all 881 Series Hydraulic Benders, making it ideal for those needing a cart upgrade.

Video – Greenlee 881 Mobile Bending Table Anti-Theft Demo – https://youtu.be/yBSniEIfL_Y

What we say:

Greenlee’s 881 Mobile Bending Table helps protect expensive bending equipment and accessories through a series of intelligent changes. Working around the table, three padlocks are all you need to keep those pricey shoes and accessories from offering easy access to thieves. Of course, it’s also intentionally designed so that the workflow doesn’t send you through the wringer when you’re trying to get the work done as efficiently as possible.

Price: $5253

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WINNER – Conduit Benders

Milwaukee Tool 1″ EMT Aluminum Conduit Bender 48-22-4072

What they said:

Our 1″ Aluminum Conduit Bender features high contrast markings for the best visibility allowing you to easily and accurately make bends. A reinforced hook and pedal and lightweight aluminum shoe provide you with added durability while a secure double bolted handle won’t loosen after repeated use. The conduit pipe bender shoe features the most bending references as well as a wear-resistant reference chart for easier use. Offset multipliers are featured on the shoe while 30°, 45°, and 60° center of saddle bend notches and a back of 90° bend indicator allow you to easily and accurately bend conduit.

What we say:

If you’ve ever seen the results of an electrical installation by a Pro who takes a lot of pride in his or her work, it can be as beautiful as any piece of art hanging in a museum. Creating a precise series of conduit bends takes both talent and a quality tool. Milwaukee’s Aluminum Conduit Benders help on the quality side by reinforcing their hook and pedal while double-bolting the handle to ensure it doesn’t loosen up on you. You’ll go to the job knowing that the tool is ready every time.

Price: $94.99

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WINNER – Drain Snakes

RotoPlumber Cleaning Kit Attachment RP100

What they said:

RotoPlumber is the fastest and easiest way to clear clogged drains, by using the rotary action of your drill to grab and remove the clog instantly. RotoPlumber is ideal for removing hair clogs in sinks, showers, and tubs. Unlike single-use disposable plastic drain sticks, RotoPlumber is reusable and easy to clean, and at 4 feet in length, it’s over 2X longer to reach deep clogs. The barb-free design is also easier to feed and remove from the drain. The 1/4-inch hex shank steel shaft works with any drill.

What we say:

Why call a plumber when a $10 drill accessory can get you out of a pickle? RotoPlumber’s genius is that it connects to your drill and uses the chuck’s spinning action to clear lighter clogs up to 4 feet down your drain. It’s simple, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Price: $9.99

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WINNER – Cordless Drain Snakes

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Drain Snake w/CABLE DRIVE Kit 2772-21XC

What they said:

Our M18 FUEL Drain Snake with CABLE DRIVE Locking Feed System represents the next level in performance for handheld machines and is the first to bring brushless motor technology to the drain cleaning industry. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor provides more clearing power than corded competitors for tough jobs through 3-inch drain lines. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum performance under load and improves control throughout the entire process. The REDLITHIUM battery pack powers through multiple jobs on a single charge, delivering cordless mobility, safety, and power supply to the drain cleaning industry.

MILWAUKEE CABLE DRIVE Locking Feed System maintains the selected feed speed, and its twist-lock design auto-adjusts to all compatible cable sizes, giving you the best cable grip when feeding and working the clog. Our drain snake is the professional solution for unclogging sinks, bathtubs, showers, and more. M18 FUEL Drain Snake has a fully enclosed drum to ensure you get the best protection and mess containment. This kit includes a 5 Piece Small Cable Head Attachment Kit with RUST GUARD Plating, a ¼” X 35’ Inner Core Bulb Head Cable with RUST GUARD Plating, a ⅜” X 35’ Inner Core Coupling Cable with RUST GUARD Plating, an M18 REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 Battery Pack, an M18 & M12 Multi-Voltage Charger, and a storage bucket.

What we say:

Moving from the M12 to the M18 platform on Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Drain Snake means there’s more power available—enough to clear 50 feet down the line. Additionally, the Cable Drive Locking Feed System helps by maintaining the feed speed, and the twist-lock automatically adjusts to 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ cables. On the safety side of things, the drum is fully enclosed which also helps contain the mess. When you go with the 2772-21XC kit, you get the M18 Fuel Drain Snake, 5-piece small cable head attachment kit w/Rust Guard plating, 1/4″ x 35′ inner core bulb head cable w/Rust Guard plating, 3/8″ x 35′ inner core coupling cable w/Rust Guard plating, 5.0Ah battery, M18 and M12 charger, and a storage bucket.

