2022 Pneumatic Tools and Nailers Awards

Addressing both pneumatic and battery-powered cordless nailers, the 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Awards for pneumatic tools and nailers have seen a lion’s share of innovation this year. Increases in battery density and brushless motor technology have allowed smaller and more capable battery-powered nailers than ever before.

While pneumatic tools still deliver the quickest nails and the lightest operation, untethered battery nailers have increased in speed and decreased in weight and size. Compressors, including cordless models, and other products and accessories are also part of advancing the innovation present in both framing and finish applications. Carpenters as well as roofing & siding professionals will do well to check out the 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Winners for pneumatic tools and nailers.

WINNER – Accessories


What they said:

The FASCO INMOTION is a hand-held carriage for precise stapling or nailing, which triggers the shots of the FASCO (a BECK Member) compressed air devices at different distances depending on the setting via its mechanical control. With its smooth and precise directional stability, the INMOTION offers a perfect entry into series production. New innovation provides less physical strain and promotes accurateness.

All setting and adjustment options can be carried out by hand and without tools.
Mechanically predefined shooting distances of 40, 60, 80, and 120 mm.
Good directional stability thanks to the rigid axle and double rubber profile on the wheels.

Handles on both sides, can be released individually, continuously adjustable by 220 mm on one side.

What we say:

Production tasks such as installing subfloor require a lot of fast-firing and movement, creating significant fatigue. FASCO reimagined how production nailing works with the development of the INMOTION system. After setting up a compatible nailer/stapler, the carriage automatically drives fasteners as you push it forward from a standing position. It gets you off the ground and significantly improves your production rate.

Price: TBA

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WINNER – Cordless Air Compressors

Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt 2-Gallon Cordless Compressor EC36DAQ4 

What they said:

This 36V brushless compressor delivers 135 Max PSI, yet weighs only 27.3 lbs., packing usability into a portable package. It can easily drive over 1,000 18-Gauge brad nails on a single charge while providing the most demanding trim carpenter or remodeler all-day use without the restraints of an extension cord. As part of the expanding MultiVolt System of power tools from Metabo HPT, it accepts any MultiVolt battery for extreme power AND accepts the unique AC Adapter (model ET36A) to plug in for all-day runtime when power is available offering ultimate versatility and extending battery life.

This new cordless alternative for pneumatic nailing produces high output energy of 1.6 CFM at 90 PSI and eliminates the hassle of having to navigate long hoses or extension cords. By combining the reliability of Metabo HPT’s proven compressor technology, along with the power of the MultiVolt battery, this cordless and quiet 2-Gallon “hotdog” style compressor works all day long. It can run finish crews with 18-Gauge brad nailers and even 15-Gauge or 16-Gauge finish nailers.

It produces 1.6 CFM at 90 PSI and 2.3 CFM at 40 PSI. The locking regulator and 105 on/135 off pressure switch mean no worries about pressure wander or a pressure-starved tool on the job. The oil-free brushless motor delivers more run time, increased power, and extended durability with essentially no maintenance. With a 17-second refill speed, there s less waiting between cycles so you’re
ready to go in no time.

Designed with a rubber carrying handle for easy transport, it’s an ideal cordless compressor for the contractor, remodeler, or homeowner seeking a convenient, versatile, and lightweight compressor for small punch-out work or all-day jobs.

Perhaps the most unique advantage of ALL 36V MultiVolt cordless tools from Metabo HPT is the ability to be converted to corded use with the revolutionary AC adapter (model ET36A – sold separately). Users can conveniently get the functionality of two tools (cordless and corded) in just one. Use the EC36DAQ4 compressor fully cordless, however, if the battery needs to be recharged and you have no spares ready, you can plug in with the AC adapter and keep going.

What we say:

Cordless compressors are growing in popularity as their performance improved. Metabo HPT’s 36V MultiVolt compressor is a 2-gallon model that’s capable of 1.6 SCFM at 90 PSI and maxes out at 135 PSI. What sets this model apart from its competition is its ability to operate using a battery or with Metabo HPT’s MultiVolt AC adapter. Use it cordlessly when it’s convenient or corded when you don’t want to manage rutime.

