2023 Wall and Flooring Tool Awards Winners

Having seen tremendous growth in homebuilding over the past several years, the flooring, painting, and tiling industries experienced record gains. Innovation in these key processes has allowed better processes, faster production, and great value for both professionals and homeowners.

Innovation and new technologies in wall and flooring tools—from painting products and tiling tools to drywall sanders and more—led to 2023 having more than a few representative award winners. Many of these new products improve productivity or add new ways of accomplishing common tasks. One thing holds true—each year these wall and flooring tools continue to improve and thrive.

Winner – Caulk Guns

OX Tools Rodless Caulk Gun

What they said:

OX Tools Caulking Gun is the perfect tool for all your caulking needs. With a 7:1 thrust ratio, this gun ensures that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. The built-in foldable belt clip allows for easy storage and accessibility. The unique patented design eliminates the cumbersome rod, making it easier to use in tight spaces. By using a flexible yet study rod, the caulk gun is able to remain compact without losing the strength of traditional caulk gun rods. The reinforced and rivet steel carriage ensures that it can handle any job. The impact-resistant glass-filled nylon handle ensures that it can withstand any impact. The ergonomic handle allows for extended use without fatigue. The lightweight polycarbonate design ensures that it can be used for extended periods of time without causing any strain. With a total length of 13 1/2 inches and a 10 oz capacity, this gun is the perfect choice for all your caulking needs.

What we say:

While it’s more expensive than standard rodded caulk guns, the Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun is really nice to use. Even when you’re not working in particularly tight spots, it’s more comfortable than most, and we certainly don’t miss having a rod extending out the back. This Pro-focused caulk gun takes up less space in your truck or van, and the durable build promises a long service life.

Price: $40

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Winner – Cutting/Shearing

Arrow Fastener RC400 RevealCut 4′ Ceiling Tile Workstation

What they said:

Currently, the commercial ceiling tile industry is riddled with broken tiles, missed cuts and worn-out utility knives, making cutting tiles inefficient, expensive and even dangerous. The industry was in need of a solution. Enter: Arrow RevealCut™ Ceiling Tile Workstation, one of the most significant innovations ever in the commercial ceiling industry that will change how hundreds of thousands of ceiling tiles are cut every day. The revolutionary workstation allows ceiling tile installation professionals to tackle installs in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, with precise results, minimal waste, and fewer jobsite accidents. In fact, ceiling tile professionals have the ability to cut a factory-grade profiled edge in less than 30 seconds resulting in up to 80 percent in labor savings.

RevealCut is the first-ever all-in-one precision workstation and eliminates the need to cut ceiling tiles with a square and utility knife. The state-of-the-art RC400 RevealCut 4′ Ceiling Tile Workstation cuts 90 percent of all ceiling tile sizes with ease and efficiency. With just two passes of the integrated precision-cutting blade system, you can cut your tile to the exact size needed while simultaneously finishing the edge. It’s also equipped with a dual measurement and jig system for repeat cuts of the same size, reducing user error and ultimately resulting in less waste, which makes all the difference on a job site.

Designed with an adjustable height feature, the 4′ ceiling tile workstation permits cuts on both 4′ tiles and 2′ tiles in up to 54 unique cut configurations and includes interchangeable profile cartridges creating three factory-grade edge profiles including: lay-in, square tegular, and angled tegular. It eliminates the need for scribing and can even accommodate out of square walls and grid. In addition, the 4′ ceiling tile workstation is a self-contained portable workstation, making it easy to transport and effortless to set up on any jobsite where ceiling tile installation is needed including office buildings, schools, airports and apartment complexes, all whose ceilings’ have dominated the ceiling tile market.

With OSHA compliance in mind, RevealCut is designed to decrease jobsite accidents by eliminating the need for dangerous manual cutting and reducing blade changes. RevealCut uses the first-ever blade technology made specifically for cutting tough fibrous ceiling tiles, particularly wet felt and fiberglass tile. It can cut up to 200 times before needing a replacement blade, leading to faster and more efficient installs, especially when compared to the typical five cuts with standard utility blades. It even features an OSHA-compliant safe disposal for used blades. Overall, RevealCut improves jobsite safety and allows for up to 80 percent less blade handling and changing.