Price: $399.00

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WINNER – Fish Rods/Tape

Greenlee REEL-X Steel Fish Tape FTXS-240

What they said:

Greenlee’s REEL-X Steel Fish Tape is an industry-first and the latest addition to their REEL-X line of fish tapes that now includes fiberglass and steel options. This innovative line of fish tapes makes fishing two times faster compared to a traditional fish tape and comes with an anti-bind case that is also designed to reduce friction for faster fishing.

Adding steel fish tapes to the REEL-X line gives professionals the option to use a REEL-X for any job since steel is the most widely used fish tape material. This addition rounds out the REEL-X offering and ensures customers can experience the fastest fish tape in the industry, no matter the job. The advanced features of the REEL-X case design not only increase speed, but also help reduce user strain for an overall enhanced experience.

The steel fish tapes include laser-etched measurement markings every foot, allowing the operator to measure and fish in one step. Available in 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch sizes, REEL-X steel fish tapes come in various lengths from 65 to 240 feet and are suitable for general fishing or when measurement is required during the installation process. The expanded steel offering also includes stainless steel fish tapes, which are corrosion-resistant and perfect for fishing in wet environments. The addition of steel creates a well-rounded offering to give professionals the maximum flexibility to choose the material best suited to the project.

The patent-pending design features a free-spinning interior reel that helps eliminate binding, requiring less physical force to feed and pull the tape, reducing fatigue. The case is designed to be held close to the body, which helps minimize discomfort and decreases physical strain commonly associated with fishing. In addition to reducing fatigue, the case can be set on the ground or held between the legs to free up both hands for pulling or feeding the tape, making fishing even faster. The case also opens easily to remove dirt and quickly swap out reel cartridges.

What we say:

Greenlee made some interesting changes to the traditional fish tape and created a faster system. A free-spinning interior reel takes less effort to pull and helps get rid of binding and kinking. That interior reel is swappable, too. The outer case of a Greenlee Reel-X fish tape has two feed points. One on the outside edge promotes traditional feeding from your arm. The other makes it easier to feed with the reel on the ground, freeing up both hands for the job at hand. At the end of the day, you have a fish tape that’s easier and less fatiguing to use. And now, you can get it in either steel (including stainless steel) or fiberglass. Plus, the steel tapes feature measurement markers to help you determine length while you fish.

Price: $140

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WINNER – Powered Fish Rods/Tape

Milwaukee Tool M18 Fuel Angler Pulling Fish Tape 2873-20

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool is proud to unveil the world’s first battery-powered fish tape – the M18 FUEL ANGLER Pulling Fish Tape. Through the AUTO-RUN Powered Feed and Retract, this groundbreaking new solution eliminates the need for manual pulling tools, allowing users to easily feed the tape with less fatigue, and automatically reels in the tape.“

When it comes to pulling new wire through walls and electrical conduit, electricians have long depended upon hand tool fish tapes as the first step in the installation process. Unfortunately, the longer the run the more difficult it is to maneuver current hand tool fish tapes due to inefficient binding and feeding,” said Troy Marks, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “By harnessing the cordless technology behind our M18 FUEL System we’re now able to deliver the world’s first battery-powered fish tape – providing physical relief, less mess, and more productivity to electricians everywhere.”

Powered by a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, the M18 FUEL ANGLER Pulling Fish Tape blends the use of a hand tool with that of a puller to pull wire through a 200 ft run with 360° of bends – a first for the industry. The AUTO-RUN Powered Feed and Retract, with variable speed trigger, gives users the control to push wire through difficult runs without the repetitive reeling out motion of hand tool fish tapes. Milwaukee’s REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum performance and protection from overload.
To ensure users are prepared for all situations – no matter length or material – the tool features a Powered Base that is powered by the M18 REDLITHIUM Battery Pack and is compatible with 3 less-binding steel and non-conductive replacement cartridges that are easily interchangeable.

