2022 Test and Measurement Awards

Our 2022 Test and Measurement Awards go to those products that help the trades do what they do with a high level of precision. Innovation abounds with regard to connectivity, accuracy, functionality, and increased capabilities of the tools that utilize these technologies.

Whether for inspection, diagnostics, troubleshooting, or layout, the Test and Measurement Awards never cease to amaze us with how far technology drives innovation. The products below demonstrate innovative solutions to various trades that truly benefit from better optics, more efficient sensors, or even advanced software and integrations. In the end, it’s the tradesman who benefits.

WINNER – Circuit/Wire Tracers

Klein Tools Advanced Circuit Tracer Kit ET450

What they said:

The Advanced Circuit Tracer Kit is a professional tracer for energized and non-energized breakers, fuses, and wires. When the transmitter is connected to a circuit, the receiver’s sensitivity can easily be adjusted to detect the transmitted signal on breakers, fuses, and wire through drywall, cement block, and underground. Versatile applications include tracing wires, conduit or pipes, or even a single wire in a bundle. Audible beeping and visual indicators on the receiver denote signal strength, and the receiver features a flashlight for illumination in low-light areas and NCV function to test if wires are energized. The kit includes a transmitter, receiver, blade and ground prongs, alligator clips, 3-foot and 20-foot lead adapters, AC plug leads, all required batters, and a hard carrying case with a handle for convenient transportation and storage. Moreover, the unit features a 6’ drop protection rating, so it can stand up to jobsite conditions. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of competitive products.

What we say:

Klein offers easy-to-use and reliable tracing performance with its Advanced Tracer Kit. It’s capable of tracing both wire and conduit/pipe with an adjustable signal strength to deal with construction materials or underground tracing. Ensuring it’s ready for tough jobsites and occasional accidents, Klein designed it with a 6-foot drop test rating.

Price: $199.99

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WINNER – Clamp/Fork Meters

Fluke Corporation Solar Clamp Meter CAT III 1500 V 393

What they said:

The Fluke 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex is the world’s only 1500 V CAT III, IP54 rated, thin jaw clamp meter. With its CAT III 1500 V / CAT IV 600 V safety rating, the 393 FC provides exceptional safety for work in dc environments up to 1500 volts, like solar arrays, wind power, electric railways, and datacenter battery banks for uninterruptible power supplies. The thin jaw allows it to be used in combiner boxes, inverters, and tight spaces making it ideal for solar energy applications. The meter measures up to 1500 V dc, 1000 V ac, and up to 999.9 A dc or ac through the clamp jaw. The included iFlex flexible current probe extends ac current measurements up to 2500 amps. When measuring ac current, the iFlex probe can be twisted through extremely small spaces giving technicians access to cables that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to clamp a probe around.

The Fluke 393 FC features:
— IP54 rating for dust and water making it ideal for work outdoors on solar arrays and wind power systems.
— DC power measurement, showing readings in kVA.
— Audio and Visual Polarity to ensure photovoltaic panels are properly installed with the help of an audio beep and a light to indicate correct polarity.
— Visual Continuity that provides a bright green indicator light in the display for working in dark and noisy environments.
— Logging, sharing and reporting of test results via Fluke Connect software.

The 393 FC is the latest addition to the Fluke portfolio of test tools designed for the solar energy industry. Fluke tools operate reliably in the extreme environments — dusty, wet, cold and hot — that solar professionals work in, and are tested to survive drops that can occur in field work. Fluke tools are designed to keep workers safe in potentially dangerous electrical environments, meeting or exceeding all recommended safety standards.

What we say:

Both utilities and homeowners are turning to solar as a power source for cleaner energy and that brings with it the need to maintain and troubleshoot panel installations. Fluke’s Solar Clamp Meter is purpose-built with thin jaws that make isolating a wire in crowded boxes and sections easier. As the world’s first CAT III 1500V true-RMS clamp meter, it has an impressive resume` of features to help you check and diagnose PV installs and the ability to crossover into other systems, including wind and battery banks.