The RevealCut 4′ ceiling tile is a game-changer for the ceiling tile industry, cutting 90 percent of all common ceiling tile sizes with ease and efficiency, while keeping safety, precision, speed and savings at the forefront. Arrow Fastener looks forward to supplying ceiling tile professionals with a never-before-seen workstation that will change the landscape of ceiling tile installation moving forward.

What we say:

Installing ceiling tile is about to become a lot less frustrating and a lot less wasteful thanks to the Arrow Fastener RevealCut. The RC400 is an all-in-one ceiling tile cutting station with the capacity to handle 4-foot and 2-foot tiles. With more than 50 cut configurations, your install productivity is sure to make tremendous gains. From super-quick factory edge cuts to managing grids that are out of square, it’s all about make a more efficient use of your time, which is critical in today’s construction industry. So save your utility knife for scoring drywall and breaking down cardboard boxes. It’s no longer needed for ceiling tiles.

Price: $679

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Winner – Drywall Sanders

Bosch Power Tools 9 In. Drywall Sander Kit GTR55-85

What they said:

The Bosch drywall sander helps make sanding muds and plasters on the ceiling or wall and other surface prep get done more smoothly, easily and quickly for workers. The tool’s exclusive Ultra-Flexible Head, reduces the risk of damage to the surface, and helps enable more effortless movement across ceilings and walls, making each task seamless.

The sander features two suction modes: wall-sanding mode and ceiling-suction mode, ready for any task. Its ceiling-suction feature helps reduce the weight of the tool while working overhead, ensuring workers can easily operate the tool, while lessening their strain and fatigue. The ergonomic T-Handle grip design provides a better and more adaptable grip to help reduce arm strain, especially when working overhead.

Also, the tool includes a quick-release extension pole, which allows the user to quickly adapt the length of the sander to meet their needs. Subtracting the tool extension will remove the weight of the pole, lessening workers’ arm strain vs. a traditional telescoping pole extension design. Lastly, the tool’s easy-to-reach power switch, rpm and airflow controls allow adjustments without removing the hand from the grip for seamless tool customization when in the thick of work.

What we say:

Few things show off the quality of high-end construction like perfectly smooth drywall finishes. Bosch’s 9-inch drywall sander has the flexible head and telescoping shaft we hope to find on Pro-grade units. What got our team’s attention is the two mode system—one for walls and one for ceilings. For walls, the suction reduces the weight you feel in your hands, allowing you to work around the wall with ease and focus on achieving perfect results. When you flip over to the ceiling mode, the suction increases, bearing the increased weight load of overhead positions so you can maintain the ease of movement you had on the walls. It’s a fatigue-reducing solution for drywall sanding for Pros who demand the highest quality results.

Price: $399

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Winner – Patch & Repair

DAP 2in1 Wall & Ceiling Spray Texture

What they said:

Wall and ceiling spray texture application has traditionally been a frustrating, inefficient, and messy experience for professionals and DIYers alike. Now, DAP has reinvented wall and ceiling spray texture in function, formula, and finish with the launch of a consistent and reliable product line that delivers a fast-drying, excellent texture match for maximum coverage and professional results. The new line of 2in1 Wall & Ceiling for Orange Peel, Knockdown, and Popcorn textures features several performance benefits designed to make application easier for the end user.

Unlike competitive products on the market, DAP’s aerosol cans feature Aim Tech Adjustable Nozzle patent pending technology that offers a 60-degree adjustable angle to easily repair vertical, overhead and hard-to-reach areas with one can, providing flexibility for completing projects. The adjustable nozzle also provides the ability to select a fine, medium or heavy level of texture when sprayed and includes a reusable lock function for secure transport and storage.

The Orange Peel, Knockdown and Popcorn formulas are available in water-based formulas that feature a 30-minute paint ready time. Orange Peel also comes in an oil-based formula that is paint ready in just five minutes. Unlike many competitive products, Popcorn is bright white and doesn’t require painting. And Knockdown features a 30-second dry time prior to the knockdown process, making it easy to smooth and tool for the final textured finish. The aerosol can design provides hopper results for maximum coverage without the hassle or mess of using a traditional hopper gun.

What we say:

It’s one thing to texture a wall when you have a blank canvas to work with, but after a drywall repair, matching the texture is a pain. DAP’s 2-in-1 Wall and Ceiling Spray Texture takes care of those patch jobs much easier. With three texture styles to choose from (popcorn, knockdown, and two orange peel styles), all you have to do is shake, point, and spray. But what about those times when you have to tip the can to hit the ceiling? No problem. DAP’s design includes a 60° rotating nozzle to help you keep the can upright while you apply the texture.