What we say:

Let’s go fishing! Milwaukee takes the hard work out of pulls by letting their M18 battery system provide the muscle with the M18 Fuel Angler. It’s capable of both feeding and retracting steel and non-conductive tapes. The drums can also be swapped out to match different conditions or preferences. In the event that your line gets tangled, just flip the latches on the drum to access it and get your line back in the water, er, conduit.

Price: $369.99

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WINNER – Cordless Hydraulic Pumps

Milwaukee Tool M18 FORCE LOGIC 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pump 2774-21HD

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to bring productivity to new heights in the utility industry with the introduction of the M18 FORCE LOGIC 10,000 psi Hydraulic Pump – the easiest way to power hydraulics. Designed to be fully compatible with all existing 10,000 psi-rated hydraulic hoses and single-acting heads, this hydraulic pump is up to 80% smaller and 75 lbs lighter than gas units for one-person carry and the easiest setup. A high-pressure flow rate that’s 3X faster than other cordless pumps delivers gas-like performance including 24-second cycle times and up to 60 presses on a single battery on 1590 ACSR connectors. The M18 FORCE LOGIC 10,000 psi Hydraulic Pump fundamentally changes the way transmission lines get installed.

The pump is designed with three modes of operation to give users the flexibility to modify the tool’s operation to their specific needs: Auto-Dump, Hold-Pressure, and a Wireless Mode which creates a physical air gap between an operator and a potentially live electrical line when performing a remote cut.
Featuring Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM), an adaptive pressure control system, the tool constantly measures force output delivering consistent speed that won’t bog down on tougher applications. A green LED indicator light provides users instant pressure verification to ensure they’ve achieved accurate pressure every time – a new-to-industry benefit delivering unequaled accuracy and reliability.

The tool also includes ONE-KEY compatibility, enabling users to store cycle data in real-time, generate reports, view historical tool performance data, and sync all information wirelessly to the cloud.
For added benefit, a bucket hanger attachment is available to create a stable, level operating position to maximize the available space in buckets and baskets.

What we say:

Milwaukee designed their M18 Force Logic Hydraulic Pump to be a full replacement for the 10,000 PSI gas pumps utility crews currently use with an 80% smaller footprint and 75-pound lighter weight. You can look forward to 24-second cycle times and pressing up to sixty 1590 ACSR connections on a single battery pack.

There’s a long list of features highlighted by wireless controls, auto-dump mode, hold-pressure mode, and adaptive pressure control that won’t bog down on tougher applications. Plus, a green LED light lets you know you hit the proper pressure every time and Milwaukee ONE-KEY gives you access to historical data and reports, making it easier to ensure the job was done right the first time. It’s a game-changing product for the men and women who work tirelessly to keep our electricity running smoothly.

Price: $4,999.00

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WINNER – Inspection

Milwaukee Tool M18 Pipeline Inspection System

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool is proud to introduce the industry’s clearest image and easiest inspections with the new Modular Pipeline Inspection System. This pipeline inspection system features 1080p HD, self-leveling camera heads so service technicians can zoom up to 4X and pan, making it possible to see more in drain lines than ever before. The Modular Pipeline Inspection System is built around the M18 500GB Control Hub, compatible with either the 120’ or 200’ Pipeline Inspection Reels:

M18 500GB Control Hub

Powered by an M18 REDLITHIUM battery, the M18 500GB Control Hub powers the reels, stores recordings, and easily swaps between reel sizes. With up to 200’ of wireless connectivity to the M18 Wireless Monitor or a mobile device, technicians have the freedom to take the results right to their customers and coworkers.
For improved sewer line and camera head locating, the M18 500GB Control Hub is equipped with a built-in transmitter that energizes the entire length of the push cable.
Integrated ONE-KEY technology provides the ability to track the tool’s location, manage it in inventory, and lock out the tool if lost or stolen.

120’ Pipeline Inspection Reel

The 120’ Pipeline Inspection Reel features a 25mm, 1080p HD self-leveling camera head and a 10mm push cable that is built to maximize maneuverability in smaller lines and withstand the harsh conditions when navigating through cast iron, clay, and PVC pipes. Technicians can also digitally zoom and pan up to 4X, making it easier to focus in on the point of interest. Its compact design, removable backpack straps, and monitor mount allow for hands-free carrying when accessing roofs and climbing stairs. For better visibility, navigation, and protection, the reel comes with small and medium-sized skids and a camera sleeve.

