2023 Technology Awards Winners

As technology advances, so do the tools and products that use it. The 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Awards saw some really amazing products and solutions that help track tools, guide products, and manage inventories.

We can’t recall a time when technology was so widespread and used by businesses to optimize performance and increase productivity. Our continuing question remains: How far can technology take tools and the businesses that use them?

In addition to productivity, advancements in tool-centric technologies also continue to shape jobsite safety and security. The solutions below represent the winning technology products selected from a wide array of 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Awards entries.


Hilti PLT 400-2 Construction layout tool

What they said:

The PLT 400 will aid Mechanical and Electrical contractors in addressing skilled labor shortages through turning the slower and error-prone multiperson task of laying out on a jobsite, into a more efficient, one-person task. Whether anchor points or building lines, pipes or interior walls, the PLT 400 will simplify the layout task and bring more efficiency to layout crews. The PLT 400 Total station helps set up on site more quickly with one button operation, self-leveling and automatic calibration features. With enhanced prism lock and tracking, over 300 ft. working range and auto calibration, the PLT 400 helps to complete layout with more accuracy, helping workers get in, out, and on to the next job more quickly. Combined with Hilti construction layout software, this high performing solution helps guide and improve productivity on the jobsite.

What we say:

BIM is changing the way buildings are constructed, but between the design in the software and the physical placement of each element, you have to have a way to make sure everything is executed to the design. That’s where the Hilti PLT 400 comes in. As an aid in your layout tasks, it takes the information from the design and makes it a far more efficient part of the job, to the point that one person can do it alone. With labor shortages and high construction demand, it’s one way to make significant productivity gains on your next job.

Price: $26,399.99

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WINNER – Design/Layout


What they said:

HOVER is leading the digitization of the built world with an app-based end-to-end data platform that allows contractors to measure, design, estimate, and order materials for projects all in one place – driving workflow efficiency, transparency, and homeowner satisfaction. Leveraging patented computer vision and machine learning technology to structure property data, the HOVER app transforms a handful of smartphone photos – within a matter of minutes – into beautifully rendered, fully-measured 3D model of any home. Through partnerships with major distributors like ABC Supply Co, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Roofing, HOVER offers exterior home improvement contractors a robust array of tools to carry them from new construction takeoffs all the way to measuring and ordering materials for the project.

HOVER is reinventing the multi-billion dollar exterior home improvement industry which still relies heavily on paperwork and fax machines, creating a workflow mess. HOVER puts advanced, yet easy-to-use technology in the hands of its customers to modernize and simplify the entire process of measuring, designing, estimating costs, and ordering materials – for contractors and homeowners alike. Through HOVER’s technology, contracting companies don’t have to waste time and materials due to inaccuracies, their experts can focus on higher-level jobs like design and repair, and homeowners can feel satisfied knowing exactly what the project will cost and look like.

What we say:

Visualizing what the final results will be is a challenge for every home contractor and client relationship. HOVER can help bridge that gap with its design functions, and give your clients more confidence that they’re getting the home of their dream before the groundwork even starts. When it’s time to crunch numbers, HOVER can help you build your estimates more quickly and even order materials once the contract is signed. There are even applications for homeowners, such as help with insurance claims and brainstorming future upgrades. When it comes to exterior design, HOVER is a high-tech solution in a high-tech world.

Price: $25 – $199 per design (membership program also available)

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WINNER – Software & Apps

Titan ControlMax Mobile App

What they said:

The new Titan ControlMax Mobile App is specifically designed to pair with Titan® ControlMax® High Efficiency Airless™ (HEA) series paint sprayers. Combined, these innovative sprayers and the app take the guesswork out of airless spraying for users, helping them complete painting jobs faster and more efficiently.

The app is free and provides customized setting information and other helpful tools on the go with a smartphone or tablet. It recommends tip and pressure settings based on the paint being used by simply scanning the paint can with photo recognition. Users can also track and record details for all their various painting projects within the app, including photos of projects, receipts, location details, quotes, invoices, types of paint, colors, sheens and the number of gallons used. The app also has a library of how-to videos, owner manuals, frequently asked questions, and tutorials on spraying techniques specific to Titan ControlMax HEA sprayers. It also makes ordering tips and other accessories fast and easy directly from the app.

The sprayers that pair with the app, Titan ControlMax HEA series sprayers, take the intimidation out of airless spraying with tip technology that decreases overspray by up to 55 percent compared to conventional airless sprayers, providing greater coverage and delivering a softer, more forgiving spray pattern with improved control for a consistent finish.

The free ControlMax Mobile App is downloadable from Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is compatible with all three Titan ControlMax sprayers: ControlMax 1500, ControlMax 1700, and ControlMax 1900 Pro. (MSRP for the sprayers is $339 to $679).

ControlMax App overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4eTX1PQL6Y

What we say:

The Titan ControlMax line of paint sprayers and their corresponding app is a huge step forward for painters. There’s a ton of helpful information inside, such as how-to videos and owner manuals. There are functions to report how much paint you used, what colors, job location, and more. You can even create invoices and quotes. Best of all, it helps you reduce the amount of wasted paint you use by recommending the tip and pressure settings to use based on the paint you’re applying. Whether you’re a seasoned Pro or just getting started, Titan ControlMax sprayers and app take the guesswork out of the job.

Price: Free

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WINNER – Tracking & Security

Milwaukee Tool ONE-KEY Bluetooth Tool & Equipment Tag 48-21-2301

What they said:

Milwaukee Tool continues to innovate in connected technology with the new ONE-KEY™ Bluetooth Tracking Tag, the most complete Bluetooth tool and equipment tracker on the market. Backed by ONE-KEY™, the industry’s largest tracking network, users can easily attach the Tag anywhere, add to their digital inventory and track what matters most from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once activated, the One-Key app will not only keep track of the tracker’s last known location, but will also have a 30-day history of everywhere it has been seen by anyone in the ONE-KEY™ tracking community. For added clarity, an accelerometer provides information on the last time that equipment was used as well. The owner can easily identify their equipment even if it cannot be visibly seen, with the industry’s first built-in speaker to ring their tag and locate it within 50 feet.

What we say:

Milwaukee is taking the concept of its original One-Key Tag and making it more effective with several improvements. It still has the ability to attach to all kinds of equipment, powered or not. As One-Key users help everyone by updating the location data when it comes in range, the Tag saves a 30-day location history. A built-in accelerometer lets you know if the equipment or tool has been used. Finally, Milwaukee added a speaker, letting the Tag give you an audio signal to identify it when you get within range.

Price: $29.99

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