Price: $299

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WINNER – Finish

KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools Inc. 23-Gauge Pin Nailer TN11G1

What they said:

In 2021, SENCO updated its popular pin nailers with the company’s NeverLube oil-free technology, eliminating the need for daily lubrication. Besides requiring virtually no maintenance, the NeverLube upgrade guarantees the TN11G1 23-gauge pinner will never spit oil onto the work surface, a common problem with traditional oiled nailers.

NeverLube technology combines components made from a proprietary graphite composite that acts as a dry lubricant with a self-lubricating O-ring that won’t dry out and degrade like standard rubber or plastic seals. Unlike traditional oil-free nailers, which are packed with grease during manufacturing, SENCO’s new pin nailers don’t need to be periodically regreased.

Apart from the addition of NeverLube, very little has changed on the TN11G1 compared to SENCO’s previous 23-gauge nailer. It features the same durable, ergonomic design and high performance that have made SENCO micropinners a favorite of finish carpenters, cabinet makers, woodworkers, and more, such as:

•Ergonomic, angled “pistol grip” handle for comfort and maneuverability
•Dual trigger to prevent accidental firing
•Ultra-narrow nosepiece for tight corners and hard-to-reach areas
•Self-adjusting magazine that automatically conforms to different fastener lengths
•Last nail lockout and low load indicator to prevent dry firing
•Reversible belt hook

This 23-gauge nailer fires ½” to 1-⅜” headless micro pins. It comes with a durable plastic carrying case, a ¼” swivel air hose fitting, and a 5-year warranty.

What we say:

Kyocera Senco starts with the foundation of a great pin nailer and dealt with one of the biggest complaints about nailer maintenance: oiling. Thanks to their NeverLube design, components don’t require oil, so the daily maintenance headache and annoying oil drips are a thing of the past.

Price: $225

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WINNER – Cordless Finish

Milwaukee Tool M12 23 Gauge Pin Nailer 2540-20

What they said:

The M12 23GA Pin Nailer is the most compact cordless pin nailer that combines precision and power to deliver the performance that professional carpenters and remodelers demand, without the hassle of a compressor hose or gas cartridge. The 23 gauge pin nailer provides unmatched productivity and accessibility into tight spaces and confined corners through a lightweight, ergonomic design. Our nitrogen air spring mechanism allows the nailer to consistently sink pin nails at proper depth into hard or soft woods while leaving small, clean nail holes.

The double-action trigger and non-marring precision point tip allow for sequential driving and accurate pin placement into delicate trim pieces. The dry-fire lockout feature prevents misfires and workpiece damage. The M12 23 Gauge Pin Nailer drives 23-gauge headless pin nails ranging in length from 1/2” to 1-3/8” and features all-day run time with up to 750 pin nails per charge when paired with our M12 REDLITHIUM CP1.5 battery pack. The pin nailer also features a magazine reload indicator, tool-free drive depth adjustment, reversible belt clip, LED light, battery fuel gauge, secondary work contact tip, and carries our industry-leading 5-year limited power tool warranty.

What we say:

It doesn’t take a ton of power to drive pin nails compared to other sizes. That lets Milwaukee do two things with the M12 pin nailer: run with a 12V battery and deliver a truly compact design. This is the most compact cordless pinner we’ve yet seen. It’s about the same size as the M12 crown stapler. The M12 power source helps its cause as well, keeping both the footprint and weight to a minimum. Of course, Milwaukee also tackles the nailer’s function well with no firing delay, a precision nose tip, and dryfire lockout.

Price: $199.00

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WINNER – Framing

KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools Inc. Pneumatic Framing Nailer FN91T1

What they said:

SENCO launched the built-in-the-USA FN91T1 pneumatic framing nailer in June 2022. The FN91T1 was engineered to balance power, durability, and ergonomics. It can sink nails all day long, even in engineered lumber, and survive the toughest job sites without causing undue fatigue to the user.

The FN91T1 is assembled at the company’s Ohio production facility, where most SENCO nails and staples have been manufactured for decades. It is the company’s most powerful pneumatic framer yet, delivering 18 percent more driving force than comparable framing nailers, enough to consistently sink up to 3-½” framing nails in OSB, LVL, and other types of ultra-dense engineered lumber.

The nailer drives paper-collated, 34-degree clipped-head and offset-round-head nails from 2” to 3-½” in length.