200’ Pipeline Inspection Reel

The 200’ Pipeline Inspection Reel features a 34mm, 1080p HD self-leveling camera head and a 12mm push cable that is built to withstand the harsh conditions encountered when navigating through cast iron, clay, and PVC pipes. Technicians can also digitally zoom and pan up to 4X, making it easier to focus in on the point of interest. For better visibility, navigation, and protection, the reel comes with small and medium-sized skids and a camera sleeve.

Viewing Options

For viewing, recording, editing, and sharing, technicians can choose between the M18 Wireless Monitor for simplicity and maximum durability, or a mobile device with the Milwaukee Pipeline Inspection app for clearer images and faster sharing. With a wireless range up to 200’, technicians can take the results where they need to. Equipped with an 800 x 600 8” daylight readable screen, the M18 Wireless Monitor provides a clear, sharp image whether on a roof or in a basement. For better focus on the point of interest, technicians can zoom and pan up to 4X. This monitor is also equipped with ONE-KEY Technology, providing the ability to track the tool’s location, manage it in inventory, and lock out the tool if lost or stolen.

What we say:

There are so many really great things to talk about on the Milwaukee M18 Pipeline Inspection System that it’s impossible to tell you all about it in the space we have available. You have the cordless M18 platform, the self-leveling camera, the HD picture, and the wireless monitor option. Any one of these innovations would be enough to make it a winner in the inspection camera category, but the sum of its parts… it’s game-changing—and that’s not a term we throw around lightly. From the Control Hub and wireless monitor to reel changes and battery hot-swapping, this is an amazing inspection tool!

Price: $6,629.99

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WINNER – Cordless Knockout Tool

Milwaukee Tool M18 FORCE LOGIC 6T Knockout 2677-21

What they said:

When Milwaukee introduced their Knockout System in 2014 they brought a fresh perspective to hole-making, essentially redefining the entire process to promote better ease of use and productivity. The 10-ton tool gave a wide range of commercial and industrial users the speed, hole quality, and capacity they needed. But because that range was so wide, it became increasingly important to provide an optimized compact solution for the breadth of applications that service and MRO professionals deal with which require maneuverability.

The addition of the 6-ton solution, 40% lighter than their 10-ton offering, provides these users with a reliable tool that they can easily navigate within these tight spaces and deliver the capacity to punch up to 4″ holes in 14 gauge mild steel.

What we say:

While you can use heavy-duty tools for light- and medium-duty applications, there are some cases where light, more compact tools are more desirable. That’s certainly the case with knockout tools. Milwaukee answered the call by bringing their M18 FORCE LOGIC technology into a more compact 6T tool. This knockout tool shaves off the weight and still gives you up to 4-inch capacity. It will save your arms and cover the majority of knockout needs for MRO crews and residential electricians.

Price: $999.00

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WINNER – Cordless PEX Expansion

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL ProPEX Expander 2932-22XC 

What they said:

The M18 FUEL 2” ProPEX Expander w/ ONE-KEY is the fastest, lightest, and most compact way to install 2” ProPEX. The auto-rotating head mechanism provides uniform expansions for the most consistent installations. This product makes 3X faster connections utilizing the pipe size selector switch to optimize the expansion speed.

The new dedicated 2” ProPEX Expander Head’s integrated cone design reduces the travel length of the expander’s expansion cone, allowing for the most compact 2” solution. The D-Handle design offers balance and control for one-handed connections. All-metal gears and an integrated metal frame deliver maximum tool durability on the job site.

The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor allows for the fastest expansions yet runs cooler with no wearable components. The REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery provides 20% more power, and 2X more recharges than standard lithium-ion batteries, and best-in-class performance in extreme jobsite conditions. REDLINK PLUS intelligence ensures optimized performance and protection from overload, overheating, and over-discharge. The MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 2” ProPEX Expander also has ONE-KEY to wirelessly connect the tool with your smartphone to track and manage. This ProPEX expansion tool is designed for UPONOR ProPEX connections to deliver fast potable water installations from expansion to seal.

What we say:

Installing PEX in the 3/8” to 2” range just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Milwaukee 2932 M18 Fuel ProPex Expander. The rotating head ensures you get a uniform expansion that’s up to 3 times faster with a size selector switch. Then there’s One-Key built-in for tracking, management, and security. What seals the deal is how lightweight and compact this unit is compared to other options. At 10.9 pounds bare and 13.6” tall, you’ll have an easier time, especially when your connection is overhead.