Price: $29.98

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Winner – Cordless Sprayers

Graco Ultra QuickShot

What they said:

The brand new Graco Ultra QuickShot’s breakthrough technology is designed to deliver a high quality finish on all small jobs. Created with portability in mind, this battery operated airless sprayer gives the ability to spray in the tightest of areas with precision and the highest of control. The industry’s most portable sprayer gives you the ability to spray in the tightest of areas with precision and the highest control. Spray the widest range of architectural coatings, from water based paints, to solvents, and flammable based materials. Perfect for small jobs such as cabinets, doors, trim, soffits, gutters and more.


Instant Response Electric Powered Gun Virtually Eliminates Spits
Reduce fatigue with industry’s lightest trigger pull
Smallest, lightest airless gun ever built
Responds instantly to produce the best finish

On-Demand Precision Flow-Control System
Quickly adjust material flow for extreme airless spray control
Easily dial-in to your desired pressure from 100-2,000 psi

6 ft Flexible Hose For Full Reach & Easy Hose Management
Easily prime, change colors, and clean in seconds
Gun and hose hold only 1 oz of coating

QuickShot ProConnect Airless Piston Pump
Durable long-life triple piston pump

32 oz Pour-N-Go Cup
Easy fill design – refill on your hip
Spray small amounts FAST

Power to Take on Every Small Job
Comes with two DEWALT 20V Lithium-ion batteries
Spray up to one gallon on each battery

Ultimate Hands-Free Portability With Belt and Holster Attachment

What we say:

Graco is continuing to expand its line of impressive cordless paint sprayer, this time with a solution designed to make small jobs quicker and easier. The Ultra QuickShot features an easy filling 32-ounce cup and connects to 6-foot hose that only contains an ounce of paint when loaded. In a brilliant move, the pump sits on a holster you wear, leaving only the weight of the gun in your hands, giving you outstanding control in tight or awkward or spaces and making it ladder-friendly when you have to climb. Rather than manufacturing a proprietary battery, Graco goes with the popular DeWalt 20V Max battery as a power source, making spare and replacement batteries easy to get hold of.

Price: $1399

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Winner – Cordless Tile Saws

RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP Handheld Tile Saw PBLHTS01B

What they said:

Enhance your RYOBI 18V ONE+ System with the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless 5″ Handheld Tile/Masonry Saw. ONE+ HP Technology delivers more power, runtime, durability and speed utilizing brushless motors, advanced electronics and HIGH PERFORMANCE lithium technology. With the power of ONE+™ HP technology, this saw delivers performance to cut through hard natural stones. Plus, with the ability to cut over 100 linear ft. per charge*, you can take on big projects with confidence. This saw also features an industry-leading 20.5oz on-board water tank for dust reduction, along with a 12′ water supply hose for unlimited water flow. The water flow control knob lets you adjust the rate of water flow. The lock-on trigger and 0 – 45° bevel capacity offer added versatility. The dust port is compatible with 1-1/4″ and 1-7/8″ dust collection systems, and the integrated LED light increases visibility. Don’t let tile and masonry projects slow you down – get the RYOBI 18V Brushless 5″ Handheld Tile/Masonry Saw today and experience The Power To Do More. Best of all, it is part of the RYOBI 18V ONE+ System of over 280 Cordless Products that all work on the same battery platform.

What we say:

Tile cutting with a handheld saw doesn’t usually appear on the list of top jobs you want to do. You have to manage a hose and a power cord as you slowly make your way across the cut. And before you can even start the cut, you’ve got to run that hose out to a water source. But what if you could cut cordless and hoseless? With the Ryobi 18V One+ Brushless Handheld Tile Saw, you have that option. Using an HP Brushless motor and High performance battery for power, the 5-inch cutting blade can cut up to 100 feet on a charge. As you cut, water feeds from a 20.5-ounce reservoir on top of the tool that’s just a faucet away from a refill when the time comes. Of course, if unlimited water flow is more important, Ryobi ensures you have that option as well. Thanks to Ryobi, you can cut your time and hassle by cutting the cord and the hose.

Price: $199

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