Weighing in at 8.75 pounds and featuring a durable magnesium magazine and a body and belt hook made from heavy-duty aluminum, the FN91T1 was built to take abuse on the job site. However, SENCO’s US-based engineers also designed the FN91T1 to be exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to use all day long. An overmolded rubber grip prevents slipping and reduces fatigue from recoil, and an in-line magazine improves balance and creates a clear line of sight for more accurate nail placement.

Other features include:

•Tool-Free Depth of Drive – Set nail depth with an easy-to-use thumbwheel.
•Aggressive Toenail Safety – The pronounced nose piece grips tightly for toenailing from any angle.
•Dry Fire Lockout – Nailer prevents dry firing to reduce wear on internal components.
•Rear Two-Step Loading – Magazine allows for rapid reloads for both right- and left-handed users.
•Multi-Purpose Design – Beside framing, the FN91T1 is ideal for truss building, subflooring, sheathing, decking, siding, fencing, pallets, and crate assembly.

Every FN91T1 comes with an air plug, a no-mar pad, and an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

What we say:

More and more, engineered lumber is a reality for new construction and remodeling, and your framing nailer has to have the power to drive its full range of nails in it. Kyocera Senco’s FN91T1 is your answer, ensuring you have a full-featured, ergonomically sound pneumatic framing nailer built for today’s construction materials.

Price: $299

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WINNER – Cordless Framing

Milwaukee Tool M18 Fuel Framing Nailers 2744-21

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its line of cordless solutions from frame to finish with the introduction of their very first cordless framing nailers, the M18 FUEL 21° Framing Nailer and M18 FUEL 30° Framing Nailer. Delivering the power to sink nails in engineered lumber, these framing nailers can also fire up to 3 nails per second with no gas cartridges. “For years our users have demanded a Milwaukee cordless solution to their framing nailer frustrations. Unwilling to settle for subpar performance, we continued to advance our technologies until we could provide a truly game-changing solution for these users,” said Sean Kelley, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool.

“This year we’re proud to finally unveil our first lineup of cordless framing nailers. With no gas cartridges necessary, the power to sink nails in the most demanding materials, and the fire rate to keep users productive throughout their day, these new framing nailers were worth the wait!” With best-in-class power, the M18 FUEL Framing Nailers deliver a fire rate similar to pneumatic to keep users productive. The nailers have also been optimized with the size necessary to fit between studs and balanced weight to limit fatigue.

An optional Extended Capacity Magazine accepting two strips of nails is also available for these tools, allowing users to work longer before needing to reload. With no gas cartridges, a POWERSTATE brushless motor, and no cleaning required, the nailers are designed to deliver durability and reliability to the most demanding users with very little maintenance. Coupled with the fact that the tools fire up to 3 nails per second, users will experience greatly reduced downtime and maximized productivity.

What we say:

Milwaukee solves several major concerns with their M18 Fuel framing nailer. First, they ensured it has enough power to fully drive nails in engineered lumber. Second, they eliminated firing delays, letting it bump-fire at a reasonable clip. Finally, the product team also took care of capacity concerns. Other cordless framers only hold one stick of nails. By offering an extended magazine, Milwaukee gets two sticks in their framing tools, letting you nail longer between refills. Overall, Milwaukee has the most capable cordless framing nailer on the market.

Price: $449.00

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WINNER – Cordless Staplers

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler 2843-22

What they said:

Milwaukee’s new lineup of finish nailers is designed for precision and speed. Both provide sequential and contact actuation modes while operating with zero ramp-up time, keeping users productive. Leaving clean consistent nail holes leaves the least amount of damage possible on the finished material being installed. This results in less work filling and finishing nail holes, and ultimately a much higher quality finished product. Additionally, tools are fitted with bumpers and overmolds protecting any finished surface they may be placed on. The nitrogen air spring mechanism in these nailers is leveraged to deliver this performance, providing the most pneumatic-like experience out of any cordless finish nailers.

What we say:

Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Utility Fencing Stapler is phenomenal. Driving 9-gauge staples for cable or wire fence installation, it fires with no delay and can rapidly fire the length of your reach in a matter of seconds. The best part is that it only uses a battery for power. There’s no need for a gas cartridge, reducing your overall operating costs while massively improving your productivity compared to manual stapling.

Price: $799.00

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