Price: $1,699.99 

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WINNER – Pipe Cutters


What they said:

DeWalt impact connect DWAPVCIR DWACPRIR pipe cutters

Transform your impact driver into a fast and powerful Copper Tubing Cutter or a PVC/PEX cutter with the new DEWALT IMPACT CONNECT DWACPRIR Copper Tubing Cutter Attachment and DWAPVCIR PVC/PEX Cutter Attachment. The Copper Tubing Cutter Attachment Cuts 4X faster without the hassle of hand tools and the PVC/PEX Cutter Attachment cuts 6X faster without the hassle of hand tools. These quick-change attachments harness the power and torque of your existing DEWALT or other select pro-grade 18v or 20v Impact Driver. The revolutionary Quick-Change Brace System allows you to switch between cutting copper tubing, PVC/PEX, or driving screws in seconds.

The DWACPRIR Copper Tubing Cutter Attachment cuts up to 1 in. Copper Tubing In Types K, L, and M. (1/2” and ¾” Included, 1” Cutting Disc Sold Separately). The DWAPVCIR PVC/PEX Cutter Attachment cuts up to 2” Schedule 80 PVC, PEX, Plastic Conduit, and other plastic tubing. Both attachments feature 360° rotation for maximum maneuverability for awkward cuts.

Impact Driver Sold Separately.

What we say:

DeWalt brilliantly harnessed the power and action of an impact driver to develop copper pipe and PEX cutters that simply connect to a tool you already own at a much lower cost than a dedicated power tool. The price gives even small operations the opportunity to switch their manual cutters for a powered option, leaving workers with less fatigue and improving their productivity.

Price: $119.99 

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WINNER – Cordless Pipe Threaders

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY 2870-22

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool has, once again, set the standard in the pipe threading process with the M18 FUEL Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY, delivering the lightest weight and most controlled threading experience in the industry. With its compact design, AUTOSTOP kickback control, and M18 FUEL technology, this threader gives contractors the portability, control, and productivity they need to thread up to 1-¼” pipe.

Up to 40% lighter than other cordless threading solutions, the M18 FUEL Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY features a compact design that delivers unrivaled portability and allows contractors to thread in tight spaces. Delivering the most controlled threading experience, the threader comes with a support arm that not only resists the torque of threading and holds the tool steady during operation, but enables the tool to be used without a pipe stand. AUTOSTOP technology senses severe kickback and will automatically shut off the tool, providing enhanced safety while threading. The dual-sided die head locking interface secures the die head into the tool and, in combination with the side grip, eliminates the need to touch the spinning die head.

The M18 FUEL Compact Pipe Threader w/ ONE-KEY comes with Milwaukee’s new compact NPT Forged Aluminum die heads, ranging from ½” to 1-¼”. The die heads are forged from military-grade aluminum and are up to 50% lighter, reducing the weight of the tool during transportation and creating a balanced, ergonomic solution during use. As an added benefit, users can track, manage, and secure the threader from their mobile device through ONE-KEY, the industry’s largest Bluetooth community tracking network. If the threader is ever lost or stolen, ONE-KEY provides the ability to prevent tampering with remote lockout capability.

What we say:

Milwaukee’s original cordless threader was a fantastic innovation but not everyone needs the upper end of its threading diameter range. When you’re primarily focusing on pipe 1 1/4-inch and under, the M18 Fuel Compact Pipe Threader offers significant weight savings without losing all of the feature benefits its big brother offers. In addition to kickback control, and One-Key, our team was particularly pleased with how simple the die installation is on this model, making it easier than ever to boost productivity on threading jobs.

Price: $2,199.99

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WINNER – Pipe Wrenches

Milwaukee Tool CHEATER Aluminum Adaptable Pipe Wrench 48-22-7318

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver unprecedented innovation for plumbing and mechanical trade professionals with the introduction of the industry’s most adaptable pipe wrench – the CHEATER Aluminum Adaptable Pipe Wrench. In 2016, Milwaukee unveiled the first adaptable pipe wrench in the industry called the CHEATER. This new aluminum version builds on that new-to-world, 3-length adaptable design with a brand-new all-in-one design and quick-slide handle that can be adjusted to the user’s desired length.