Price: $730

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WINNER – Line Laser Levels

Kapro Prolaser Green 3 Beam Cross Line 360 Laser 962

What they said:

  • IP65 Rating : Water & dust resistant
  • Multibeam GREEN laser including:
    • 1 x Horizontal orbital beam
    • 1 x Vertical beam
    • Plumbdot up & down
  • Indoor laser range: 30m(100′)
  • Outdoor laser range: 60m(200′) with detector
  • Accuracy: 0.3mm/m(0.0003″/”)
  • Self leveling ±3˚
  • Visual ” Out of level” warning
  • Manual mode for angular layout
  • Shock resistant rubber molded casing
  • 1/4″ tripod thread


  • Multi-functional magnetic mount
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • Hard carry case
  • Target


  • Model 962GB : with soft bag & glasses

What we say:

Kapro has a sleek, clean look to its 962 cross line laser. Behind the pretty exterior, it’s ready for nearly any layout job with a high-vis green beam that’s visible up to 100 feet inside and detectable out to 200 feet. With an impressive accuracy level of 0.3 mm/m and an IP65 rating against water and dust, it’s well-suited for high-accuracy layout in less than ideal conditions.

Price: $389

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WINNER – Laser Distance Measures

Klein Tools Compact Laser Distance Measure 93LDM100C

What they said:

The Compact Laser Distance measure provides fast and accurate measurements up to 100′ (30.5 m) with an of ±1/8″ (0.32 cm) and an accuracy of ±1/16″ (0.16 cm) for the first 30′ (10 m), which is best-in-class.

The unit records single or continuous measurements with the click of a button, and automatically saves the last two measurements on the LCD display screen to quickly compare past measurements. The unit features audio alerts when measurements are taken, and the Class 2 laser has an auto-off feature after 30 seconds on non-use to preserve the battery. Additionally, measurement reference points can toggle between the top or bottom of the device depending on your jobsite needs.

With a lightweight and compact design, the Compact Laser Distance Measure has maximum portability. It features a built-in clip for pockets, as well as a lanyard anchor to attach the unit to a tool bag or tool belt.

What we say:

As technology gets more complicated, Klein’s Compact Laser Distance Measure is refreshingly simple to use. It uses a single button to measure distances up to 100 feet while storing the previous two measurements. The reverse contrast LCD screen is easy on your eyes and the small size fits in your pocket or tool bag without taking up much space. With a price tag of just $35, it’s easy on your wallet, too.

Price: $35.00

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WINNER – Multimeters

Fluke Corporation Multifunction PV Tester and Performance Anaylzer, I-V Curve Tracer SMFT-1000

What they said:

Test that PV systems are performing to their optimal power output with the Fluke SMFT-1000 multifunction tester with I-V curve tracing. Designed for PV professionals that provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, the SMFT-1000 provides a complete PV testing solution that conforms to IEC 62446-1 standards.

The Fluke SMFT-1000 provides quick and accurate testing that saves time and money:
— Most complete user interface
— Visually shows the curve
— Patented system allows connection to the installation once for all tests
— Time savings = more field time

The SMFT-1000 performs:

Category 1 Test Regime
Full sequence safety testing:
·      Protective resistance earth (Rpe)
·      Voltage on open circuit (Voc)
·      Polarity test
·      Current on short circuit (Isc)
·      Insulating resistance
Category 2 Test Regime
ROI and performance testing:
·      IV Curve tracing and associated software analysis
·      Polarity check
·      AC/DC voltage and current
·      Input panel attributes that impact its performance but also installation (irradiance, tilt, temperature, compass)

TruTest Solar covers all PV certification and documentation needs through a modern, fast and reliable software platform. TruTest allows for solar asset management, data storage, and reporting on a single platform. Just load the site schematics into the software before the first visit to a PV system location, map the measurements to the schematics during testing, then download and tag the appropriate assets. Download the report when all measurements are accounted for.

What we say:

Fluke takes your PV testing and diagnosis to another level with its SMFT-1000 multimeter. From the installation process to hand-off and maintenance, it has the functions you need to run Cat 1 and 2 testing regimes. The controls are laid out in an easy-to-understand way and the screen gives you a visual of the I-V curve. With the SMFT-1000 in your hands, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and be able to get more done in the time you have onsite.

Price: $5,500

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