The original CHEATER Steel Pipe Wrench was built to solve user frustrations of using a piece of pipe as a handle extension or having to bring multiple sizes of pipe wrenches to the jobsite. However, unlike the original CHEATER which came with two interchangeable handles, the new aluminum CHEATER incorporates an all-in-one handle for increased productivity by eliminating the need to carry multiple handle extensions. The quick-slide handle provides adaptability and allows users to lock in the appropriate length for the work at hand including 11” for tight spaces, 18” for general purpose, and 24” for maximum leverage.

The OVERBITE JAW gives this wrench the largest gripping surface and the 2.5” jaw capacity matches that of a traditional 18” pipe wrench. Designed with dual coil springs, it provides maximum durability and longer tool life. It also comes equipped with a tether-ready lanyard hole for tie-off when working at height.

What we say:

The Cheater is back on the winner’s list for PTIA 2022 and Milwaukee wins it this year with the Aluminum Cheater Pipe Wrench. They didn’t just switch to a lighter material, though. This time, it’s an all-in-one design that ranges from 11” to 24” handle lengths without having to physically switch handles. A lever on the back of the wrench releases and locks the telescoping handle to the position you want it. The Overbite Jaw provides grip up to 2.5” and the handle gets you either the leverage or the access you need, all with one tool.

Price: $119.97

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WINNER – Cordless Press Tools

Milwaukee Tool M18 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool w/ One-Key 2922-22

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to lead the industry in the shift from traditional connection methods with the introduction of the first 4” capacity press tool with wireless reporting capabilities, remote tracking, management, and lockout. The M18 FORCE LOGIC Press Tool w/ ONE-KEY is the industry’s smallest, most intelligent press tool. With an in-line design and brushless motor, this tool achieves more run-time per charge and faster cycle times while being significantly smaller and nearly 20% lighter than the leading competitor. In addition, this tool enhances the overall press connection experience by logging and uploading data from every press for retrieval via the One-Key desktop or mobile app.

“Over the last 7 years, we’ve seen an upward trend in the number of installers turning to press to make pipe connections. This is due to the immense safety benefits of removing open flames from the jobsite, the time saved not sweating and soldering, and the proven consistency and reliability of press connections,” said Alex Boll, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “The M18™ FORCE LOGIC™* Press Tool has set the bar for productivity in pipe connections and, while it’s always been the smallest and most intelligent press tool on the market, we’re elevating that intelligence even more this year through the addition of One-Key™. This will give installers the unique ability to provide full data transparency with inspectors and other key project stakeholders.”

The most intelligent full-sized press tool on the market, this press tool delivers peace of mind, even on the most critical jobs. A pre-press battery check prevents the user from starting a press the tool cannot complete, while Auto-Cycle ensures a full press every time and indicates to the user via a green light that the connection is complete.

Compatible with One-Key, the industry’s largest tracking network, this tool provides automatic recording functionality to save connection data and report on it. These One-Key reports can be easily customized and organized for the job at hand. In addition, One-Key allows users to wirelessly connect to the tool through their smartphone to track its location and lockout the tool for added security. The technology enables tool crib managers and foremen to monitor the utilization of the tool once it’s at a job to ensure optimal allocation of tools across all jobs.

What we say:

Milwaukee is taking its 4” M18 Force Logic Press Tool to the next level with the addition of One-Key. Compact for its class and with a smart feature set to begin with, One-Key adds tracking, security, and management capabilities. Perhaps most importantly, it also gives you the ability to produce reporting data. It’s one more step forward that saves time and effort while improving your productivity.

Price: $3,549.00

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WINNER – Skinning Knives

Milwaukee Tool Lineman’s Hawkbill Knife w/STICKWORK 3in1 Ring 48-22-1924

What they said:

The Lineman’s Hawkbill Knife with STICKWORK 3in1 Ring features a blade that has been designed to stay sharper longer when stripping cable. The knife’s STICKWORK 3in1 Ring makes it compatible with shotgun and universal style hot sticks. This ring also provides an easy way to hang the knife for storage. Its oversized handle is designed specifically for comfortable use when wearing utility gloves. Also available is a blunt tip version.

What we say:

Milwaukee has had a lot of success with their knife line, and they have another winner in their Lineman’s Hawkbill Knife. The Milwaukee StickWork design sets this apart. It functions in hand as normal or as an appendage to let linemen attach the knife to shotgun and universal hot sticks, giving them an option to make the knife more versatile without having to make field modifications.

Price: $27.99

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WINNER – Soldering

Weller 5 to 30W Soldering Station WLSK3012A

What they said:

Solder skillfully with Weller’s 5 – 30 Variable Wattage Precision Soldering Iron Station. With its ergonomic molded pencil grip handle, onboard tip storage and cleaner, and integrated safety rest, it’s the perfect high-quality and versatile soldering iron station for all your soldering needs.

What we say:

We love how compact and versatile Weller’s WLSK3012A soldering station is. Everything is right there and in line in a way that doesn’t waste space, yet it’s still a variable power soldering iron with easily replaceable tips and a grip that lends itself to precision work.

Price: $71.00

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WINNER – Specialty

Milwaukee Tool 4IN1 Lineman’s Hammer 48-22-9040

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its Hand Tool offering for Power Utility Linemen with the debut of the 4IN1 Lineman’s Hammer. This 4IN1 solution is the Most Versatile Lineman’s Hammer, featuring a milled strike face and smooth strike face, two staple pullers, and a j-hook remover, delivering added functionality and increased productivity.

The 4IN1 Lineman’s Hammer is constructed with a high-strength fiberglass handle and includes reinforced overstrike protection, delivering ultimate power and durability. The versatile hammer features both milled and smooth strike faces to complete all driving applications. Two integrated staple pullers and a j-hook remover allow for increased efficiency and productivity, reducing the number of tools needed for multiple applications when working in confined spaces commonly found on Power Utility sites. The 15” hammer has a 32oz head weight and is complete with a tether-ready lanyard hole for easy tie-off when working at height.

What we say:

Milwaukee does linemen a favor by letting them carry four tools in one with their Lineman’s Hammer. In addition to its hammering function with both milled and smooth faces, it also features staple and J-hook pullers. It’s electrical-friendly with a reinforced fiberglass handle and is tether-ready for working at height.

Price: $59.99 

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WINNER – Cordless Transfer Pumps

Milwaukee Tool M12 Stick Transfer Pump 2579-20

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool provides effortless pumping and best-in-class debris handling with their new M12 Stick Transfer Pump. Transferring water without interruption, the water transfer pump delivers superior filtration and eliminates the hassles of manual pumping.

Featuring a 36-inch submersible aluminum barrel, the stick transfer pump has the reach and inlet control needed to get to water in difficult-to-access areas such as trenches, storm drains, and water meter boxes. Milwaukee’s new HydroPass filter technology maximizes water flow in heavy debris to effortlessly pump up to nine gallons of water per minute. The 360-degree filter minimizes downtime caused by clogging, increasing productivity on the job.

Traditional, manual pumps are repetitive and exhausting, requiring both hands to pump and leaving no control over the outlet hose. Powered by Milwaukee’s M12 battery platform, the repetitive strain and strenuous process of manual pumping are eliminated. Only one hand is needed on the pump, freeing the user’s other hand to direct the outflow, giving greater control and containing the mess. With a 15-foot max head height and an outlet compatible with a standard ¾-inch garden hose, this water transfer pump delivers the power to push water out of pits, basins, and over walls.

What we say:

Milwaukee’s M12 system makes a name for itself by tuning manual hand tools into powered cordless options and improving them along the way. Thanks to that philosophy, you can kiss your manual hand pump goodbye and let the M12 Stick Transfer Pump handle up to 9 gallons per minute of water transfer. Able to lift water with the head as high as 15 feet with one-hand operation, it’s also compatible with standard garden hoses to guide that water down the line where it won’t backfill what you’re emptying.

Price: $149.97

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WINNER – Cordless Wire Crimpers

Milwaukee Tool M18 FORCE LOGIC 750 MCM Dieless Crimper 2877-22

What they said:

The lightest in its class, the M18 FORCE LOGIC 750 MCM Dieless Crimper features an in-line design and 180-degree rotating head for easiest alignment. A fully enclosed high-speed hydraulic pump provides for the fastest dieless connections. When equipped with an M18 REDLITHIUM CP2.0 Battery Pack, the tool delivers up to 90 crimps per charge. A pre-crimp battery check prevents users from starting a crimp the tool cannot complete due to insufficient battery charge, ensuring a full crimp every time.

The new M18 FORCE LOGIC 750 MCM Dieless Crimper is fully compatible with the entire M18 line, now offering more than 180 power tool Milwaukee Tool is proud to unveil the simplest way to crimp without dies. The M18 FORCE LOGIC 750 MCM Dieless Crimper utilizes an industry-first, groundbreaking technology called Auto Distance Control. Auto Distance Control enables the tool to sense the instant it contacts the connector, applying a precise pressure for each size based on crimp distance. This revolutionary technology delivers optimal compression for each individual size allowing for one crimp UL Classified connections and uniform crimp appearance across the entire capacity range.

The beauty of this technology is that it acts entirely behind the scenes. Everything is done simultaneously and instantaneously without the user ever having to stop, slow down, change settings, or do anything different than how they would operate any of the dieless tools they may have used in the past. It truly is the simplest way to crimp products and is a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on investing in game-changing technology that truly delivers breakthrough solutions for users.

What we say:

While we’re impressed with Milwaukee’s ability to make a lightest-in-class dieless crimper, the major innovation here is definitely Auto Distance Control. A sensor in the tool detects when the ram contacts the connector and measures the outside diameter. In less than a blink of an eye, it determines the connector size and calculates the distance it needs to travel for a correct crimp. The result is the quality look of a 4-point dieless crimper with the capacity of a single-point. It’s not magic, it’s Milwaukee Force Logic.

Price: $4,599.00

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WINNER – Wire Strippers

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 7in1 Multi-Function Wire Stripper IWHT84002

What they said:

Irwin IWHT84002 wire strippers

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP 7-i-n1 Multi-Function Wire Stripper allows users to do more and carry less. This forged tool provides 7 functions: Wire Stripper (10-20AWG for solid and 12-22AWG for stranded), Pliers, Reamer, Wire Cutter, Bolt Cutter, Loop Maker, and Crimper. These not only have 3-shot bi-material grips for comfort and control but are also spring-loaded to lessen hand fatigue with repetitive cuts. The locking mechanism allows for ease in storing in tool belts or toolboxes.

What we say:

Irwin’s Vise-Grip 7in1 Multi-Function Wire Stripper packs everything you need surrounding your wire stripping duties into one tool. They strip, grab, ream, cut wire, shear bolts, crimp, and loop wire. A spring-loaded handle automatically opens the jaws back up and a locking mechanism keeps them closed in your bag. Finished off with a comfortable set of handle grips, these wire strippers are a must-have for your electrical bag.

Price: $29.98

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WINNER – Cordless Wire Strippers

Milwaukee Tool M18 Cable Stripper 2935

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to drive jobsite safety and productivity with the M18 Cable Stripper. Designed to be the safer cable stripping solution, this tool has no exposed blades, protecting against knife injuries on the job. Milwaukee’s compact right-angle design, adjustable depth gauge, and bushings deliver controlled, accurate strips for faster stripping across multiple cables. In addition, the tool’s compact size is ideal for tight spaces, enabling easy access to strip cables in crowded panels. Available on M18 Systems, electricians on either System will be able to easily add these critical solutions to their arsenal.

When removing the outer jacket from wire with a knife, users’ hands are vulnerable to potential injury. Through a design with no exposed blades, users of the new M18 Cable Stripper are protected against these types of injuries. Additionally, the tool’s optimized bushing design prevents nicks. With their compact heads and internal depth gauges, users will have easier access to the work they need to do, such as stripping wire in crowded panels and switch gears.

The Milwaukee quick-change bushings are specific to cable types for both commercial electrical and power utility applications. The Copper and Aluminum THHN/XHHW bushing sets range from 1/0 to 750 MCM cable sizes, and the Copper RHW/RHH/USE bushing set is 1/0 to 500 MCM. All Milwaukee Bushings are compatible with the M18 Cable Stripper.

What we say:

Milwaukee expands its electrical line with a cable stripper on the M18 battery platform. They give it a tight head to reach into tight spaces and a right angle drill-esque form factor keeps things ergonomic for your wrist and arm.

What sets this tool apart from other cordless models on the market is the bushing design. It leaves you with a more accurate strip so you can focus on making the connection and not cleaning up what the tool was supposed to do in the first place.

Price: $269.97

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